Introducing Boswells Pharmacy's New Online Services

Introducing Boswells Pharmacy's New Online Services

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What is

Our pharmacy became a legally incorporated part of Boswells Department Store in 1890, and has been dispensing advice and medicine to the good people of Oxford ever since. Yet, while Boswells Pharmacy has been here, taking great care of us all for generations, the pharmaceutical world has, of course, moved on a little over the course of the past 137 years…and continues to do so…and so have we.

The addition of our brand-new Boswells Pharmacy website offers you the ability to combine Boswell’s traditional great service, and all important human touch, with a little extra help from the internet. You can now manage your relationship with Boswells Pharmacy, keep track of your prescription requests and access an A-Z health advice database from anywhere with an internet connection, and on a range of different devices. If you’re not too confident with technology, however, then worry not, our pharmacy will also continue to offer all of the same services and excellent face-to-face support that it always has, in store.

What Services Does Provide?

Here are a few of the key things you can now do through our new pharmacy website:

Shop Online

Online Shopping ImageYou can now shop online, for a wide variety of over 15,000 different over the counter healthcare products through our new pharmacy website, even if we don’t currently stock it in store! We’ve teamed up with Weldricks Pharmacy to give you even more products to choose from and at fantastic supermarket matching prices, for delivery right to your doorstep. You can pay securely through the checkout, either by credit card or by PayPal, whichever you prefer. You can also choose your preferred delivery speed during the checkout, and voila, your order will be with you in no time.

Each product page includes full information on any active ingredients, directions on use, a full list of ingredients and any necessary warnings, as well as a product description. 

Electronic Prescription Service

EPS LeafletThe Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS funded service, which allows you to electronically manage your repeat prescriptions, and have these sent to a specified pharmacy, ready for you to collect. If you would like to nominate Boswells Pharmacy to receive your prescriptions from your GP you will need to fill in, and sign, an Electronic Prescription Service Consent Form, which you can pick up from us in store or access via the website itself.

You’ll also need to register with us online so that you can update your Doctor’s Surgery details, and put in any prescription requests. Through the website, you can set up reminders, so that you’ll be prompted to send your next prescription request before your current medication runs out, which hopefully means no more last-minute panics to get your medicine on time! Once you’ve placed your request, you can track the status of your request online, and we’ll even let you know when your prescription is ready for you to come and collect from us. Alternitively you can have it delivered free within the Oxford Ring Road, and at competive delivery charges for elsewhere in the UK.

Health Advice

Pharmacy Desk has an A-Z database of medical conditions provided by MedicineChest Ltd. This helpful resource offers a lot of useful information on a wide number of medical conditions, with a little more information on symptoms and living with various conditions. Of course, if you have concerns about your heath you should always consult a doctor for diagnosis, or speak to a pharmacist for advice. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a condition, though, this database can be a fantastic supplementary resource to complement the information your GP has already given you.

In some cases, the database even includes testimonies from other patients, talking about their experiences and the help that they’ve received with managing long-term medical conditions, which can be a huge help if you’re feeling daunted by your diagnosis. For those who register with, you even have the option of assessing your health risk for a range of medical conditions, and to store details such as chronic conditions, family history and the dates of any vaccinations you’ve received.

Other Services

Boswells Pharmacy Image

You can now use the new Boswells Pharmacy website to find out about services the pharmacy provides in store, such as blood pressure testing, stop smoking support, and travel requirement consultations. We're also one of the few pharmacies in the area to offer truss and hoisery fittings. 

You can access the opening times and contact details for our pharmacy via the website too, so that you can easily get in touch with a member of our friendly pharmacy team for help with any of the services that the pharmacy offers.

How Does the New Website Help You?

Pharmacy Mobile Site Image

Our new pharmacy website makes it easy for you to gain access to Boswells Pharmacy, even when it isn’t convenient for you to pop in to see us that day, and allows you to request repeat prescriptions and buy other health-related products with ease. If you’re interested in signing up for EPS, for example, you’ll no longer need to visit your Doctor’s Surgery every time you need a repeat prescription, you can simply put in a request via

Adil Our Superintendent PharmacistWe spoke to Mr Adil Cowan, our Superintendent Pharmacist (photo right), and asked him what he thought the main benefits of this latest addition to our pharmacy services were for our Boswells Pharmacy customers. He told us that “We’ll deliver prescriptions within the ring road free of charge,” and for those that live further away, EPS gives the option for you to continue to use our pharmacy, as we can deliver to your home.

Customers can now “Order what they want, when they want,” without having to pop out to the shops. This means that, if you’re unable to get in to store, for whatever reason, you can still gain access to prescription medication, a wide range of healthcare products, and, as always, the help and advice of our pharmacy staff. 

Pharmacy Staff Image

Adil was very proud to say that Boswells Pharmacy will continue to also offer the same great advice and services that it always has, and that if you’ve “Got queries with your medicine, we’re more than willing to help.” offers you additional options for handling your relationship with Boswells Pharmacy, and gives you access to a range of new resources to utilise, if they suit your needs. For more information on any of the services provided in store or by, you can visit the new website here, or pop in and speak to our friendly Pharmacy staff.

7th March 2017

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