BrainBox Memory game

Anne in our Toys Department says:

This is a simple game developed to test the old (or young) brain cells. All yo have to do is memorise the information on a card. The catch is that you only have 10 seconds to do this and then answer questions about the subject written on the card. Ha Ha so not so easy as you think.

It's a fun way to improve knowledge, observation skills and memory all at the same time. There are many different themed sets ranging from History or Maths, Roald Dahl to villans. Pretty diverse.

What we particularly like is that these games work well not just with children from 8+ but language studdents, special needs students and frankly people like me (possibly you) who want a fun way to keep the brain cells ticking over.


BrainBox Let's Learn French
BrainBox Let's Learn French
In this clever BrainBox players study a card with English and French words on it for ten seconds. .After this time the dice is rolled andthere are two levels of fun. Level one is simply remembering the French words, e.g. La porte for door. However in level two the question is completely in Frenchand you might have to say what the colour of the door is. A fun way to improve French language skills. C’est bon! How To Play BrainBox Games
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