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21st August 2018

Meet the New LEGO® Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Sets and Minifigures!

Meet the New LEGO® Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts Sets and Minifigures!

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

Every summer LEGO® releases a new wave of sets in various themes. The LEGO City line is inviting you to explore the arctic as researchers, uncovering prehistoric animals, while the 3 in 1 Creator sets range from a roller coaster to a skate house! But, more unusual, is the return of one of LEGO’s old themes: Harry Potter! First released in 2001, the theme was shelved after the last film came out, around 2012.

Yet, with the Fantastic Beasts franchise set to return us to the wizarding world (and Hogwarts as seen in trailers) this November, LEGO has decided to release some new magical sets. The range is comprised of eight sets based on the Harry Potter films and two based on the Fantastic Beasts films.

LEGO® Hogwarts Great Hall 75954

The largest set released in the Summer wave is The Great Hall. A staple of Hogwarts architecture, the great hall featured prominently in the Harry Potter films. This is where Gryffindor won the house cup, the place where the goblet of fire stood, where every school year began and ended, accompanied by a large feast.

This massive set is packed with nods to multiple films such as the mirror of Erised, a rowing boat, the sorting hat, Fawkes the phoenix and many more. The set includes a whopping 10 minifigures, including many of the staff and pupils. Personal favourites would have to be Sir Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor ghost with silvery printing, and an adorable Hagrid who comes complete with his pink umbrella.

                          LEGO Harry Potter Great Hall Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953

Was the great hall not enough? Does your Hogwarts layout need more parapets? LEGO thought you might, and here is their solution. Able to be added to the great hall as an expansion or perfectly fine as a smaller Hogwarts, this set is deceptive in its name. The Whomping Willow makes its first appearance in LEGO but also included is the ford Anglia of the second film. This, added with a driveway and scene accurate clothing printed on Harry and Ron, points towards the set being based on the beginning of the second film where the flying car crashes into the magical, moving willow tree.

The titular tree is also built with a mechanism that swings the trees branches, which are also capable of clutching the car, brilliantly recreating the scene. Of the six minifigures included, Filtch the caretaker has to be my favourite for the hilarious hairpiece used to make him balding!

           LEGO Harry Potter Whomping Willow Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Quidditch Match 75956

Quidditch, the wizarding sport, even played here in Oxford, may not have been as present in the films as in the books but it is still prominent in people’s recollections of the series.

This fast-paced game on brooms is brilliantly recreated here by the various balls that can be launched from the ground, Flint’s black broom, and the unique piece that LEGO created especially for the coveted golden snitch. Each house is represented by a stand, with the Hufflepuff stand providing a scoring system to keep track of points. Six minifigures are included in the set and Marcus Flint stands out to me thanks to his goofy evil smirk.

                     LEGO Harry Potter Qudditch Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Aragog’s Lair 75950

Looking for a smaller bite sized chunk of Harry Potter LEGO? Then Aragog’s Lair is the set for you. The spider is a fantastic design and its new printed eyes make it that much more believable. An additional five smaller, and even more realistic, spiders are included in this set. …Perhaps keep this one away from those who fear eight legged creepy crawlies!

A tree from the Forbidden Forest is included, with a neat firing web mechanism that can knock over a figure. Speaking of which, two minifigures are included in this set, Ron Weasley and, of course, Harry Potter.

                 LEGO Harry Potter Aragog's Lair Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Hogwarts Express 75955 

Every now and then LEGO releases steam trains and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint: The Hogwarts Express. The fleshed-out engine is perfectly detailed, even using technic pieces as working driving rods on the three wheels on each side. A coal tender is included, which also functions as storage for the suitcases included in this set, while a passenger car has seats for four figures (although I’m sure more can be stuffed in).

Not only is there a train, but also a platform—complete with a bridge, which is detailed with a clock. The figure selection is also desirable, the dementor gliding on its mist for legs being the highlight of the six.

              LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Newt’s Case of Magical Creatures 75952

Fans of the newer Fantastic Beasts films will be pleased to know that LEGO has also created two sets especially for you!

The first film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, centred around Newt and his magical “Mary Poppinsesque” case full of wonderous magical animals. The designers for this set had the ingenious idea of having the various living quarters of the creature’s fold in and transform into a suitcase.

