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18th April 2018

Discover this Great New Game, Bears vs Babies!

Discover this Great New Game, Bears vs Babies!

“It's all about building amazing monsters, eating delicious babies and destroying the competition!”

Bears vs BabiesFrom the fantastically furry box to the amazing card artwork Bears Vs Babies is very much a part of the Exploding Kittens universe – random and raucous fun that’s open to everyone.

If you’re a first-time player, you can start by using the brilliant step by step tutorial to guide you through the process of building your own monsters ready to battle against one of the three baby armies.

Bears vs BabiesOnce you’ve got the hang on the basics more advanced cards are introduced raising the strategy, and hilarity, contained within. Do you focus on the Land army or do you make sure you can battle Sea and Air as well? Do you conceal your monster identity with a ninja mask ready to strike? when should you use the powerful, yet highly vulnerable, rainbow bear heads?

If all of this sounds just a little silly, it most definitely is, but that’s where the fun lies. Imagine the world where poor defenceless monsters are overrun by provoked armies of babies without laughing out loud and you’re doing better than any of my family did over the weekend.

I would highly recommend this game to everyone who’s after having a good chuckle whilst playing a family-friendly, highly-strategic (if utterly bizarre) party game.