Crafty Christmas with Boswells

Crafty Christmas with Boswells

‘Tis the season for… being creative!
 Here at Boswells, we have collected six great craft ideas to get you started – and we’ve got just the craft items you need. Do you want to make your own personal Advent calendar? What about your own Christmas cards?
Follow these fun craft ideas for all the family, and bring some cheer to winter afternoons.
What you will need:

  • Plain, or coloured thin card
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Pencil
  • Craft scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Christmas Tree DecorationExtra items detailed in each craft idea 

Origami Christmas Tree Decoration

  • For this project (and the origami Christmas calendar) you can use our set of multi-coloured origami paper
  • Taking a sheet of green origami paper, follow these step-by-step simple instructions on
  • Draw Christmas decorations on your origami tree with your felt-tip pens, or use some glitter-glue or sequins – be creative!
  • Finally, use a little craft glue to stick a loop of ribbon to the back of your design 

Origami Christmas Calendar

  • For inspiration on this project, take a look at these instructions for an origami calendar 
  • Use origami paper or wrapping paper for a festive feel 
  • Once you have your origami envelopes, fill with treats and seal the envelope with fun stickers
  • Then cut four lengths of ribbon, attach to the wall with pins, and clip your origami envelopes on with mini craft pegs to complete your calendar

Festive Hama Bead Decorations

  • First time of using Hama Beads? Have a look at this handy Hama Bead how-to guide 
  • If you already know how to use Hama Beads, then see our exciting Hama Bead range and pick some Christmas colours
  • Have a look at some example patterns of Christmas Hama Bead designs, or make up your own. Remember the grey dots on the provided templates are where you put no Hama Beads at all
  • Thread a ribbon loop through one of the gaps in your design and it’s ready for the Christmas tree

Hama Bead Decorations

Sparkling Christmas Cards

  • With glitter chenilles (you may know them as craft pipe cleaners) you can make a card that will shine
  • Use these Christmas chenille card designs for inspiration
  • Stick your pipe cleaners onto your card with a few dabs of glue and add decoration, with felt-tip pens or glitter glue, to finish your card

Felt Nativity Finger Puppets

For a fun way to teach children the Nativity story, take a look at this felt finger puppet Nativity design and use the templates provided for inspiration

  • Take a look at our colourful range of felt material
  • Draw the design templates on to your felt with pencil
  • Draw the main body template twice for the front and back of each finger puppet
  • Leave an extra ½ centimeter round the main body template for gluing 
  • Carefully cut out your design templates from the felt with scissors
  • Glue down your template details, such as the faces and hair etc, to the front half of your main body template. Allow to dry and then glue the two halves of your main body template together down the edges
  • Add optional eyes and smiles with felt-tip pens and you have finished!

Nativity Puppets

Christmas Loom Band DecorationsLoom Christmas Trees

Loom bands are all the rage at the moment. Need to find out what they are? Have a look at the official Cra-z-loom video demonstration

Don’t forget to take a photo of your crafty projects and tweet them to us or post them on the Boswell’s Facebook page – we’d love to see the whole family getting creative! If you teach, why not show us a photo of the creativity in class? If you have more great ideas for Christmas craft projects, let us know!

26th November 2014

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