Have Family Fun This Christmas

Have Family Fun This Christmas

As we enter the second half of November, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And while the big day itself may still be a few weeks away, you’ll no doubt be tucking into a big juicy turkey, pulling crackers, and getting everyone together for a Christmas Day board game before you know it! To help you to sucessfully celebrate the latter of these annual traditions, we’ve been taking a look at some of this year’s best new games. Here are some of the highlights:

Family Fun Games

Pie Face

Pie Face ImageA huge hit this time last year, Pie Face is a quirky game of chance in which you attempt to dodge getting slapped in the face with cream—think Russian Roulette, but with dairy products. Pie Face is basically the best excuse you’re going to get for seeing your nearest and dearest get splattered with a face full of whipped cream this Christmas…be sure to have the camera on standby. This year, there’s also the new Pie Face Showdown game to have a go at, if you fancy your chances. Pie Face is tonnes of fun, and excellent for diffusing any tension caused by the standard, annual board game quarrels.

Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes Image

If you’re a master at drawing and fancy a bit of an extra challenge, Googly Eyes is exactly the game for you. Put on a pair of ridiculous glasses that distort what you see as you try to draw, and then see if your team mates have any idea what your work of art is supposed to be. Anne in our Toy Department had a go at playing the game and told us: "Once I'd got over laughing about the ridiculous look wearing the googly glasses, I was set off again by my poor efforts of drawing with limited vision." There are 3 levels of difficulty to try your hand at, each of which is sure to reduce you to fits of laughter as your artistic talents and spatial awareness are put to the test. Yes, you too can achieve looking silly and drawing badly with this great game.

Beat the Parents

Beat the Parents

For some great inter-generational fun, why not try playing Beat the Parents? In this challenging game parents and children are pitted against each other, as parents answer questions about things that their children should know, and vice versa. It's a fun way to find out who really knows more in your household.

Other great family games worth having a gander at this Christmas include Yeti in My Spaghetti, 5 Second Rule and the slightly off-beat, toilet themed game, Plop!


Single Player Games


Addict-A-Ball Image

If you’re a fan of a solo challenge then you might want to give Addict-A-Ball a try. More than just a simple puzzle of guiding a ball-bearing through a maze, Addict-A-Ball features several stages of highly addictive (the clue is in the name) puzzling that is sure to keep you occupied for the duration of the festive season. Shannon in our Toy Department gave it a glowing recommendation. She told us:

“This is a fab gift for anybody who loves a challenge. All you have to do is work a silver ball around a maze from start to finish without it falling off. Sounds simple, right? But there are lots of difficulties along the way. It’s great for hand-eye coordination, concentration and patience. You can also time yourself to see how fast you can complete it. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys puzzles and likes to be focused.”

Other great single player games that you might want to take a look at this Christmas include Rush Hour, Balance Beans, Spot the Difference Mini and the Micro edition of the ever-popular Bop It


Suitable for Children Under 6

If you’re looking for something that you can play with the youngest members of your clan, then look no further, we have some suggestions to get you started!

Pass the Bomb Junior

Pass the Bomb Image

Based on Pass the Bomb, this is a great junior edition of the best-selling game. All you have to do is turn over a card and name something that belongs in the picture...except you do this while holding a bomb that could go off at any minute (don’t worry, it isn’t real). The objective is to not be holding the bomb when it suddenly goes off. It’s a lot of fun, and much harder than you expect to think up answers when there’s a ticking bomb to race against! Our Toy Department tells us that “It’s an extremely easy game to play and is hilarious fun as you frantically throw the bomb around. It’s also quite educational for young ones and I think it’s a really good value game that makes a wonderful gift.”

Bunny Jump


Bunny Jump Image

Bunny Jump is fantastic fun if your little ones enjoy a good game that will keep them on their toes with suspense. If you scare the bunny while pulling carrots from the vegetable patch he’ll hop high in the air, making everyone jump out of their skins. Try and pick as many carrots as possible before the bunny takes fright, and see if you can catch him too! We also recommend Squeak and Shopping list as great games for children under 6.



Games for Adults

Pass the Pud ImageNope, age isn’t a valid excuse for bypassing sitting down to a good Christmas game of something or the other. If you’re a fan of trivia, then you’re rather spoiled for choice, with both the excellent new Trivial Pursuit 2000s edition game, which tests your knowledge of the first 10 years of this Millennium, and the After Dinner Trivia game, which has everything from odd facts to tongue twisters to keep you entertained. If you like a bit of a challenge, then you might fancy a game of Name 5—a game in which you work your way around a board, trying to name 5 of various things to advance your way to the finish line. And, for a bit of after-Christmas-dinner fun, there’s always Pass the Pud—a Christmas Pudding themed version of Pass the Bomb, but this time you’re racing against the burp.


The Classics

Scrabble ImageBut let’s not forget some of those time-honoured family favourites as well. For many people this time of year means doing anything to purchase Mayfair in Monopoly, desperately rifling through the dictionary to prove that "quodibet" is a Scrabble worthy word, or circling their masterpiece of a Pictionary drawing one more time in the hopes that that will make it clear what on Earth it is. In my family, for example, it means my dad's annual, and often outlandish, attempts at getting out of his customary Connect 4 defeat (the game has been suspiciously "missing" since my victory last year). Yep, while there are lots of exciting new games out there to try your hand at, unsurprisingly, the classics remain popular and continue to rank amongst our bestselling games!

Cluedo Image

The Oxford Edition of Monopoly always proves a popular choice, and if you happen to know someone who’s always fancied owning Cornmarket, this could be just the gift for them. And, for many, it really wouldn’t be Christmas without having a go at solving the murder of Cluedo’s ill-fated Dr Black (they're all rather suspicious characters if you ask us). But if you’re just looking to be inspired then there's plenty of great games out there to get stuck into, such as the recent re-release of Classic Operation (beware the charlie-horse), the ever-popular Hungry Hungry Hippos (still peckish after all these years), and you can’t really go far wrong with a pack of Uno cards! All of these games, and many many more, can be found in our Toy Department, on the first floor of the store, and are available via our website too.

So why not gather your favourite people together for some great festive fun with a game or two of an old favourite or of a future classic, and make it a Christmas to remember!

15th November 2016

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