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LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Speed Force Freeze Pursuit
Pursue Reverse Flash and grab the Energy Infuser! Match The Flash vs. Reverse Flash in a Speed Force Freeze Pursuit, featuring the CyborgCopter, Killer Frost’s Ice Car, 4 minifigures, buildable blue Energy Infuser and Power Burst elements. Dash with The Flash to catch Reverse Flash and match the awesome CyborgCopter against Killer Frost’s Ice Car, with this LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Speed Force Freeze Pursuit set. The CyborgCopter has a net shooter and detachable weapons that double as minifigure weapons, while the Ice Car features an adjustable bulldozer blade and 2 stud shooters. This superhero toy for kids includes the buildable blue Energy Infuser, 4 minifigures and assorted translucent-ice-blue Power Burst elements to customize your builds and minifigures. • Includes 4 minifigures: The Flash, Reverse Flash, Cyborg and Killer Frost. • CyborgCopter features an opening minifigure cockpit, rotor blade, net shooter, detachable dual stud shooter and detachable...
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