All the major creatures are included here, from the rhino like Erumpant to the tiny gold hungry Niffler. All four major protagonists are present in minifigure form, with special mention here for Kowalski, the charming muggle dressed up in rugby gear as protection from the Erumpant.

                  LEGO Harry Potter Newt's Magical Case Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Grindlewald’s Escape 75951

Although the second instalment of the Fantastic Beasts films is yet to be released, LEGO has given us one set depicting the villain Grindlewald using a thestral drawn carriage escaping the American minister for magic; Seraphina Picquery.

Based on a scene featured in the trailers, the set comes with a brilliant new thestral with new dual coloured wings. The figures are also equipped with power blasters which can be launched when pressed.

                         LEGO Harry Potter Grindelwald Escape Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Harry Potter Brickheadz

Under LEGO’s relatively new line, Brickheadz, three more Harry Potter sets have been released: Harry Potter & Hedwig (41615), Hermione Granger (41616) and Ron Weasley & Albus Dumbledore (41621).

These miniature figurines are highly collectable and each set has unique printed bricks. The characters have all been seamlessly translated into the quirky Brickheadz style and a cute little Headwig even comes with Harry Potter!

LEGO Harry Potter and Hedwig Image      LEGO Harry Potter Hermione Image      LEGO Harry Potter Ron and Dumbledore Image

Images ©2018 the LEGO® Group

LEGO® Harry Potter Minfigures 71022

Last, but certainly not least, LEGO has released a Harry Potter series of collectible minifigures.

Each minifigure is packaged in a blind bag and there are a range of 22 figures to collect, six of which are from Fantastic Beasts. The range of figures is huge and includes the leads of each franchise, Harry and Newt, as well as more obscure characters like Credence and Cho Chang. Each figure comes with a plethora of accessories, from the pets of our three heroes to more interesting pieces like a book with a sock inside for Dobby or a screaming mandrake plant for Neville. All but three of the figures comes packed with a set of two wands so you can have fun making magical duels between your figures.

                         LEGO Harry Potter Minifigures Image

Image ©2018 the LEGO® Group

Overall this brand-new wave is sure to have something to fill everyone’s Wizarding world needs. Whether it’s a Hogwarts castle, a Brickheadz Hermione, a magical suitcase like Newt or a minifigure of Professor Trelawney, there’s sure to be something for you in Boswells’ Toy Department.

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14th September 2016

LEGO® Minifigures Series 16 Has Arrived!

LEGO® Minifigures Series 16 Has Arrived!

Summer is over and it’s back to school for some, yet September also symbolises the release of more LEGO®, the most exciting of which is the brand new batch of collectable Minifigures, Series 16! A return to the standard formula after the last wave of Disney themed figures, Series 16 offers 16 original LEGO creations to collect, each individually wrapped in a yellow packet. From fairy-tale to sci-fi, there’s bound to be one for you…

Banana Guy Image

Banana Guy

Starting off the collection is what I would deem to be one of the most popular figures released to date, the Banana Guy. The main attraction is the new banana piece, making him similar to the Hot Dog Suit Guy from series 13. Perhaps they are the perfect pair?

Desert Warrior

Desert Warrior

With Disney still on the mind this guy looks like he’s walked out of the world of Aladdin with his green Turban and his large black sabre, a piece I don’t remember seeing used since the 2003 Orient Expedition theme.

Penguin Boy Image

Penguin Boy

This adorable little figure is the next in the so called mascot series: those figures that are dressed up as animals. This figure not only comes with a new head, but also a pair of skates. Also note that his arms have been replaced with flippers.

Ice Queen Image


Ice Queen

This figure is pretty impressive, with an array of pieces from a frozen tiara to blades of ice that she can hold. The most unique accessory is her jagged edged, silver dotted cape, which finishes off the imposing figure.

Spy Image



Start singing the Mission Impossible theme ‘cause this stealthy figure is ready to break in and out of any LEGO building. Equipped with goggles and a length of rope, this figure will never be caught on the job!

 Hiker Image


With a slightly more relaxing pastime than the spy, the Hiker has been given a map and compass, both of which feature unique printing, so he should never get lost. He comes with a brilliant double sided head with one face looking super pleased but the other looking a little lost.

