Essential tips for buying the perfect gift for a newborn

Essential tips for buying the perfect gift for a newborn

There’s nothing more difficult than shopping for other people and even more so when buying for a newborn baby! So let us give you a few tips and ideas in case you’re stuck for what to buy.


Clothes are commonly bought for newborn babies. Most people will buy clothes for 0-3 month old; these will be great for the day, but they may only fit for a few weeks. So when buying clothing for newborns, consider buying for a 6-9 month old, or even 9-12 month olds because it’s likely that newborns will grow out of smaller sizes quickly and you thinking ahead will give some relief to the busy parents.


Toys are usually initially bought as distraction and amusement for babies, rather than for playing purposes. Check that the toy is hazard-free and avoid anything small enough to swallow.  One of our favourites is the "Talking Igglepiggle" , a toy suitable for 0-18 months.

Some toys will help to improve the development of baby’s senses; babies are becoming used to the environments around them all the time, so toys with bright colours or different textures and sounds will be effective in speeding up sense development. The “Baby Maraca” will be effective in helping a newborn to become aware of the unusual sounds surrounding them, as well as entertaining them with bright colours.

 Everyday Essentials

 Clothing and toys are popular because they’re colourful and exciting, but everyday essentials are a good gift idea as they will always be needed. Products such as soap, shampoo and sponges are all appropriate and useful. Burt’s Bees “Baby bee getting started kit” is a good quality gift that will be perfect in helping to take care of a newborn. The kit includes a nourishing lotion, shampoo and body wash, nappy ointment and baby oil.

Free Time

Parents of newborns can be understandably reluctant to leave their baby with strangers so if you have baby experience then an offer of baby sitting to give the parents a night off and out can be very welcome. It's not just grandparents who can help out.


19th September 2014

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