Boswells Gift Cards


We are delighted to introduce our new Gift Cards! You can choose any value over £5 and buy and use them in store and online. Sometimes you just know that the best person to choose from the superb selections at Boswells is the person who is going to use (or love) the present. So the Boswells Gift Card is a great choice! 

These credit sized cards can be easily kept in a purse or wallet and look great as a gift. We are happy to accept used cards back for recycling or just have the lucky beneficiary keep the card for topping up on Birthdays, Anniversaries or just for a lovely surprise.

Our physical cards are currently available in 2 designs and come with a free card and envelope. Cards have no value until activated by our staff. 

Or if you prefer an online only voucher which is emailed by us to the recipient immediately after purchase you can also choose the "Boswells Gift Voucher Online Use Only"




FAQs and Terms & Conditions


How can I buy a Gift Card?

You can buy them on this website by clicking the Gift Cards on this page or you can buy at any till in our stores.  

Is there any Price restriction?

Cards are available from £5. In store just tell our staff how much you would like added to the card in whole pounds. Online please select from the available options. If the value you want isn't listed then you can choose each value and we will add them together onto one card.

Where can the Gift Cards be spent?

You can spend the Gift card value in our store or on this website. 

How do I spend the card value?

We accept partial or full payment by Gift Card. There is no minimum spend. In store just hand the Gift Card over with the items you are buying. Our staff can tell you the current balance and you can choose how much to spend.

Online you enter the Gift Card number from the back of the card into the first page of the checkout where it says "If you have a voucher code, enter it here:". As much value as is needed to complete the purchase will be taken from the gift card and if there is not enough value you will be able to pay the remaing balance by Credit or Debit card. I the card has expired or there is no current value on the card you will be advised on screen.

When does the Gift Card Expire?

Expiry is 2 years after the last date that the card was used. For purchases in November and December we allow extra time for Christmas present giving and the start date on the 2 years is December 26th. As with all cards that date changes if the card is used by either spending or adding value.

Expiration means that the card will be deactivated and any balance removed from the card.

How do I check the Gift Card Balance?

In store ask at any till and with either the card or just the card number we can quickly tell you the balance. Or ring us on 01865 255504 with the card number. When the Gift Card is purchased a receipt with the card value is also provided.

Can I get change in cash if my purchase comes to less than is on my Card?

No. However the remaining balance on the Card can be used for future transactions.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

If you have the card number then we will deactivate that card & supply you with a new card transferring the balance. Gift Card numbers are recorded against the Website Order but for In Store purchases we recommend the buyer keeps a record of the card number. Boswells can take no responsibility for the misuse of lost or stolen cards. Nor can we replace the card unless the Gift Card number can be supplied.

Terms & Conditions

  • Boswells Gift Cards can be used as full or part payment for merchandise sold in Boswells Department Store or
  • No change or refunds in cash will be given where the sales transaction is for an amount less than the balance on the card, but the balance may be retained on the card and applied to future purchases.
  • The card may be used for payment of goods of a higher price than the current card balance on payment of the difference. Where goods are subsequently exchanged for items of lesser value, the difference will be added to the balance of the card. 
  • A Gift Card has no value until activated by Boswells Staff. Activation takes place during purchase of the card in store an before the card is despatched to the customer online.
  • A card cannot be used to purchase Prescriptions, The Change Group or additional gift cards.
  • The minimum amount required to activate a card is £5.
  • If the card is not used for a period of 24 consecutive months the card will automatically expire and any remaining balance will be deducted. To check your balance either ask in-store or call us on 01865 255504
  • Boswells cannot be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged cards or any credit amounts on such cards. We will replace & transfer funds ONLY if the Gift Card number can be provided.
  • Boswells reserves the right to add to or amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.