Kickboxer Image




This fighter is highly detailed, with impressive printing to create shorts and shoes. The red gloves are brilliant combined with the helmet, and she even comes with a normal hair piece for after those fights, which must be tough seeing as she has a bead of sweat on her double sided face…

Spooky Boy

Spooky boy

The male counterpart to the Spooky Girl, this kid looks a little confused for some reason. He appears to be a vampire, as a fang is poking out of his mouth. He isn’t short of accessories, with both a spider and a spooky tales book in hand.

Rogue Image



This hooded archer is quite the fig. Sporting a bow and arrow, this green and brown clad warrior hides a nod to classic castle themes with a wolf pack broach. The new hood piece completes the figure.

Cyborg Images


Quite the striking character, the Cyborg has green and silver printing to represent computer circuits that have replaced part of her body. The printing is complimented by the striking blue hair piece and she is bulked up with an armour chest piece and a gun, giving her all she needs for combat.

Cute Little Devil Image


Cute Little Devil

This figure is already dressed up for Halloween and he even has a pumpkin bucket to collect those sweets. A plethora of pieces come in this packet, from tail piece to pitchfork.

Dog Show Winner Image


Dog Show Winner

Any Terrier fans out there? It seems LEGO picked up on the dog’s success at Crufts this year, for now you can buy the first ever Scottish Terrier dog. Don’t forget he comes with a trophy. Oh! And the proud owner (or possibly judge) who even has a treat in his pocket for the 1st prize winner.

Scallywag Pirate ImageScallywag Pirate

This pirate harks back to the popular classic theme with his garish colours and classic sword. But now the pirate has a modern twist, with the new bald head/bandanna piece. Speaking of new, that map he comes with has a brand new design which must mean a new lot of treasure to find. X marks the spot!

Babysitter ImageBabysitter

With the 1st LEGO baby being made earlier this year it was only a matter of time before LEGO released another baby. This time he comes with an adorable blue bib, complete with a tiny elephant design. The Babysitter herself has a great pug design on her shirt and her hair is quite a rare piece. Well worth picking this one up for the baby alone, who also comes with a blue bottle.

Wildlife Photographer ImageWildlife Photographer

A personal favourite of mine, this figure comes set up in her arctic gear with a camera at the ready to take pictures of what is the first LEGO penguin (excluding Duplo). The penguin is adorable and goes great with the Penguin Boy from earlier. It even has a stud on its back so other figures can ride it, but you’ll need a stand to stop them from falling over!

Mariachi ImageMariachi

Last but not least is the Mariachi in his ornately detailed black suit, highlighted with intricate silver symbols. His hat and moustache create an authentic Mexican feel, but the best piece has to be his guitar (a brand new piece), which is perfect in every way.

This series has a great variety of figures, which have just been released. Find them in store or online in the little yellow blind bags. Good luck finding your favourite figure!

22nd June 2016

A Review of the New Summer LEGO® Sets

A Review of the New Summer LEGO® Sets

With Summer finally here we're gifted with not only a much needed heat wave but also with a new wave of Summer LEGO® sets. From City to Star Wars there’s a whole new batch of LEGO now available at Boswells! Here are some of the highlights from James our in store Lego expert :


Mixels series 8 has arrived, with nine new creations for you to snatch up. With the toothbrush wielding, bow tie wearing Tuth and the grey banana-horned Surgeo (with a menacing neon green needle), the Medix trio are my favourites because of the interesting selection of parts.

       Mixels Medix Trio Image

Collectible Minifigures

LEGO Minifigures Disney ImageAlice ImageA special new release is in store this season as Disney’s most famous characters are brought to life with LEGO Minifigures. Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy are all brilliantly captured in Minifigure form.

Other notable standouts are Buzz from Toy Story, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and Alice from Alice in Wonderland—she even comes with a drink me bottle and an eat me biscuit!


LEGO Fun in the Park ImageLEGO City has begun to delve into Volcano sets, but their most interesting recent release is actually the Fun in the Park City People Pack, which includes a mixture of Minifigures and some playground and park accessories. The highlights of this set have to be the adorable baby and the new wheelchair piece.

Nexo Knights

Minifigure Image

LEGO Nexo Image

Speaking of volcanoes, LEGO’s new Nexo Knights theme is now onto its second wave of sets, the largest and most prominent of which is Jestro’s Volcano LairThe playset is packed with details such as a flying throne, a trap hole and the great lava falls that are concealing a hidden chest.


