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Tips from our Cookshop team: WOODEN CHOPPING BOARDS

1) Never stand a wooden board on its jointed end when washed or rinsed, or water will be drawn up the grain softening the joints, which will probably split or warp. The best way is to dry off excess water with a kitchen towel & rest it on its non jointed side.

2) If it has been soaked the surface can be hardend again by scattering table salt thickly over the board & left over night to absorb all the moisture. Salt also has an abrasive cleaning action if rubbed onto the board dry will take away the smell of garlic & onion fairly successfully.

3) Lemon juice can be used effectively to bleach out stains on chopping boards.

4) Keep your unsealed boards looking new with butcher's block oil which replenishes the natural oils in the grain. We sell Tableau Butchers Block oil its solvent free, food safe & provides an effective water repellent matt sheen finish.

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