How to Create a Cosy, Ambient Bathroom on a Budget

How to Create a Cosy, Ambient Bathroom on a Budget

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For some, the bathroom is a purely transactional space, where you have a quick shower before work and get on with your day—but the truth is there’s so much untapped potential in the bathroom as a relaxing space in which to truly unwind. If the rest of your home is optimised for your comfort, why can’t your bathroom be that way, too?

This post will run through some ways in which you can inject a little cosiness into your bathroom without breaking the bank.


Bath Mats: Upgrade for Luxury

There’s little worse than stepping on cold tiles after a Winter-time shower, except for stepping on a damp, thin bath mat that needs upgrading. If your toes curl at the sight and feel of your bathroom floor, it might be time to invest in a more luxuriantly coiffed bath mat that’ll give your shower or bath-fresh feet the pampering they deserve.

In terms of improving the room’s ambience, the effect is much the same as adding a rug to a living area. Opt for a sharp, citrusy colour like lime green or orange to give the space a fresh feel, or go for a more luxurious, regal colour such as purple or gold for an indulgent ambience fit for royalty.


Candles: An Ambient Essential

There’s no better way to ramp up the ambience in your bathroom than lighting a few scented candles and letting their subtle, flickering light dance across the room. Ideally paired with a long, warm bath at the end of a hard day, making your bathroom into a luxe space filled with dancing candlelight is the epitome of cosiness.

This can be done incredibly cheaply, too. A large pack of tea lights isn’t very expensive, and you can invest in tea light holders, but the effect is largely the same. Also, if you’re wary of having open flames in your home, there are a wide range of small LED tea lights available right here at Boswells that can have the same effect without the fire risk!


Colour Palette: Choose Wisely

Getting your bathroom colour palette right can make the difference between a super-chill ambient space and one that’s completely missing that indulgent cosiness you’re striving for. Pastel shades can work well in a bathroom designed to create a relaxed vibe—for example, you could combine a baby blue or periwinkle colour scheme with playful nautical touches, such as model boats.

Alternatively, you could go bold and paint a feature wall or fixture in a sharp primary colour, as a striking focal point for the room. Sink cabinets or bathroom radiators in a rich crimson or yellow can add a charming ambience to your bathroom—and you won’t need to spend big on paint.


Ornaments: To Add Character

When you strip away all the functional items in your bathroom, the space can feel a little bare and devoid of personality. This can be easily combated by adding a few characterful ornaments such as a hand-painted metal frog or a flamingo—additions that’ll impress and amuse guests while making your bathroom cosy and personalised to you. A refresh of your shower curtain also wouldn’t go amiss - replacing an old curtain with an eclectic design can transform the whole mood of a room for a very reasonable price.

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Image: Unsplash

Of course, adding your own individual touches to your bathroom is the way to go to truly make it a cosy and calm space, ripe for relaxation. So, take these tips on board and indulge your own creativity alongside them to perfect your budget-conscious bathroom upgrade.

3rd August 2018

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