The Gruffalo Mini Memory Game
The Gruffalo Mini Memory Game
A set of 48 bright and colourful high-quality memory picture cards. Cards feature lots of different images of your favourite Gruffalo characters including Mouse, Fox, Snake and The Gruffalo. There are 24 different pairs to match up and collect in this classic game. The game play can be varied to suit different ages and abilities; for younger children use fewer cards, but you’ll be surprised at just how good youngsters are at this game – there is every chance that as their skills develop they will beat you! The memory cards are made from sturdy high-quality card, laminated on both sides with a colour print.
3+Set of 48 Gruffalo memory cards Includes lots of favourite characters including Mouse, Fox, Snake and The Gruffalo.
Deep Dark Wood Gruffalo GameDeep Dark Wood Gruffalo Game
Deep Dark Wood Gruffalo Game
A mouse took a stroll through thedeep dark wood. A fox, an owl and asnake saw the mouse and the mouselooked good! Can you help yourmouse to get home safely? All youneed is a little luck of the dice and a good memory! If you find the imageof Gruffalo under the trees you willscare the hungry animals away.A fun and simple game for2-4 players aged 3+!
3+For 2 - 4 players Each game takes around 10 minutes to play

The Gruffalo 4 in Box PuzzleThe Gruffalo 4 in Box Puzzle
The Gruffalo 4 in Box Puzzle
Four really lovely Gruffalo puzzles for fans everywhere to enjoy! Each of the puzzles shows the Gruffalo and Mouse on their adventures in the deep dark wood. Each puzzle has a different coloured boarder which is designed to make the individual puzzle pieces easier to identify and piece together. The puzzles are cut to different piece counts – either 12, 16, 20 or 24 pieces, making the set ideal for use within a family with different aged children or a playgroup. Finished puzzle size 19 x 14cm approximately. Puzzles are an excellent way to encourage your child’s observation, imagination and communication skills. Ask questions about the picture or get your child to talk about the picture – for example, ask them what they think is happening, or what some of the characters are saying.
Puzzles measure 19 x 14cm Suitable for ages 3+Good for use in a family environment or a playgroup as can be used with mixed abilities/ages