Gravy & Sauceboats


Artesa Set of 2 Mini Glass Gravy Serving Jugs
Artesa Set of 2 Mini Glass Gravy Serving Jugs
This is a set of 2 gorgeous clear glass gravy boats from MasterClass Artes - a modern and elegant take on a traditional design. Made of extra-strong toughened crystal-clear glass, they’re strong enough to use at every meal time, but with a luxurious look that makes them ideal for special occasions. Their 40ml capacity makes them perfect for individual servings of sauces, coulis or cream but also large enough to actually cook and serve a complete sweet in if you want to impress with quirky serving dishes like so many restauarants do today. Microwave safe, so you cook or reheat with confidence. Smooth glass finish makes cleaning a cinch. Dish washer safe. Broad base for stability in use. Comfortable handle for pleasure and safety. The 2 jugs come packaged in a beautiful gift box pefect if you are buying for someone else. 5 year Guarantee.
You can find me in the Cookshop department in the basement.