Meet the New LEGO® Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Sets and Minifigures!

Meet the New LEGO® Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Sets and Minifigures!

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Every summer LEGO® releases a new wave of sets in various themes. The LEGO City line is inviting you to explore the arctic as researchers, uncovering prehistoric animals, while the 3 in 1 Creator sets range from a roller coaster to a skate house! But, more unusual, is the return of one of LEGO’s old themes: Harry Potter! First released in 2001, the theme was shelved after the last film came out, around 2012.

Yet, with the Fantastic Beasts franchise set to return us to the wizarding world (and Hogwarts as seen in trailers) this November, LEGO has decided to release some new magical sets. The range is comprised of eight sets based on the Harry Potter films and two based on the Fantastic Beasts films.


LEGO® Hogwarts Great Hall 75954

The largest set released in the Summer wave is The Great Hall. A staple of Hogwarts architecture, the great hall featured prominently in the Harry Potter films. This is where Gryffindor won the house cup, the place where the goblet of fire stood, where every school year began and ended, accompanied by a large feast.

This massive set is packed with nods to multiple films such as the mirror of Erised, a rowing boat, the sorting hat, Fawkes the phoenix and many more. The set includes a whopping 10 minifigures, including many of the staff and pupils. Personal favourites would have to be Sir Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor ghost with silvery printing, and an adorable Hagrid who comes complete with his pink umbrella.

                          LEGO Harry Potter Great Hall Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953

Was the great hall not enough? Does your Hogwarts layout need more parapets? LEGO thought you might, and here is their solution. Able to be added to the great hall as an expansion or perfectly fine as a smaller Hogwarts, this set is deceptive in its name. The Whomping Willow makes its first appearance in LEGO but also included is the ford Anglia of the second film. This, added with a driveway and scene accurate clothing printed on Harry and Ron, points towards the set being based on the beginning of the second film where the flying car crashes into the magical, moving willow tree.

The titular tree is also built with a mechanism that swings the trees branches, which are also capable of clutching the car, brilliantly recreating the scene. Of the six minifigures included, Filtch the caretaker has to be my favourite for the hilarious hairpiece used to make him balding!

           LEGO Harry Potter Whomping Willow Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Quidditch Match 75956

Quidditch, the wizarding sport, even played here in Oxford, may not have been as present in the films as in the books but it is still prominent in people’s recollections of the series.

This fast-paced game on brooms is brilliantly recreated here by the various balls that can be launched from the ground, Flint’s black broom, and the unique piece that LEGO created especially for the coveted golden snitch. Each house is represented by a stand, with the Hufflepuff stand providing a scoring system to keep track of points. Six minifigures are included in the set and Marcus Flint stands out to me thanks to his goofy evil smirk.


                     LEGO Harry Potter Qudditch Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Aragog’s Lair 75950

Looking for a smaller bite sized chunk of Harry Potter LEGO? Then Aragog’s Lair is the set for you. The spider is a fantastic design and its new printed eyes make it that much more believable. An additional five smaller, and even more realistic, spiders are included in this set. …Perhaps keep this one away from those who fear eight legged creepy crawlies!

A tree from the Forbidden Forest is included, with a neat firing web mechanism that can knock over a figure. Speaking of which, two minifigures are included in this set, Ron Weasley and, of course, Harry Potter.


                 LEGO Harry Potter Aragog's Lair Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Hogwarts Express 75955 

Every now and then LEGO releases steam trains and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint: The Hogwarts Express. The fleshed-out engine is perfectly detailed, even using technic pieces as working driving rods on the three wheels on each side. A coal tender is included, which also functions as storage for the suitcases included in this set, while a passenger car has seats for four figures (although I’m sure more can be stuffed in).

Not only is there a train, but also a platform—complete with a bridge, which is detailed with a clock. The figure selection is also desirable, the dementor gliding on its mist for legs being the highlight of the six.


              LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures 75952

Fans of the newer Fantastic Beasts films will be pleased to know that LEGO has also created two sets especially for you!

The first film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, centred around Newt and his magical “Mary Poppinsesque” case full of wonderous magical animals. The designers for this set had the ingenious idea of having the various living quarters of the creature’s fold in and transform into a suitcase.

All the major creatures are included here, from the rhino like Erumpant to the tiny gold hungry Niffler. All four major protagonists are present in minifigure form, with special mention here for Kowalski, the charming muggle dressed up in rugby gear as protection from the Erumpant.

                  LEGO Harry Potter Newt's Magical Case Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group


LEGO® Grindlewald’s Escape 75951

Although the second instalment of the Fantastic Beasts films is yet to be released, LEGO has given us one set depicting the villain Grindlewald using a thestral drawn carriage escaping the American minister for magic; Seraphina Picquery.

Based on a scene featured in the trailers, the set comes with a brilliant new thestral with new dual coloured wings. The figures are also equipped with power blasters which can be launched when pressed.


                         LEGO Harry Potter Grindelwald Escape Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group


LEGO® Harry Potter Brickheadz

Under LEGO’s relatively new line, Brickheadz, three more Harry Potter sets have been released: Harry Potter & Hedwig (41615), Hermione Granger (41616) and Ron Weasley & Albus Dumbledore (41621).

These miniature figurines are highly collectable and each set has unique printed bricks. The characters have all been seamlessly translated into the quirky Brickheadz style and a cute little Headwig even comes with Harry Potter!


LEGO Harry Potter and Hedwig Image      LEGO Harry Potter Hermione Image      LEGO Harry Potter Ron and Dumbledore Image

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LEGO® Harry Potter Minfigures 71022

Last, but certainly not least, LEGO has released a Harry Potter series of collectible minifigures.

Each minifigure is packaged in a blind bag and there are a range of 22 figures to collect, six of which are from Fantastic Beasts. The range of figures is huge and includes the leads of each franchise, Harry and Newt, as well as more obscure characters like Credence and Cho Chang. Each figure comes with a plethora of accessories, from the pets of our three heroes to more interesting pieces like a book with a sock inside for Dobby or a screaming mandrake plant for Neville. All but three of the figures comes packed with a set of two wands so you can have fun making magical duels between your figures.

                         LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

Overall this brand-new wave is sure to have something to fill everyone’s Wizarding world needs. Whether it’s a Hogwarts castle, a Brickheadz Hermione, a magical suitcase like Newt or a minifigure of Professor Trelawney, there’s sure to be something for you in Boswells’ Toy Department.


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21st August 2018

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