Winter City Breaks: What to Pack for Your Long Weekend Away

Winter City Breaks: What to Pack for Your Long Weekend Away

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With the cold and dark nights of Winter right around the corner, there’s no better time to book that weekend getaway. But whether you’re a greenhorn globetrotter or a veteran voyager, when it comes to deciding what clothes to pack, we’re all just as hopeless as each other. Luckily, today we’ll be offering our best tips for packing a suitcase that ensures you remain versatile, comfortable and stylish no matter where you’re jetting off to.



The key for packing for your weekend away is versatility. As such, consider a day outfit and a night outfit to ensure you have something to wear for any occasion. A classic day dress, for example, assures comfort and style throughout the day. Whether you’re navigating your way around the streets of an exciting new city or exploring fascinating museums and attractions, a day dress typically lends itself to a number of different styles and climates to make sure you’re looking your best whatever the weather. 

Once night falls, it’s always nice to be able to glam it up. A classy evening dress for that fancy restaurant on the harbour or that scenic rooftop bar ensures you’re looking and feeling your best during those unforgettable holiday moments.



Lightweight layers are ideal for weekend getaways as they can be packed tightly into suitcases with limited space (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t have limited space in their suitcase). Thin cashmeres and silks can be easily taken on and off without the burden of lugging heavy layers around, meaning they’re the perfect versatile addition to any outfit. Furthermore, layers often lend themselves perfectly to mixing and matching, so you can get multiple outfits from fewer items. 

If you're visiting a country that favours modest dress, or if you simply love a modest style, consider packing a couple of stylish hijabs to ensure you can mix up your style daily. Abayas also offer the same great benefit of supplying that extra layer whenever needed, and offer you the opportunity to choose a light style that matches your headwear.


Accessories are often overlooked during the hectic packing stage, as many people feel they’re not a travel necessity. However, accessories are the golden secret to looking stylish on holiday. Why? They can add that extra little oomph to any outfit, without taking up too much space in your suitcase. Throw in a couple of pairs of your favourite earrings, necklaces and bracelets to have the option of adding that extra ‘wow’ factor to your outfits, both day and night.


The Little Things

Occasionally overlooked at the last minute; remembering the little things will make all the difference to your weekend away.

Whether it’s making sure you have the correct travel adaptor to ensure your phone stays charged for those holiday snaps, or packing particular travel essentials for a seamless and stress-free flight, remembering the little things is vital to making your weekend away the very best it can be.


We saved the most important for last - a pair of comfy shoes are an absolute must on any holiday. Likelihood is, you’ll be doing a lot of walking whilst exploring the ins and outs of your destination, so prioritise comfort over style to save yourself that trip to the pharmacy for plasters on day two. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a call from the fashion police. A simple pair of Converse will provide a suitable walking pump that still looks cute with any daytime outfit. 

For nights, pack a pair of multi-purpose heels that will look just as at home in the theatre as they will in a trendy bar or restaurant. Opt for a neutral colour with a smaller heel - both your suitcase and your feet will thank you! 

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The key to packing for any weekend getaway is to make outfit choices that are versatile and comfortable, whilst remaining fashionable. Following these tips will ensure you have something for every occasion, without filling an extra suitcase - just don’t leave your packing to the last minute!

14th October 2018

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