Stop The Sneezing Season

Stop The Sneezing Season

Let our pharmacy staff take the strain and help you fight off hayfever symptoms this year.

There are actually 3 main active ingredients in Hay Fever medication. Speak to our pharmacy staff for the best advice for you and of course always read the labels.

Here are just some of the products in store now in the various ways you can take your medicine.


The most convenient way to take medicine for most people. We have Numark Loratadine one a day tablets from as little as £2.03 for 14 or £6.95 for 60 pills. For those looking for a natural source of medicine look into the Nature's aid Quercetin formula from £5.95 per bottle.


 hayfever tablets




Nasal Sprays

These can build up resistance as well as help quell symptoms. Pictured is the largest size and therefore longest lasting the Beconase 180ml spray at £10.22.


 hayfever spray




Eye Drops

A god-send when the itchy eyes start. Don't give in to the temptation to rub. Instead reach for the eye drops. Pictured is one of our most popular drops the Otrivine eye drops from only £4.50.


 hayfever eye drops





Particularly easy to administer to children or for those who struggle with pills. Peach is a popular flavour. Pictured is the Clarityn syrup from £4.49. 


 hayfever syrups


19th May 2014

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