BRITA Maxtra+ Water Filter Cartridges White Pack of 3
This 3 cartidge pack contains the UK Maxtra version and is great value. The cartridge fits all BRITA Maxtra jugs and kettles. The 25% finer mesh and micro carbon pearls reduce chlorine and impurities for improved taste and appearance of food and drinks. The Ion exchange pearls reduce limescale and metals for better tasting tea, coffee and household appliance protection. 100% recyclable and the cartridge features finger holes for easier monthly exchange for a new one. Great tasting water for just a few pence per litre.
You can find me in the Cookshop department in the basement.
£17.25 Now £13.99

You Save: £3.26 (19%)

Brita Aluna Water Filter Jug 1.4L - Cool White
1.4 litres filtered water capacity (2.4 litres total capacity). Electronic 'Memo' cartridge exchange indicator. Slim fridge door design. Takes MAXTRA cartridge for optimum removal of chlorine, limescale and impurities. Dishwasher safe (excluding lid).
You can find me in the Cookshop department in the basement.
£20.70 Now £13.99

You Save: £6.71 (32%)

Marella Cool Jug Graphite
Cleaner, clearer, great tasting BRITA filtered water. Easy flip top lid for single handed filling. Comes in a variety of colours. Electronic memo reminds you to change your filter cartridge once a month. Fits in fridge door.
Small (fits in fridge door); 1.4L filtered capacity, 2.4L total capacity; Dishwasher safe (excluding lid)
£25.30 Now £14.99

You Save: £10.31 (41%)

Maxtra Cartridge 6 Pack
Cleaner, clearer great tasting BRITA filtered water with MAXTRA Technology: Reduces limescale and substances, e.g. chlorine, that affect taste and odour for a great natural taste. Aabsorbs metals such as lead and copper for pure wellbeing. Unique FlowControl secures the perfect filtration time for best results.
6 pack; 100 Litres / one month of use; Rinse new cartridges under water before use to activate the iron exchange resin.
£32.00 Now £21.99

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