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We hope most things on the website are self-explanatory or as you would expect them to be but these may also help. 

How to Contact Us

Products & Availability 

Is everything in store on our website?

We are aiming to respresent all in store products on our website and more but with over 30,000 items in store and new lines arriving all the time this is a work in progress. We have all of our store departments and product ranges represented but not necessarily every version of them. So for example we have many Salt & Pepper shakers on our website but not necessarily every single one on our shelves...yet. 

So if you are trying to order an item that you think we have in our store but you can't find it on our website please contact us and if the item is on our shelves we would be happy to complete your order by phone.

On each item we let you know whether it is in stock right now & by clicking the In Store Tab you can see exactly where to go in store to find it, if you don't want to use our Click & Collect service. If an item appears as unavailable then this means the item is not currently available to buy from us in store or online. Please email us if you want to reserve an item and we will quote you a delivery time or tell you if it is discontinued.

Do you have any items on your website that aren't in store? 

We have some suppliers who have larger ranges than we sell in store but which can be reliably ordered. These will show as To Order rather than In Stock and you can order them via our online checkout for delivery or collection as normal. The length of time such orders takes can vary & we aim to be as accurate as possible per item on its order time.

Are your prices them same in store and on the website?

We may use special online promotional dscount codes from time to time, but the sales prices are on our products are the same both in store and online. We try to keep our promotions the same qualifying purchases in multi-buy offers such as 3 for 2 or free gifts.

What information is available on products?

Where possible we will supply the following;

A Product Description - In addition to the Product Title this provides information on what the product does, can be used for, looks like and options available. Other information may be provided on other tabs for ease of access.

In Store - This tells you where the product can be found in our store.

Delivery & Returns - This is a quick guide to our Delivery & Returns policies with links to the full pages of information.

Features - A summary of the relevant data which can be used as filters in the left navigation bar during searches & browsing by Category or Brand.

Reviews - All customer and staff reviews are listed here. 

What actions are available on a Product Page?

Viewing Images - Where more than 1 image exists alternatives are displayed under the main image. Click on any image to replace it as the main image. Hover the mouse over the main image for a Zoom option. The image will appear to the right of the main image. To see a static large view of the main image click the main image.

Add to Basket - This adds the item to your basket giving you the opportunity to checkout immediately or continue shopping. You can alter the default quantity of 1 on this page or during checkout later.

Add to Compare - You can add an item to your comparison list. Once the botton shows as Compare Now you can access the comparison list or continue looking.

Bookmark and Share - This provides a list of sharing options to various social networking sites as well as email. The Facebook, Google + and Twitter options are also available beneath the product main image.

Print This Page - This will open your printer connection allowing you to print the product page in an easy read format to either a physical printer or to file. If you plan to come into our store to see the product, without using our Click & Collect option you may find it useful to print the page for reference.

Add to Wishlist - This will open your website account or ask you to login or register if you are not already logged in. You can add the item to a wishlist with a note for each item. The wishlist can then be emailed to others or items added to your basket from the wishlist at a later time. Click the product title, image or click your back button to return to the product page.

Ask a question - This will open a form for you to email us an enquiry. If you are logged into the website already your details will be pre-filled if not then please enter these so we can reply. To avoid spam we require the input of a Captcha code which changes on each use of the form. We will reply as soon as possible within store opening hours.

Write a Review -  This will open a form for you to review the product. If you are logged into the website already your details will be pre-filled if not then please enter these so we can provide your review discount. To avoid spam we require the input of a Captcha code which changes on each use of the form. We will confirm the review as soon as possible within store opening hours and email your discount code. Read our Review Terms & Conditions.


Website Security

Are my personal & billing details secure?

Naturally we take both your privacy and credit card security very seriously. Like most websites we have an SSL Certificate for secure pages of the website that can only be accessed by your Username & Password. For example our servers were completely unaffected by the famous Heartbleed bug from 2014. However we strongly recommend that you never write passwords down and if you have any doubts about others accessing it change your password regularly and not use the same password on all websites.

However should you encounter a security issue on your own devices we also have extra security on your credit card infomation as shown below.

If you do not want to keep your billing and csrd details on website in any circumstances we also offer a Guest Checkout option which means that we do not record your address or card details for later orders or create an account and you will need to enter this information every order.

How are my credit card details kept secure?

