Top 10 Toys for Boys

Top 10 Toys for Boys

Whether you’re buying Birthday or Christmas presents there are a wide variety of toys to buy for boys. But sometimes the choice can be too wide, making it difficult to decide. To help you find that perfect present we’ve put together a list of out ten favourite boys’ toys for 2014.

1. A-Wing Star Wars StarfighterA Wing Star Fighter

LEGO and Star Wars together – enough to keep the geek in us happy for days on end. The box says 7-12 years, but to be honest we’d be happy having this in the office.

2. Technic Cargo Plane

If you’re buying for a boy who’s a bit older or who’s developing a keen interest in engineering then LEGO Technic is great fun. This is one of their most demanding sets – making it perfect for teenagers – and lets you control the plane’s flaps, cargo bay doors, and even the propellers. As a bonus you can transform it into a hovercraft – just in case you need a bit more fun!

3. Talking Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam has been a kids’ favourite for years (I remember getting the VHS for Christmas many years ago) and this 12” high soft toy is great for children aged 3 years and above. Not only a plush toy, it can also play the Fireman Sam theme tune and talk.

4. Flying Hero – Batman or Spiderman

Batman and Spiderman are very popular superheroes, so are popular for young children. This toy is suitable for children aged 4 and above and will fascinate them when they see their favourite superhero figurine fly in front of them.

5. Military Vehicle

One of our bestselling action toys, this military Jeep comes with a figurine and a range of accessories. It’s a great for starting a collection to form tableaux and scenes to play with.

6. T - Rex

This board game is a dinosaur chase – try to get your dinosaurs around the board, but don’t get eaten by the Tyrannosaurus! Suited to children aged 6 and above, this will keep them entertained for hours on end.

7. Captain America vs. HydraCaptain-america-vs-hydra

More LEGO, but this time from a different collection. This set is based on Marvel superheroes, and has been one of our most popular LEGO sets this year.

8. Lazer Copter

This Lite Brix construction toy will captivate boys’ attention with its colourful LEDs. Suitable for children aged 6 and above this toy is perfect for keeping children occupied and entertained for long periods of time. They’ll have fun building and flying it.

9. Doctors Carrycase

Every child loves to dress up and play; with the Doctors Carrycase they can enjoy using the variety of instruments and doing role play. This toy is suitable for 3 years and above.

10. Nerf Vortex Aero Howler

Although our other choices can be played with outside they aren't designed for pure outdoor play. Unlike these beauties. Playing catch is never the same again once they've tried the Nerf Vortex Aero Howler! Designed for the best throwing experience finger grip zones help the Mega Howler spin faster for tighter spirals and greater accuracy. Suitable for 3 years and above but we recommend for 7 and above where throwing and co-ordination are already in place. Come on next summer... 

24th October 2014

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