Tefal 650W Mini Compact 3 Tier Steamer
Tefal 650W Mini Compact 3 Tier Steamer
The Tefal VC130115 steamer is ideal for those that are looking for a compact steam cooker. It is widely accepted that steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook and prepare food. Steam cooking preserves many of the natural vitamins and minerals contained in the food which are usually lost when boiling. Gently steaming food allows the colour, texture and taste to be fully preserved, for truly mouthwatering meals time after time. 650w. Capacity: 6.5L. 3 stackable bowls wtih fixed grids. Aquatimer - specific level of water for each type of food, cooking stops when there is no water left. Lid can be used as a serving plate. Visible water level. Juice collector. Rice bowl.
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