Gravy & Sauceboats


Wilmax - 170ml Sauce Boat
Wilmax - 170ml Sauce Boat
Wilmax porcelain is thin and delicate, allowing light to easily pass through it giving it a translucent look. It is resonant, meaning items produce a high pure sound when lightly tapped or struck, a characteristic feature of high-quality porcelain. Produces using a unique formula that includes magnesium and aluminium compounds, making the item exceptionally white (both outer and inner surface), solid, and chip-resistant. A glaze composition ensures the smoothness and gloss of the surface will last for years to come. All items undergo mandatory quality check at every stage of production. We guarantee stable quality, items are produced under strict control using unique original technology. All Wilmax items are made from ecologically pure raw materials in compliance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements. Tableware is absolutely safe for health, which is confirmed by laboratory tests. Wilmax tableware has low water absorption of less than 0.1%. Wilmax tableware is ovenproof...
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