When the journey gets rough this technology is tough

When the journey gets rough this technology is tough

Boswells humble beginnings back in 1738 were selling luggage to Oxfordians. Mainly academics, but some of our luggage is rumoured to have been included on voyages with Captain Cook in the 18th century. We have always continued that tradition and we pride ourselves not just on good ranges of luggage, but great advice too.

So Peter from our luggage team being a long term admirer of Samsonite is happy to pass on some of his experience here.

"If it the going gets rough, no problem this technology is tough. In fact I liked it so much I bought 13 cases!"

firelight in racing greenThese were for myself and other family and so far those cases have been to Japan 3 times, Germany twice, Centre Parcs and the less exotic, Malmaison Oxford. They have all returned unscathed and the 4 wheels make them dream to drive even over Oxford cobblestones.

Samsonite Curv technology is used on a variety of their cases including the Firelite, and the brand new Lite-Shock ranges that we keep in stock. The smart Racing Green Firelite is shown here.

The technological bit consists of the way the Polypropylene granules are melted together & then literally weaved like fabric to produce a lightweight case that can withstand even the roughest baggage handling at the airport or being dragged around the world's great sites and cities. This also makes them the lightest hardshell you can buy.

Samsonite have produced this 2 minute video which shows both the creation and testing processes which is as they say "quite interesting".

And if you fancy seing just how much punishment a Curv technology case can take then here you go:

Last but defnitely not least especially for those who travel to the USA is the fact that they all come with a T.S A (travel Sentry Approved) lock. This means you can travel with a locked case and all the security that provides whilst smoothly negotiating customs. The US customs staff have special keys that allow them to open T.S.A approved locks whilst leaving your number code alone. Without an approved lock they have been known to cut cases open or cut locks off!

OK, now the hard bit. These cases do cost that little bit extra and that may be over the top for a single weekend away to Brighton, but if you travel annually or more or for long distances then a 10 year warrenty and the peace of mind that these superb cases provide is well worth it.

8th June 2015

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