Intelex Group was founded in London in 1995 to commercialise a new and innovative way to relieve everyday aches and pains. Their revolutionary new Hot-Pak™ design was the first ever fully microwavable herbal heat pack to be sold in Europe and it was an instant success with consumers and retailers alike. 

This inexpensive and easy-to-use heat pack has since won several prestigious awards for innovation and has set the industry standard for quality and safety. Hot-Pak™ is still the best selling herbal heat pack on the market today, with millions of satisfied users worldwide.

Following the incredible success of Hot-Pak™, in 1997 Intelex Group invented Beddy-Bear® - the world's first ever fully-microwavable soft toy! Their experienced design team continues to launch fresh and innovative new heat pack ideas each year, into an ever expanding market.

Intelex Group currently supplies over 8,000 retailers, including Sainsbury's, Argos, Lloyds Pharmacy and Amazon to name but a few. Intelex also supplies exclusive and non-exclusive distributor in 44 countries from their warehouses and offices in Hong Kong, England, USA and Australia.

No other manufacturer has the same level of experience and expertise in this highly specialised industry. All of Intelex Group products exceed the relevant safety standards, including the British safety standard BS 8433:2004, the European toy safety standard EN71-1/2/3 and the American toy safety standard ASTM-f963.

The founder and CEO of Intelex Group is an expert committee member on the panel that introduced the British Standards Institute safety standard for personal warmers (BS 8433:2004). As the world's largest supplier of fully microwavable heat packs, Intelex Group quite literally set the standard for safety in the industry that they created. Please beware of imitations.


Warmies Heatable Soft Toy - Rainbow Dinosaur
Warmies Heatable Soft Toy - Rainbow Dinosaur
The Natural History Museum can boast a large database of dinosaurs, with detailed information about each one. But is there a dinosaur expert anywhere in the World who can accurately describe the evolutionary development, body type and country of origin of a gorgeously multicoloured Warmies® Cozy Plush Rainbow Dinosaur? In truth, only the Intelex Group can do that! Made from super-soft, yet durable and easy to clean Cozy Plush material, and quick to heat up in a microwave (90 seconds is all it takes), a Warmies® Cozy Plush Rainbow Dinosaur emits a pleasant lavender aroma that is neither too strong nor disappointingly weak, but 'just right' – helping you to relax and ease muscles and joint pains at the end of a long day at the office. Imagine that. For little girls and boys needing a daytime playmate – a fabulously fun and furry buddy to knock about with or just to hold tight during TV cartoon time – a Warmies® Cozy Plush Rainbow Dinosaur fits the bill perfectly....
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