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Rain or shine our life accessories wil brighten your day with essentials such as umbrellas & sunglasses and ranges of bags for the beach and backpacks to everyday and "something special" handbags, purses and wallets.


Aroma Home Knitted Animal Microwave Hottie - Bunny
Aroma Home Knitted Animal Microwave Hottie - Bunny
An adorable knitted character hottie from our knitted bunny range. This microwaveable hottie is the perfect winter gift. It features a floral and feminine design whilst being cute and cuddlesome. Soothe and relax your body by cuddling up to our adorable and ever popular knitted bunny hottie. A modern day alternative to a traditional hot water bottle each hottie has an easily removable calico insert, filled with tourmaline and lavender seed. The calico insert when popped in the microwave and gently warmed releases an aromatic fragrance to help induce sleep and deep relaxation. Product Information: Heat in the microwave only as per instructions enclosed. Easily removable calico insert fragranced with lavender.
You can find me in the Cosmetics department on the ground floor.