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Chef's Companion Classic Copper 24cm Tri-ply Frypan
Chef's Companion Classic Copper 24cm Tri-ply Frypan
This 24cm frypan utilises a copper tri-ply material for professional performance and heat transfusion. It is suitable for all hob types including induction and is oven safe to 230 degrees c or gas mark 8. Each pan in this range includes internal markings for easy measuring of capacity levels and stylish riveted cast steel fixings. The tri-ply material is made from stainless steel, aluminium and of course copper. Hand Wash Only Copper has never gone out of fashion in professional chef circles and the introduction of the combination with other materials has only enhanced its reputation and with TV chefs endorsement these rather glorious looking pans are a must have for a fashionable chef or proud home cook. Please note that this image displays the whole Chefs Companion Classic Copper range and this product is only the 24cm frypan.
You can find me in the Cookshop department in the basement.