Christmas Dining Inspiration

Christmas Dining Inspiration

We’ve put together some ideas that will mean your Christmas will be talked about for years to come.

The Centrepiece

If you’ve got enough space on the table with all that food, a centerpiece is a great way to impress your guests. Tall candles always make a striking centerpiece and they’re nice and Christmassy at the same time. Having a candle in the middle of your table also means you can turn the lights down low and have an atmospheric candlelit Christmas dinner.

Top pick: Aluminium Nickel candle holder

If you’d prefer something a bit less traditional then a really good alternative to a candle holder is a vase filled with baubles. Pick a simple design and some beautifully sparkly baubles to give your table a crafty vibe.

Top pick: Dartington Saunton small vase

TableclothChristmas Table Cloth

Table cloths can be life savers on Christmas Day. With all the wine, gravy and cranberry sauce around, there’s guaranteed to be a mess on the table. But they can also be a bit boring so make clearing up easy and make a statement with a Christmas themed table cloth.

Tablecloths with Christmas jumper style patterns are very popular this year and work especially well with white crockery sets and tableware. If you’ve got a large table you could even use a smaller, patterned Christmas tablecloth on top of a larger white one to add some kitch vibrancy to your festive meal.

Top pick: Christmas Helene tablecloth


With the influx of family and friends during Christmas, cutlery is often in short supply - especially matching cutlery! Serve Christmas dinner in style this year by buying a lovely large cutlery set for special occasions. It might only come out once a year, but it will make your Christmas that little bit less stressful and stylish for decades to come.

Top pick: WMF Denver 58 piece cutlery set


Dishwashable. If there’s one word that will save your life this Christmas, that’s it. Make sure your crockery (and glassware) is dishwasher safe and can be stacked in the dishwasher when you’re finished with dinner so you can swap the sponge and Marigolds for charades, mince pies and Baileys.

If you’ve got a grand centerpiece and colourful tablecloth you don’t want to crockery that clashes! If this is the case, then we recommend simple white crockery for your Christmas dinner to give your table a sophisticated look.

Top pick: Maxwell & Williams 12 piece cashmere coupe dinner set

Wine glassesDartington Glass

Good glassware is not only elegant and stylish; it actually helps wine taste better. Red wine in a glass made from the thinnest crystal and with a nice big bulb helps get as much air as possible in contact with the wine, giving it more oomph than it would have in a thicker glass.

It’s the same with brandy and balloon glasses; the big bulb on these serve the secondary purpose of letting you fit your hand around the drink to bring it up to the perfect temperature for quaffing.

If you want your meal to really impress then hold back on the expensive wine and pick up some expensive glasses instead. You’ll see – and taste – a real difference.

Top pick: anything by Dartington Crystal

Serving Up

This year everything’s gone a bit rustic. Gone are the serving bowls of yesteryear and in are serving boards and platters. Wooden serving boards are great for showing off your food and even better, they’re easy to clean. Just avoid getting red cabbage on them or you might not get it off!

Top pick: Sophie Conran serving boards

If you prefer the heat-retaining properties of china tableware then as with crockery go for something simple that lets your centerpiece and tablecloth shine.

Top pick: Portmerion rectangular roasting dish

Crackers and NapkinsGold Christmas Crackers

Not just useful for messy eaters to keep themselves clean, napkins can be a great way of tying place settings in with the rest of your table.
Christmas Day is the only time the crackers come out, so why not make them a bit luxurious? Our Golden Peacock crackers look great on any table and the gifts inside are a bit more special than usual.

If you’re still stuck on how to prepare the perfect Christmas table, pop in store and one of our lovely staff will help you create a spread to impress.


28th November 2014

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