Nine of the best outdoor toys this summer

Nine of the best outdoor toys this summer

What better way for children to spend the summer than enjoying themselves outside in a garden, at the park or in a pool? There are plenty of outdoor toys and games to keep your children busy and entertained over the summer, and these are some of our favourites.

1. Water pistols

The king of summer toys! Whether they’re used in a swimming pool or in your garden, water pistols are a lot of fun for children (and admit it – you have just as much fun with them as the kids do). They come in lots different sizes and styles, from small pistols to huge Super Soakers! You can also buy garden sprinklers, which are a great for children to play in while your lawn gets watered. Nerf have different types of water pistols which you can find in-store.

2. Racket games

Summer is the perfect time to introduce your children to racket sports. Badminton, tennis, beach tennis rackets, ping pong; most of them only require some space, two rackets and oneball or a shuttlecock. Swingball is a great game to play in the summer as a family and is simple to use; you can find Swingball in our store in the Toy section.

3. Making sandcastles

Castle Buckets

If you’re planning to go to the beach or if you have a sandpit in your garden think about buying tools for sandcastles. You can buy traditional round buckets, or for the lordling who aspires to more than a simple keep you can also find castle-shaped buckets .

4. Nerf toys
Nerf have a large range of toys especially made for outdoor activities. There are crossbows, shotguns, pistols, longbows, and all sorts of other variations on foam dart guns – there’s even a whole girl’s range now, the Rebelle. Nerf toys are fun and suitable for playing in the park or garden, although we wouldn’t advise playing with them too near other people. Just in case…

5. Chalk

Scribbles on the pavement or on your patio? That’s something your children will love! With chalk designed especially for this use you won’t have to worry about cleaning away any unwanted drawings. Easy to remove, The Craft Cupboard coloured chalk just needs some water to disappear and can be used on a variety of surfaces.

6. Frisbees and boomerangs

Summer is also the time to get out the flight toys. Whether it’s a frisbee or a boomerang, you can have endless fun on the beach or in the garden; they are toys that are fun for all ages and are excellent when playing in large groups. This summer we’ve had fun with the Mega Fun Flying Disc.

Mirage Kite

7. Kites

The classic outdoor toy to play with is a kite: coming in different colours, shapes and sizes, they are the all-time favourite toy for a hot sunny day. Kites are suitable for all ages, so even toddlers are allowed to join in with the fun of flying a kite.

8. Rockets

An unusual toy perhaps, but one that kids will love. Rockets will keep your kids playing for hours, and come in a variety of types, from the Pump Rocket Junior – which fires small foam projectiles - to the Cosmic Rocket - which uses vinegar and baking soda to launch up to 50ft in the air! These toys are perfect to play with on a hot summer’s day and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

9. Bubble Blowers

Bubble Blowers are by far one of the best summer toys to have, they are great at keeping children and the whole family entertained for hours on end. A bubble blower is the ideal toy to have going at barbeques and for sunny days in the garden, especially if there are children around.

12th August 2014

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