When you enter your card details on our website the information is entered directly onto the servers at Sagepay our credit card company. As soon as the card number is entered it is converted into a code called a token that ONLY means your credit card number between Boswells & Sagepay. It is of no use to anyone else. Read more about Sagepay. We do not keep your card details only the token - for your convenience next time you order.

In addition every time you use your credit or debit card we will ask you to enter the security code printed on the back of your card. This code is not recorded by either Boswells or Sagepay.

Our website is also signed up to Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode. These services run by Visa & Mastercard allow you to arrange a password with your bank that is never shared to retailers. This password if asked for by the bank has to be entered when making credit card purchases and acts like the PIN you enter when using your card in a store. 

Depending on the bank you may be offered the opportunity to sign up to this service during your card transaction with Boswells. If you decide not to - you can still complete your purchase with us. However if aleady using the service you must enter the password correctly to proceed. Read more about Verified by Visa and Mastercard Securecode.

Alternatively you can also use PayPal on our website.

Buying Online

Do I have to pay online before despatch or collection?

Yes before we send out any parcel or allow collection we need payment. This is to ensure that we keep as many items available to customers as possible and have accurate information about what is available to sell to other customers. Even if you choose our Pay By Phone option (see below) payment is still needed before the order is completed by us. However we do not take payment until we have the items ready. Until then we have only authorised your card or PayPal account for later use.

How can I pay online?

We accept the following methods of payment: Credit and Debit cards from American Express, Mastercard or Visa, PayPal or Boswells Gift Vouchers. 

You can part pay by Boswells Gift Vouchers and part by a Credit, Debit card or PayPal, but we can accept only 1 Credit or Debit card or PayPal request per order.

We recommend using our online checkout to complete all payments as this is the most secure way for you to keep your card details safe. We also offer a Pay By Phone option which can be useful if you run into any difficulties or have any questions about the process. 

If using a Credit or Debit Card - 

Enter your card details & your billing address. Card details consist of the Credit Card Number & Expiry Date as a minimum. The address must match the registered card address (although you can have the order despatched elsewhere). Once a card has been used the "token" is held for later use, but you will still need to enter your card secuity code and (if signed up for the service) your Verified by Visa or Mastercard Securecode password. 

The transaction status will be "deferred" or pending  until the order is ready for despatch or collection at which time we we take the funds and the transaction will show as completed on your card account.

If using PayPal - 

You wil be taken to the payPal website to login with your PayPal username & password. We will not see this. The order number & value will continue to be displayed for your reference. When you have completed your authorisation you will be returned to our website. The transaction status will be "pending" until the order is ready for despatch or collection at which time we we take the funds and the transaction will show as completed on your PayPal account.

If using a Gift Voucher - 

On the first page of the checkout above your list of products you are buying you will see the following message "If you have a voucher code, enter it here:"
Enter the Gift Voucher number exactly as printed on the voucher or provided in the email.

We will automatically take as much of the Gift Voucher value as needed to complete the transaction. If this is less than the voucher value the remaining balance can be used in a future order. If the order value is more than your voucher you will need to enter additional Credit or Debit card details. 

If using Pay by Phone - 

Having chosen this option and clicked Confirm & Pay you will see the Order Confirmation page with our contact details in order for you to provide your card details by phone. We may also ring you for these details depending on the time of day.

Can I send orders as a Gift?

You can have your order posted to the address of another as standard. If you wish to have any item Gift Wrapped then you can choose this option on the product page for a cost of £2.50 per item. We use a plain gold or red high quality wrapping paper and plain ribbon. All price labels will be removed although any pre-printed pricing will be left intact in order to keep the product pristine.

The addition of Gift Wrap also allows the addition of a Gift Message per item. This is added by you during checkout.

Where the order is being sent to a different delivery address to the billing address and Gift Wrap has been chosen (with or without a Gift Message) we will include the receipt without any pricing. 

Your Account Features

How to Login

Login into Your Account by Clicking My Account at the top of every page. There is also a Remember Me option when logging in or registering which allows you to be automatically logged in on each website visit on the computer used when you clicked the Remember Me option. For this reason we do not recommend using Remember Me on shared computers.

In order to Login enter your email address and your password. If you forget your password please click Forgotten Password you can then request a new password to be sent to you. After this is used to login we recommend changing your password to a memorable word with a mix of upper & lower case, letters, numbers or symbols.

If you do not receive an email then please ring us on 01865 214244 or use the Live Chat  to contact us and we will manually reset another temporary password.

