The Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Parents This Christmas

The Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Parents This Christmas

Christmas is getting closer, and we know how difficult it can be trying to buy presents for your parents. But look no further, because we’ve come up with a list of gifts to inspire you and make sure your parents get presents they love.

Gifts for Mum

Beauty sets

Strawberry Bomb Cosmetics

When buying for your Mum, a beauty gift set will never disappoint. The Strawberry Patch set is a perfect beauty gift set, containing bath bombs and soap that will leave Mum’s skin feeling and smelling amazing. 


You can’t go wrong buying perfume for a woman, as long as it smells nice of course! Perfume is a good Christmas gift idea, but make sure you check the bottles your mum already has to see what type of scent she prefers, for example floral or fruity.


Jewellery is always a favourite present, but earrings and necklaces are pretty common. For a more unusual gift, why not get your Mum a bracelet instead? Treat her to a new piece of jewellery this Christmas with a gorgeous “Newbridge Silverware Desire Heart Bracelet”.

Gifts for Dad


If your Dad wears suits or double cuffed shirts often and cares about his appearance then a pair of cufflinks may be a good gift. If your Dad is a more traditional chap then try a traditional silver pair, or if he’d like something slightly quirky then try something like this Harvey Makin Vintage Map pair. Whatever his preferences a nice pair of cufflinks can add a lovely finishing touch to a smart outfit.Silver Cufflinks


Most men wear aftershave, making it an ideal Christmas gift. There is a large variety of aftershave on the market so you should try and make sure that you choose a fragrance that your dad will like and wear. As with Mum the easiest way to do this is look at his current choices.


A shaver is an essential for most men and replacing razor blades is surprisingly expensive. Buying your Dad a rechargeable electric shaver will not only save him time in the morning – all that lathering up can take a while - but will also save him money. This means the Philips Senseotouch 2D Gyroflex Wet & Dry Shaver is a great gift to buy for your dad this Christmas.

19th December 2014

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