Lego® buying guide

Lego® buying guide

With the summer holidays coming to the end, many parents have run out of ideas to keep the kids entertained, so we’re here to help with our guide to buying Lego.

When buying Lego® there are some key things to consider; who is it for; you, a friend or a child? Will they be happier with a set that allows them to create a specific item such as a Lego Star Wars A-wing Starfighter or a replica of Big Ben, or would they prefer the fundamental bricks that will allow their creativity to run wild? This guide should help make buying Lego much easier.

Lego A-wing Starfigher Lego is for all ages

Lego comes in many different age ranges from 0-2, 3+, all the way up to 12+. This helps you to decide which sets will be most appropriate when buying for children; however it is important to remember this is not a strict rule. Lego is suitable for all ages and if you believe a ten year old would enjoy the challenge of a more complex 12+ set then this could be perfect for them.

The 12+ sets tend to have more extras included such as lights, moving parts and all sorts of electronics. The sets designed for much younger children are from Lego’s sub-brand, Duplo and have much larger bricks, making them far safer. They are also designed in a cartoon style making them more appealing to a younger audience.

Lego can satisfy everyone's area of interest

Lego sets come in many different styles, so to ensure the recipient (or you) gets the most enjoyment from their new Lego, it is important to consider their interests. Lego sets are divided into themes such as City, Technic, Friends and Creator.

For example, Technic sets are based around machinery and electronics and are usually aimed at the older age groups, with sets often including cars, planes and construction vehicles.

Whereas Friends sets tend to be more targeted towards girls with pink boxes and sets that include hair and pet salons. It is worth researching the different sets available and all of our staff in the toy department will be able to help you match a set to a person’s interest.

Lego themes

There are also branded themes such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Marvel and of course the famous Star Wars sets. These sets allow fans to recreate scenes from famous books, movies and games as well as create their own alternative stories.

These themes are extremely popular with fans of the associated brands, so if you know someone who has a keen interest in any of the themed Lego this could be the perfect gift.

Basic brick sets

For many people the joy of Lego comes from being creative and making entire cities, vehicles, houses and more from scratch. For people like this, the Lego boxes containing the basic bricks can make the perfect present.

The fundamental brick sets come in either mixed colours or sets all in the same colour and are perfect for people new to Lego who want to start exploring what they can do, or Lego experts who want to expand their collection.

Boswells love Lego and are here to help!

There are thousands of different Lego sets, bricks and accessories available, so if you have any questions all of our staff in the toy department will be happy to help!

22nd August 2014

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