My Account

This page displays a number of recommended products that you may find of interest based on yor purchasing history or the products that are most popular on our website.

My Details

This is where your billing address is recorded and can be updated as needed. Mandatory fields are marked with an *.

You can also change your password on this screen.

Click Update to save any changes.

My Delivery Addresses

Any Delivery Address entered during Checkout is recorded here. You can delete any address or make any address the Primary Address. The Primary Address will be the first on the list during Checkout.

My Cards

Any Credit or Debit card entered during Checkout is recorded here as a token for future use. A token is not a record of your actual card details but this allows us with your extra authorisation during checkout to complete later transactions. You can delete cards either as they expire or just if you prefer not to keep card details on websites. 

My Orders

This is a list of all your orders placed on the website with the most recent at the top of the list. In the summary line you can see the Order number, the current order status, date & time placed and Order Value.

To see more details and to repeat or cancel an order click View Detaiils.

The full order details show you the address for delivery, list of products & postage cost.

The Repeat Order Button allows you to create an exact copy of this order in a new checkout. You can change any details you wish or complete the order by just authorising your payment. If the item is no longer available you wll be advised during checkout.

The Cancel Order or Repeat Order option allows you to cancel the order with Boswells. If the order has not yet been despatched the option will say Cancel Order. If the order has been despatched the option will say Return Order as receipt of the goods at Boswells is required before a refund is completed. Please see our Help on Cancellation & Refunds page for more information.

My Wishlist

Any items added to your wishlist when looking at products are listed here. You can add notes to any item, delete any item, add any item to your basket or email the wishlist to a number of email addresses in order for others to buy the items.

The email will provide the wishlist along with the following message:

Email Subject: Your friend First & Last Name has sent you their Boswells wish list...

We are delighted to tell you that a friend of yours, First & Last Name, whose email address is has asked us to send you the following items on their wish list. 

My Reviews

Any reviews you have created are shown here. Reviews that are listed as Pending have not yet been checked by our staff. All reviews can be edited by you & the rating level changed.

My Newsletters

You can sign up to our mailing list and tell us about any particular interest you have. This will allow us to create newsletters that are tailored to your needs and interests. We will only send our general newsletter when we have something we think the majority of our customers should or would like to know. All feedback is very welcome.

My Reminders

This is an opportunity to record your birthday in order for us to provide you special treats and you can record other dates & reasons why you want a reminder. We will then send you an email 2 weeks before the event, so plenty of time to buy and have something posted out to a lucky someone - perhaps you!


Our Website Functionality


This is available from every page at the top of the website in a box marked Search our site... Type the keywords from the product or products that you are looking for. The website will search for matches to your entries. The top matches will be listed in a list below the search box. If you see the item you are looking for you can click on the item to open the product page. For the full list of results press enter or click the magnifying glass icon after completing your search entry.

Browse by category or brand

You can see all items within a particular category by hovering your mouse/pad over the navigation bar underneath the company logo. You will then see a list of all sub-categories. You can click on any listing to see the results for that category. Any category with sub-categories will display boxes of each sub-category before listing all items underneath the categries. Standard filters include Category, Price, show in stock only items, show only new items.

Similarly by clicking any brand you will be shown any collection from that brand before listing the individual products.

When showing search results other brands and categories can be accessed under filters offered on the left side of the web page. 

Reducing & displaying search results

Some searches and cateories will produce many results and you may want to narrow your selection. The various options to reduce results are diisplayed on the left. This will alter depending on the nature of the products. As an example some products may come in multiple colours and you can reduce the list by choosing a colour.

Search results are displayed in a Grid View as a default with images across and down tthe page. You can change to List View in order to see a  single item on each row with additional information. Both views allow you to Buy Now, Add to Compare & see More Info.

If the product has more than one image the first alternative can be seen by movung the mouse over the image.

You can alter the number of results you see on screen from 24, 48, 96 or All results. 


Any on site competitions are available from our Competitions page. You can read our standard Terms & Conditions for competitions.


Available Discounts

We offer our customers the best prices we can as standard, but we also reward customer loyalty and engement with us with exclusive offers and discounts for those that join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Similarly the following discounts are permanently available on the website for anyone who uses the following facilities:


Refer a Friend Discount

A 5% off next order discount is available by referring the website to a friend. If the person uses the email we send to them to return to the website and buy any item then upon receipt of such an order the person who referred the friend will be sent an email containing a discount code.

All temporary or permanent discounts have the same terms and conditions which can be read here.