Restore - Boswells Charity Of The Year 2019

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Boswells Charity of the Year 2019 is Restore

After our traditional staff vote we are delighted to announce the local mental health charity Restore as our charity for 2019. We look forward to both fundraising for Restore and taking every opportunity to promote and exaplain their work. You can read all about Restore on their website but in brief Restore "is an Oxfordshire-based mental health charity that supports people to take control of their recovery, develop skills and lead meaningful lives." They do this via recovery groups where people support each other, training not just in mental health aid itself but practical skills in craft and gardening and last but not least employment coaching. A vision summarised as "Working towards a time when people with mental health problems are fully empowered to live meaningful lives".

Our staff were very impressed with the passion and commitment of the Restore team as well as a general wish to acknowledge the extent of mental health issues, which can affect anyone at any time in their lives and give support to our Oxfordshire community to support recovery.

 Watch Restore's Youtube video as an introduction to their work...

If you would like to Donate to Restore you can read more here.