Designing a Living Room for the Whole Family

Designing a Living Room for the Whole Family

The living room, along with the kitchen, is at the epicentre of family life - a place to sit with friends, relatives and loved ones and enjoy relaxing in comfort. However, with conflicting opinions at home and a vast range of styles out there, it can be difficult to design a living room that caters to everyone’s tastes. With that in mind, in today’s article from our friends at Tiles Direct, we’ll be providing you with our essential living room ideas - so you can get inspired and excited about designing a space for the whole family.

Use a neutral base palette with colourful accents

Choosing the ‘right’ colours is perhaps the most difficult aspect of any living room renovation, given that every individual will have their own preference. Whether you opt for subdued and minimal or bold and bright, your colour choices are key to making the room look great and will provide the backdrop for colourful features and accessories.

Rolling out a softer palette can allow you to lay a neutral foundation which you can build upon with accents. Try starting with classic neutral colours like whites, greys and wooden browns to add aesthetic appeal and complement other tones. Keep these colours in mind when choosing your furniture, and opt for lighter or wood-effect wall and floor tiles to set the scene - before introducing other colours for a splash of personality

Finesse your furniture

Undoubtedly the most important feature of any family living room, the sofa is the place to relax and unwind, so it’s important you hit the nail on the head when you pick one for your family living room. Size will matter, as you’ll need a sofa that’s practical for your family’s needs - but you should also consider the size of your living room. You’ll want to avoid overcrowding the space you have and make sure your sofa fits in with other items of furniture. Once you’ve locked down the ideal size, select a style that reflects your room’s overall aesthetic and top it off with comfortable cushions and soft throws to add appeal.

Champion functionality


Whether you’re storing away important files or hanging up unused utensils, storage is a key part of any functioning family home - and your living room is no exception. Living room storage is a necessity when you’re dealing with an array of gaming controllers, TV remotes and DVDs - so avoid the headache of unnecessary clutter by using effective storage. Using multi-functional furniture could be one way forward, with foot stools and pouffes doubling up as storage spaces for unsightly items.

Coffee tables are also exceptionally handy for hosting a stack of shared magazines and keeping your drinks at hand. If you have the space, use a bookcase to store away books and DVDs so they’re at hand when you want to indulge. They can also be used as shelves if you want to show off a family photo or decorate with plants and other accessories.

Make it homely

Personal touches in your living room

Injecting a sense of personality is the final step in designing a lovable living room - so bring out your individuality and make the space feel like your own. Add family photo frames or prop up a much-loved piece of art to make the area feel inviting, rather than giving off a showroom aesthetic. Bring your family memories close with home accessories like trinkets that highlight your lives and personalities to round off the design, and make the room a warm, inviting and recognisable place for all of the family to relax in.

Whether your family style swings towards rustic or ultra-modern, striking the perfect balance is never an easy task in a house full of opinions. But making the space functional and appealing for all of the family doesn’t have to be a chore, so follow our straightforward tips and design a living room that will be loved by family and guests alike.

19th September 2017

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