What to bring for a perfect picnic

What to bring for a perfect picnic

We've been enjoying the best summer in years, so it's definitely picnic time. Here's a checklist of everything you should bring - apart from the food and drink - to enjoy this wonderful time with your friends or family.

1. Picnic basket or cool box

The first thing you need for your picnic is a large cool box. Some of them have different compartments, making them really useful for organising what you need for your picnic, as well as keeping things chilled. If you’re not going too far and don’t need to use a cool box, think about a picnic basket or a cool bag. They are easy to carry and they come in lots of different sizes.

2. Picnic blanket

If you are planning to picnic in a park or in a field, a blanket will also be really useful to keep you and the food off of the grass. Choose one that is large enough, waterproof and foldable so it will be easy to store and carry.

Melamine tumblers

3. Plastic dinnerware (cups, plate, utensils) and a cutting knife

You might not want to use your best dinnerware for a picnic, so the best thing to do is buy plastic cups, plates and cutlery. For example, you can buy the Bloom Pack of 4 Melamine tumblers that are perfect for picnicing and can be re-used; there is great picnic dinnerware in store and on the website. Don’t forget to bring at least one good cutting knife and a wooden board so you will be able to easily cut things.


4. Mason drinking jar

Mason jars are all the rage in bars, so why not follow the trend and save space at the same time? Try making your own lemonade or flavoured water for your picnic in a Mason jar and just add a straw to drink: it’s a great way to present your drinks for summer. Why not try this recipe for homemade lemonade - it’s easy to make and store: http://inspiredcraftideas.com/easy-homemade-lemonade.

5. Cushions

If you want to be really comfortable during your picnic bring some cushions or even foldable chairs. They may be a bit difficult to carry, but after a few hours of sitting on the ground your friends will start wishing they had brought some as well!

6. Lantern

If your picnic extends into the evening, a lantern or lamp torch will be really useful. Citronella candles will also help to keep wasps and biting insects away: they hate the smell.

7. Some outdoor games, a portable radio, and a camera

To add much more fun to your picnic, don’t forget to bring outdoor games; it can be cards, water guns, a frisbee, a ball or even rackets. You might also want to play some music and for that a portable radio will do just fine; you can also try to put your phone in an empty glass to make a great DIY speaker. And if you want to capture every moment of your picnic, don’t forget to bring your camera!

Jason Suncream

8. Sunscreen and hats

Outdoor activities can quickly become much less fun when you catch too much sun or even get sunstroke; bring sunscreen and wear a hat during your picnic to prevent this. If you have toddlers, think about beach tents so they won’t be exposed for the whole day. The Jason Family Sunblock is suitable for everyone in the family to prevent sunburn.

At Boswells, we have everything you need to organise the perfect picnic! From dinnerware to sunscreen, we guarantee your picnic will be a success and create an enjoyable summer memory!

27th July 2014

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