Brighten up your summer dining with these great table decoration ideas

Brighten up your summer dining with these great table decoration ideas

Summertime is here and it’s definitely time for BBQ’s, picnics and alfresco dining. In store, we have some great ideas on how to create the perfect decoration for outdoor dining. It’s the best time to bring some colour and character to your table. Here are some of our ideas which will hopefully inspire some of your own!

Spode Plate

Floral dinnerware sets

If you want to have special dinnerware for summer, choose one with a floral pattern or anything else that reminds you of the sun and holidays! 

Bright /pastel glasses

Besides the plates and cutlery, having bright and colourful glasses is also a good way to bring some joy to your summer table. In store you can find sets of glasses or mix and match single glasses of different colours.

Lanterns and candles

Lanterns and candles can be really useful if you plan to stay outside and enjoy the summer nights after dinner. They can also be a lovely way to decorate your table as they come in a range of bright colours and patterns.

Paper lanterns and garlands

If you have trees in your garden or an umbrella for your garden table, you have a fantastic opportunity to highlight your dinner table! You can go with a set of colourful paper lanterns or even create your own garlands with fabric or tissue paper. They look can look fab attached to walls or hanging from trees.

Mason drinking jars

If you want to add some style to your table this summer, you should definitely think about mason drinking jars. They are perfect for flavoured water, homemade lemonade or even smoothies. Just add colourful straws, some fruit on the top and they will combine yumminess with good looks!

Colourful napkins

They are easy to find and they can be a good place to start if you want to add a specific theme to your dinner. Try with one single colour or plenty of different tones.

Vase and flowers

Wibble Vase

 Flowers – a summer classic and essential loved by everyone! You can buy a beautiful arrangement from the florist and put it in a vase, pick flowers from your garden or wild flowers from the countryside. Alternatively why not use them to make hand-made seating cards. The Dartington Crystal “Wibble vase” is an ideal vase as it showcases the beauty of the flowers whilst understating its own elegance.

If you want some more summer decoration inspiration, drop by the store – we have everything here and much, much more.

14th August 2014

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