Wild Science


Wild Science Cake Soap Factory
Make your own soap cupcakes, macaroons,fluffy meringue, jelly, buttercream icing and cake decorations! Who would have thought there was so much science in a cake soap? The soap in this kit can be melted and moulded to make almost any solid shape. Whipping the soap creates a stable foam that can be piped onto soap cakes to make any sweet creation you can imagine. The clear glycerine soap allows light to pass through, but when the soap is whipped with air, it becomes an opaque, white foam! Adding white pigment or colour to the clear soap changes how the soap looks because it changes which colours of light are absorbed or reflected by the soap. Learn about solids and liquids, melting and freezing, aeration, dissolving, stable foam, reflection, absorption and scattering of light and density: floating and sinking. WILD! Science is a range of science kits with attitude! They are designed to have great play value while exploring important scientific concepts and skills. Suitable...
Only for use by children over 8 years. Not suitable for under 36 months. Contains some chemicals which present hazard to health. Adult supervison needed. Caution - requires supervised use of microwave oven. Recommended to do a patch test of the ingredients and to wear gloves.
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