2015's Cooking and Dining Bestsellers

2015's Cooking and Dining Bestsellers

Once again we’ve had a good look at some of our top sellers from over the past year, but this time looking at the best-sellers from our cooking and dining ranges. We've broken things down in to two lists, one with the best-selling cooking items and the other with the top dining ranges. So whether you love to cook, dine, or both, why not take a look at what was in high demand in 2015?


Paring Knife Image5. Kicking off our list is the trusty paring knife—an essential for budding chefs and reluctant cooks alike. With its small, but useful, blade the paring knife is ideal for everyday tasks like peeling fruit and veg, chopping, or for more artistic jobs such as scoring patterns into pastry. The paring knife is one of those must have items for every kitchen, and so little wonder that the Sabichi stainless steel paring knife sold so successfully throughout 2015.

Royal Cuisine Image4. The 16cm Royal Cuisine Stainless Steel Induction Saucepan has proven to be something of a favourite over the past year. That’s probably because this ferric pan can be used just as easily on induction, electric, ceramic, halogen and gas hobs so, whatever your cooking preferences, this saucepan is always up for the task, and at a great price too. We’re also told that stainless steel is often the preferred cooking material of professional chef’s. But of course it’s not just the pan that matters, but also what you put in it! Let’s hope that all of those saucepans are now off living lives of culinary excitement throughout the area.

3. Sometimes the top selling products are the ones that provide crucial functions but that keep things nice and simple too. The plain spatula from Stow Green is next on our list, and given how useful it is it’s hard to argue with its success. Especially great for cooking in a wok or on a skillet, this non-conductive spatula is great for protecting your hands from the heat, unlike many metal ones. And, as a versatile tool, they aren’t half bad for stirring batter either. They really are very useful, so little surprise they remain a year-round favourite.

Skewer Image2. Clearly the Oxford area has seen its fair share of barbeques, fondu parties and other similar get-togethers in the past 12 months. Our second best-selling cooking item of 2015 was the Kitchen Craft pack of 100 bamboo skewers, a product that, despite its apparent simplicity, is adept at being the cause of much merriment at a wide range of events. As a great, easy way to make tasty treats, and a dining utensil at the same time (whether you prefer a kebab or chocolate dipped marshmallows) the skewer has it covered!

Pancake ImageSlotted Turner1. Although chances are you have at least one of these somewhere in your kitchen, our top selling cooking item of 2015 may still surprise you. The Nylon Slotted Turner sold in impressive quantities, and as a faithful cooking ally we agree that we’d feel a bit lost without one. Not to be confused with the spatula (and the key is in the name), the slotted turner is fantastic for serving and turning a whole range of tasty food items on grills and in pans, from pancakes to burgers...its enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it!

This slotted variety lets any oils and fats drip away and back into the pan—which is better for both the food and for you, not to mention, of course, that this nylon essential won’t scratch and scuff your pans. It’s not difficult, then, to see why the nylon slotted turner has proven so popular with our customers, and remains a firm favourite!

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For those of you more interested in the dining side of things, we’ve taken a look at our bestselling ranges to wine and dine off over the past year.

Yong Ming Image

5. The Yong Ming bone china range has been fantastically popular. With its sleek, classic white design, and added strength (at a great price) it’s fairly easy to see why. In fact the Yong Ming 14cm bowl has been so popular that we’ve temporarily sold out. No to worry though, the rest of the range is in stock, and more are on their way!

Zawiercie Image

4. The next item on our best-selling list has been a notable favourite among both our in-store customers, and our online ones alike. The Zawiercie Majestic range of artfully designed and made glasses is undoubtedly deserving of its place on such a list. Designed and made in Poland, these glasses come in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes, including champagne saucers, tumblers, sherry and brandy glasses, as well as the ever popular red wine glass (the most successful item of this highly popular range). Each glass has been hand made in Zawiercie’s distinctive style, which refracts the light quite beautifully. These glasses are all made from crystal, which is that bit stronger than your average glass. Bravo!

Spectrum Image

3. Firmly holding its ground in third place is the fantastic and affordable range of Spectrum porcelain plates, bowls and mugs. With their distinctive splash of colour around the rim, but classic design, they really are rather lovely. We’re inclined to believe that it’s no coincidence that this range hit its peak in popularity around September and October 2015 (when the university year began), as they offer a fun, elegant and affordable means of dining, whether you’re on a student budget or not.

Ravenhead Essentials2. Rather fittingly, the second-to-top selling dining range was also a firm favourite around last September and October, and another fantastically priced selection of products, if we do say so ourselves. With a huge selection of different glasses for everyday use (pint glasses for example) to ones for special occasions (champagne flutes), the Ravenhead Essentials range has been understandably successful this past year.

Colourworks Cutlery Image1. So what have we sold in the greatest quantities to accompany you through your mealtimes? Its rather obvious actually, but we do enjoy creating an air of mystery…it turns out that people flocked to our Cookshop department in search of cutlery. See, quite logical really because, unless you've been putting the bamboo skewers to good use, chances are you’ll be needing some utensils to eat with. But we’re not talking about just any cutlery. This is the top selling range after all: the Colourworks cutlery range from Kitchen CraftTa-daa! Available in striking colours so that you can mix or match to your liking. We sold almost double the amount of Colourworks cutlery last year than we did the impressive Spectrum range! 

Other favourites throughout the year were the Bodum Cafetiere range (because what good is your Spectrum mug without something to go in it), and the Stow Green Laptray in assorted designs. But, while the right cooking equiptment or china and glassware can really make all the difference to your meal, we're not going to pretend that the food itself isn't the most important part. So why not cook yourself something special and sit down to lots of delicious meals over the coming year. Or, if you fancy treating yourself, come visit our fantastic new 1738 tearoom, where we'd be delighted to spoil you for a little while!

27th January 2016

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