Get To Know LEGO®'s Newest Minifigure Arrivals

Get To Know LEGO®'s Newest Minifigure Arrivals

We're excited to say that the latest LEGO® Minifigures are here! To celebrate, and to kick-start your collection, James in our Toy department has put together all the must know information on the newest little LEGO folk.

The next series in LEGO®’s hugely popular Minifigure lineseries 15 is out and with it comes a plethora of inventive and exciting new characters to collect. This time the LEGO group has gone with a more general theme, having previously done The Simpsons and Halloween themes. With Series 15 we are treated to a wide range of figures from Astronaut to Animal Control Officer. Each minifigure is sold separately in a blind bag, with a total of 16 to collect.

The Farmer Image


The first figure in the series is the Farmer: a great figure with boots, an overall, a hat and a pitchfork. But best of all is the brown spotted pig, who not only fits on studded baseplates, it also has a stud on top to allow a Minifigure to sit on him!


Resembling the classic Space Minifigures from the 1980’s, the Astronaut comes well equipped for space with his oxygen tanks, helmet and gold tinted visor. LEGO fans will recognise the classic space logo printed on his flag.

Frightening Knight Image


Frightening Knight

Printed from head to toe in green robes and wielding his morning star weapon, this knight is truly terrifying. From the thick helmet and spiked shoulder gear, to the red-eyed bear on his shield, you can tell he is a knight to be reckoned with.

Clumsy Guy ImageClumsy Guy

This is a great, unique figure that will fit into any LEGO theme, from City to Superhero. The poor guy has had a pretty large accident and now has a set of crutches, a head bandage and even a signed leg cast. Perhaps his t-shirt is indicating the cause of the accident? That’s for you to decide!

Tribal WomanTribal Woman Image

This highly detailed figure has very ornate clothing, with tassels printed on her legs, arms and torso, as well as a rare hairpiece with detachable feathers. But that is nothing compared to the first LEGO baby in history! Not only is a Minifigure able to hold the baby, but you can also attach the baby to the figure's back.

Flying Warrior Image

Flying Warrior

This Minifigure appears to be entirely gold coloured, and is going to be highly sought after as a result. Aside from the head and the arms the rest of the pieces are pearl gold: from the wings and the spear to the chest plate and the head gear.

FaunFaun Image

This figure resembles Mr Tumnus thanks to the new legs piece (or should that be hoofs piece) as well as the head piece, which features ears and horns sticking out of messy hair. The inclusion of a flute is a nice touch, as is the torso printing, which shows tufts of fur coming from the legs.

Animal Control Officer Image

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control figure isn’t too special, although the skunk badge on her arm is cute and her trousers include side printing, but it's the skunk and net that are the main attractions. The skunk is a brand new piece with white printing and a fluffy tail that really sets it off.


The JanitorJanitor Image

This figure will look great in any LEGO City setting and is a representation of a stereotypical janitor, complete with blue suit and cap. The moustache is highly appropriate and the new mop head is a great mould that would look good in the hands of the 11th Doctor from the Doctor Who set.

Ballerina Image


Sure to be a hit with aspiring dancers, the ballerina comes with a new tutu and perfect detailing; from the criss-cross ribbons of the shoes to the silver flower hair pins in the tied up bun.

Laser Mech Image

Laser Mech

This is the evil counterpart to the orange and white Mech from Series 9, but there’s more than just a change in the colour scheme. This figure has a set of transparent blue and black wings, not to mention a cool dual moulded blue blade. Topped off with both a chest piece and a helmet, there are plenty of pieces to this figure. Not to mention the ‘Tron’ like printing hidden underneath.

Kendo Fighter

Kendo Fighter

Equipped with dual Katanas and blue protective armour, the Kendo fighter is an interesting character based on the Japanese martial art, Kendo, which uses bamboo swords. As well as providing fun perhaps this figure will be educational to those who did not previously know about this fighting style, such as myself.

Shark Suit GuyShark Suit Guy

The next in the line of Minifigures in costume, the shark guy is sure to be a hit thanks to the large head piece, complete with fin and tail. The Minifigure may not seem too happy in the picture, but he comes with a double sided face that has a far happier expression.

Wrestling Champion Image

Wrestling Champion

Seemingly based on WWE wrestlers, with his large belt, the wrestling champion comes with shaggy hair and a gold cup to show he really is the champion.

Jewel ThiefJewel Thief Image

This figure brings to mind the DC Superheroes villainess Catwoman, and features a black mask with a suit to match. The accessories are fun, the harpoon gun being a favourite of mine, and the diamond is the quintessential jewel for the thief to steal.

The QueenQueen Image

Last, but certainly not least, is The Queen. A unique figure in many ways, but most unique of all is her new dress piece, which accurately portrays the medieval style. The large two piece cloth robe helps tie her in with the series 13 king.

So which Minifigure do you want most? Series 15 is now available in store and online! And if you need a place to play with your figures, how about the LEGO Creator 31050: Corner Deli? Or you could take a browse through our LEGO collections for ideas for fun sets to treat your latest Minifigures to! Enjoy!

3rd February 2016

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