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Twist and Tie Dispenser and CutterTwist and Tie Dispenser and Cutter
Twist and Tie Dispenser and Cutter
Indispensible roll of plastic coated wire with an on pack cutter to produce highly useful twist ties to any length and for any purpose. Use to secure freezer bags, sandwich bags, general bags and packets, along with a multitude of other uses in and around the kitchen, home and garden.
12 month guarantee; Size: 30 meters Carded dispenser pack
Oddsocks Fork It 6 Pack - Men's
Oddsocks Fork It 6 Pack - Men's
If you have green fingers then you'll need some feet to match! Our Fork It oddsocks are all grown from out own seeds in temperature-controlled greenhouses to produce the perfect specimen every time. They're so full of natural goodness that just wearing them will count as one of your five a day. We actually think one pair a day is probably enough but with six individual designs to mix and mismatch, you'll have a shed load of combinations to choose from. Men's UK Size 6 -11 These sock are made of: 87% Cotton 11% Polyamide 2% Elastane
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Heathcote & Ivory Gardener's Greenhouse Gift Set
Packed with shea butter and elderflower infused hedgerow hand cream, a naturally exfoliating hand scrub to wash away dirt and grime, eucalyptus bath soak to ease tired muscles post weeding along with rhubarb hand salve to restore overworked green fingers makes this greenhouse the best. 1 x 100ml Hedgerow Hand Cream; 1 x 100ml Exfoliating Hand Wash; 1 x 135g Invigorating Muscle Soak; 1 x 50g Rhubarb Hand Salve. Naturally Exfoliating. Eases tired muscles. Complete care for the hands. No Parabens or Sulphates. Key Ingredients: Shea Butter: Used as an emollient in cosmetics. It is a rich source of antioxidants that help to protect and condition the skin. Vitamin E This aids in skin smoothening, moisturising and the prevention of premature skin-aging. It is a major free-radical scavenger and, as free-radicals are very damaging to the skin tissue, it is considered a protector ingredient. Glycerin: An ingredient which locks in moisture by retaining water in the skin. Nourishing,...
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