Lego® Minifigures are Turning Monstrous

Lego® Minifigures are Turning Monstrous

With the exciting release of Lego®'s latest Minifigures Series 14 Monsters, James in our toy department has put together this handy guide to all of the monstrous lego new arrivals. 

With the summer holidays now behind us and Halloween on the horizon, Lego® has released its next wave in the minifigures series—series 14—named ‘Monsters’. Sold individually, in blind bags, there are 16 to collect with each of the figures being more detailed than those in previous series due to not only a selection of brand new pieces exclusive to this set, (such as the Fly monster head piece) but also the new dual colour moulding present on most of the figures, which can create the effect of shirts, shorts and shoes


Werewolf Minifigure

The first minifigure of the series is the Werewolf. As mentioned earlier this figure features dual colour moulding on the legs to create the ripped trousers effect, and has side printing—a fairly new method of detailing, not found on many of the older minifigures. The head mould is a brand new piece which displays a snarling wolf head. A tail piece and bone accessory finishes off the figure.

Zombie Pirate

Zombie Pirate Minifigure

This figure is very striking due to the peg leg, hook, beard and cutlass, all attributes of a classic pirate. The twist for this figure is that he's a zombie, as shown by the grey head and the amusing variation of the skull and cross bones on his hat.



Crazy Scientist Minifigure

Crazy scientist

This figure takes full advantage of the new dual moulding technique to create a striking black and white suit, but not as striking as the new elongated head piece with goggles. The accessory he holds is a purple conical flask with a fly that may be in reference to the fly monster later in the series…


Fly Monster

Fly Monster MinifigureThe fly monster is fairly simple but effective and its defining feature is the huge head made exclusively for this figure. The inclusion of the red claw and translucent wings really set the figure off, resulting in possibly the most striking minifigure in the series.


Wacky Witch

Wacky With Minifigure

This figure truly captures the definitive witch with a broom, black cat and brand new hat. The sewn patches printed all around the torso and arms and the black and white striped leggings hidden under the fabric skirt ice touches.


Plant Monster

Plant Monster MinifigureMy favourite figure of the series, the plant monster, is reminiscent of the plant from the film and musical: Little Shop of Horrors. The unique plant-head mould is placed over the comical head of a scared minifigure which the plant has devoured. The figure is completed by the two vine pieces that the figure holds, and the torso and legs, which are covered with spikey vines.


Spectre Minifigure

Utilizing the new leg mould recently found in the new Ninjago sets to great effect, this friendly ghost is similar to Casper. The grey hood, tattered cloak and chain all work nicely but the standout element of the figure has to be the head that glows in the dark!

Zombie Cheerleader

Zombie CheerleaderAlthough zombies aren’t known for spreading cheer, Lego has gone ahead and made the zombie cheerleader, which comes with two green and white pom-poms and an outfit to match. The hair is also new and exclusive to this figure with a small hole on the top to add accessories found in the Lego friends collection, such as bows or tiaras.


Tiger Woman

Tiger Woman Minifigure

This figure is highly detailed with printing on almost all surfaces. The ears poking from the new hairpiece are a nice touch and the figure is finished with a black whip. The figure resembles the DC comic’s villainess Cheetah, an enemy to Wonder Woman, and would make a great addition to your DC sets.This figure is highly detailed with printing on almost all surfaces. The figure comes with a unique tail which is not obvious from promotional images.


Gargoyle Minifigure

The only short legged minifigure of the series, the gargoyle is made with two new pieces. The first is the helmet which gives the figure large ears and horns. The second is the pair of wings attached at the neck. This figure brings to mind the many gargoyles found on the edges of buildings in Oxford and would make a great gift for those teaching in or visiting Oxford.


Skeleton Guy

Skeleton Guy Minifigures
Although this figure resembles a skeleton you can see it is a normal yellow minifigure in costume, out trick or treating with a pumpkin basket in hand as indicated by the string running round the head and the yellow visible through the eye holes. The figure has printing on all surfaces, as the pattern is also printed on the back.

Monster Rocker 

Monster Rocker MinifigureA fun variation of Frankenstein’s monster, this figure is equipped with a guitar and a shirt with the slogan ‘Shock and Roll’ on the back. The arms feature the new dual printing to create the impression of a t-shirt and the head is enlarged by a special piece which is placed on top of a normal figure's head.


Zombie Businessman

With a tattered suit and broken glasses the zombie business man looks more interested in eating than working, and his diet is hinted at by a uniquely printed newspaper: the zombie Zombie Business Mantimes. The suitcase opens and the hair piece is exclusive to this figure, making it a fun and valuable acquisition.



Banshee Minifigure

The banshee is an amazing figure as thanks to the translucent hair piece and leg piece she is truly ghostly. The expression on her face is perfect and the tattered dress on the torso is fitting, creating a highly unique character.




Square Foot

Square Foot Minifigure

Square foot, known as big foot to us, has a huge headpiece that goes all the way down to his torso. The grooves give the impression of heaped hair which makes him taller than normal figures, and the printed toes add to the scale of the figure. The camera is a nice nod to people trying to photograph big foot.

Spider Lady 

Spider Lady MinifigureThe final minifigure of the series is the spider lady, who is the only figure to be wearing a dress covered in spiders, as represented by the sloping tile. She also comes equipped with a spider to continue the theme, and two capes, which have web printing. Lastly, her hair features a spider’s web printed on the side, completing the spider theme.



Where to Find These Mini-Monsters

The Lego minifigures monsters have also been released at the same time as the Scooby Doo sets which feature their own ghosts and ghouls. This gives you the opportunity to add more fiendish foes for Scooby and the gang to investigate.

So try your luck in store or online with one of the blind bags, or if you ask a member of staff we may be able to feel for the minifigures you want.

Lego minifigure bags are available in store and online and cost £2.49 each

8th September 2015

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