Boswells Blog - May 2015

25th May 2015

Buy a gift for you!

Buy a gift for you!

I work in the Gifts Department here at Boswells and I hear the same thing said time and again. " I'm buying this for myself but I shouldn't really" or " I wish I could buy this for myself" when getting that birthday, anniversary, leaving present for someone else. So why is it we feel like that?

Most of us spend more time working than we do in our own homes. So I think it's only right that we use our hard earned money to treat ourselves!

Handmade chocolatesWho says that a box of scrummy handmade chocolates has to be a gift for someone else and not just something to make us smile? Not saying that should be an everyday treat mind. 

Treat yourself to a nice pen for letter writing to family and friends. Then it is a gift  that encourages a very personal form of communication too.

See our Shaeffer pens here


cufflinks display

Looking smart on a night out is also a real confidence boost so a gift to yourself of a nice pair of cufflinks for you men out there or for women earings or a brooch.

See our cufflinks here

See our Espree Jewellery here

lanternsWe find that homewares are already products that people generally feel more comfortable buying things for themselves because it is for "the home", but try buying something purely decorative that acts as a reminder that you deserve pretty or stylish things. Or if buying something practical like lanterns for the garden then choose something that shouts you!

Buying yourself a gift doesn't have to cost a lot of course. Sometimes just a decorative pack of tissues for your handbag rather than boring old white can be a nice reminder even when that's blowing your nose or wiping a child's face.

I think that anything that makes us smile, no matter what we have bought ourselves is money well spent. Yes it is a pleasure when others think of us on those special occasions or as a surprise but we can (and should) think of ourselves too. So come on Oxford. Stand up and be counted and "Buy a Gift For You"!

20th May 2015

Everyday Essentials For Every Young Lady

Everyday Essentials For Every Young Lady

Whether you’re a busy professional or studying, here’s what we think you need.


You never know when your best idea is going to come to you, so it’s always worth having a notepad with you and this Japanese Lacquer Box Shidare Ultra Notebook is a little bit special. Lacquered using the Maki-e tradition in tree sap, this is far more stylish than tapping notes on your phone.


Despite the fact summer isn’t far away, living in the UK means that there is always the chance of rain so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. we’ve got a huge selection of different umbrellas, from compact to golf neon pink to black, we’re sure that you will find an umbrella you love. One of our favourites is this Minilight 2 Poppy Bloom Umbrella from Fulton with its great pattern and the ability to easily fit in in a handbag.

Hand Cream

Sometimes we forget about caring for our hands, but considering how much we use them every day it’s important to give them some love. This Dead Sea Magik hand cream will effectively soften and re-hydrate dry, sore or chapped hands.

Water Bottle

We’ve highlighted the importance of keeping in our Everyday Essentials for Young Men blog post and in our Winter Skin Care post, and we’re going to tell you again here. Drinking water throughout the day has many benefits from keeping skin healthy to keeping your energy levels up. Your body is 70% water, so help it stay like that with the bobble bottles. With a built-in filter system these really are an everyday essential and they look great too.


The sun is shining, the weather is getting warm, and your summer wardrobe is sorted. All you need now is the perfect practical accessories, and this year we’ve got you covered with our great range of stylish sunglasses. Whether you have enjoy the look of the classic aviators, or you’re a fan of the more modern syles like these wooden arm glasses, we’ve got you covered.

BagHealthy Bag

Now you’ve got your essentials you’re going to need a way to carry them all in style and in comfort. You could go for a Healthy Bags which is designed to to help your spine by spreading the weight across your body. We also have a great range of fashionable handbags and bigger holdalls if you’re going away for a few days.


Armed with your new bag full of Everyday Essentials, you’re now ready to face the world. Don’t forget to check out our Everyday Essentials for the Commuter blog post too.