Magic Made Easy


Marvin's Amazing Magic Tricks 1, 2  or 3
Marvin's Amazing Magic Tricks 1, 2 or 3
A Charming and colourful collection of tricksfrom the Magic Made Easy series. Three different sets each includes 25 exciting and entertaining magic tricks for youngsters to collect. For magicians aged 6 upwards. Set 1 Includes: The Impossible Snapper Puzzle, The Amazing Cascading Dice Illusion, Appearing Magic Wands, Plush much more. Set 2 Includes: The Astounding Mind Reading Canisters, Marvin's Magic Mystery Cards, The Incredible Quick Change Money Box, Plus much more. Set 3 Includes: The Mysterious Pendulum Prediction, The Houdini Escaping Coin, Magic Tel-A-Vision, Plush much more.
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