Streamlined Storage Hacks for Every Room of the House

Streamlined Storage Hacks for Every Room of the House

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Modern homes are becoming smaller, thanks to a variety of factors. This means that the demand for smart storage hacks has never been greater, as people seek ever more creative ways to make the most of the available space.

In this post, we’ll run through the ways in which enterprising homeowners and renters alike can maximise the space at their disposal through a variety of strategies all across the house—delivering a zen-like feeling of decluttered calm…sounds good, doesn’t it?


The Living Room

Shelves are an obvious place to start with regards to living room storage. Make sure the books and photographs you’re most proud of are given pride of place on floor-to-ceiling shelves, which offer far more in the way of storage options than a standard bookcase. If you’ve got any ‘dead space’ in your living are, such as below a staircase or alongside a patio door, fill it with custom shelving that you can either make yourself or commission.

Depending on what type of sofa you have, you may be able to store things underneath with the addition of some small-scale boxes that can slide out when needed. This particular storage hack is especially useful if your living room is multi-purpose, as you could hide an air bed and pillows very easily.


The Bathroom

When not addressed, your bathroom can become a clutter-filled mess: various bottles of shower gel and shampoo, half-used from Christmas gift sets, a medicine cabinet filled with things you don’t use anymore—it’s not a pretty picture.

Paring down your bathroom to the essential components is all about what storage to use. Decanting your favoured shower products into soap dispensers and recycling the plastic bottles is the way forward, as it’ll promote relaxation in a decluttered space. In terms of non-shower products, consider utilising the space below your bathroom sink as storage for toilet cleaners and spare loo rolls—making a small shelf or cabinet in this space will be a fun DIY project that won’t take up too much time.


The Kitchen

While there’s no panacea for kitchen organisation, especially in a busy family home, there are some things you can do to store away awkward items and make sure the space is fully optimised.

In terms of worktop space, make sure your spices are well-organised and you don’t have several small supermarket pots spilling out of a tired old rack. Just like with the bathroom, decanting is the way forward—so invest in some small spice jars and banish the plastic pots for good.

Under the worktop, make sure your cupboards are working hard to accommodate everything you’ll need for a fully functioning home kitchen. The addition of hooks or magnetic boards to the inside of your cupboard doors could be a game-changer, offering a convenient storage space for awkward items like cleaning sponges and rubber gloves.


The Garage and the Attic

Storage in your garage needs to be streamlined, as, all too often, the space ends up becoming a cluttered nightmare realm of abandoned DIY projects and battered old bicycles. The attic is much the same; as a storage space, it’s often neglected, which means any grand plans for an attic conversion are shelved almost immediately due to the sheer weight of the disorganised items living up there.

A garage organisation overhaul can be arranged easily with sturdy garage shelving systems, which will make sure that everything you need is easily visible and comfortably stored, while the attic can be dramatically improved if you’re willing to be ruthless rather than indulge your inner hoarder. A quick audit combined with a smartly organised set of plastic boxes will make the space infinitely more manageable.

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We hope this post will prove to be an important resource in your battle against home clutter. Just remember: everyone’s home is different, so use a little of your own judgment to work out what’s best for your space and you’ll be well on your way to an expertly optimised home.

14th September 2018

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