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Essentials Glass Mug 385 ml
Ravenhead Essentials and Hobnobs Collection is ideal for demanding households. The 38.5cl Glass Mugs are made from quality glass that is dishwasher safe. Durable with a functional design, perfect for parties and BBQ's.
You can find me in the Glass department in the basement.
Espresso Mug, 150ml Buttermilk
Espresso Mug, 150ml Buttermilk
You can find me in the Cookshop department in the basement.

Royal Worcester Wrendale Cappuccino Cup and Saucer
Royal Worcester Wrendale Cappuccino Cup and Saucer
The Wrendale Designs collection features a delightful range of countryside animals in Hannah Dale's effervescent style. Hannah Dale, the creative genius behind Wrendale Designs, is an accomplished artist inspired by the animals she sees in the Lincolnshire countryside and their captivating personalities. The delightful illustrations have a distinct charm that perfectly encapsulates the character of each irresistible animal. This product is designed in our studios in Stoke on Trent, England. This item is manufactured outside of the UK to the stringent quality and craftsmanship that Portmeirion Group is known for.
You can find me in the China department in the basement.