LEGO Friends Image

LEGO Friends has taken an unexpected, but much welcomed, turn with its latest range, which are all based on theme park rides. The flagship setAmusement Park Roller Coasterlooks amazing with its rollercoaster, Ferris wheel and other theme park builds. All the rides have a space theme and the set includes many interesting transparent parts, making it not only great to play with but also visually stunning to display.



LEGO Batman ImageNananananananananananananananana BATMAN!
The Batcave is back, and in its biggest version yet. This huge build, and its nine Minifigures, are all based on the 60’s Batman TV show, featuring some great new figure varients such as Batman (with his eyebrows drawn on his cowl) and the Joker (whose moustache is visible through his white paint). The set includes a plethora of bat vehicles, such as the iconic Batmobile, a fleshed out Batcave and a section of Wayne manor—complete with hidden poles for batman and Robin to slide down!


Lego Juniors Lex Luthor ImageFrom the huge to the slightly smaller sets, LEGO Juniors has been reinvigorated with a new bunch of sets for those toddlers who have outgrown Duplo® but aren’t quite ready for a full set with complex instructions and builds. Batman and Superman vs Lex Luthor is a great set with all the main characters, interesting vehicles and a little Batcave that’s complete with batarangs, batphone and a bat. Click here for the full review of this set.

LEGO Vader's TIE Image

Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars has a new line up of vehicles to construct, including the Turbo Tank from the films and the Star Scavenger and Eclipse Fighter based on the new The Freemaker Adventures TV series. The best value for money, though, has to be Vader’s TIE Advanced vs. A-Wing Starfighter set. Featuring two iconic vehicles from the films and the best villain of the franchise, this set is sure to be a hit. 

The sets above are all fantastic but they only represent a small portion of what has recently come out, not to mention the many other sets we have on our shelves. Remember to check out other themes with new offerings such as Creator, Technic, Disney Princess, Minecraft, Ninjago, Elves and Duplo®!

22nd February 2016

LEGO® The Big Bang Theory

LEGO® The Big Bang Theory

James in our Toy Department has the rundown on LEGO®'s most recent Ideas release: The Big Bang Theory!

LEGO Big Bang Theory Set Review

As a new set with wide appeal, LEGO® Ideas The Big Bang Theory is sure to bring a smile to the face of every fan of the comedy programme we have all grown to love. Even if you’ve never bought a LEGO set in your life there's a lot of detail, as well as a lot of references, in this playset that are sure to make you gasp with glee as you recall the hilarious origins from the show.

The Minifigures

The set includes seven Minifigures (highly unusual for a set of this size) with all of the main cast members present.

Sheldon ImageSheldon

First up is Sheldon; the character the show tends to focus on. The best part of this Minifigure has to be the torso, which accurately features a long-sleeved blue shirt under one of his trademark t-shirts, this one with the highly recognisable flash logo. The head is double sided, as with all of the figures, showing Sheldon’s grin, which I would venture to say is based on his unsettling fake smile.

Amy Image


Amy is one of the most accurate representations in this set; her usual, quirky fashion sense captured nicely with the printed cardigan. She also has another face with a slight grin that reflects the character well.

Leonard Image



Next up is Leonard (wearing the same outfit he wore when he proposed), whose simple design is effective in pulling off the look of the character. Some nice touches are the hood printed on his back and his alternate face with a disgruntled expression, usually displayed to Sheldon.

Penny Image


Penny, next door neighbour to the boys, is also here. With long blonde hair and a pink shirt she closely resembles her on screen counterpart. And, although she smiles most of the time, this LEGO Penny is equipped with a sneer that suggests she doesn’t quite understand something, such as the card game: Mystic Warlords of Ka'ah.

Howard Image



Another great figure in the set is Howard. Not only does he sport a new hair piece, but the Minifigure also features printed sideburns. Best of all is the printed belt, another recurring feature of the show, which resembles a retro gaming controller. Overall this is a great Minifigure.



From the star necklace she always wears to the colourful floral clothes, Bernadette is, in my opinion, the best and most accurate of all of the Minifigures in this set. She even comes with a harsh angry face, which perfectly portrays her angry side.


Raj ImageRaj

Last, and by no means least, is Raj. With great printing, and even his dog Cinnamon (though not the right breed it’s still a nice touch), Raj is a fantastic Minifigure. The icing on the cake has to be his second face which shows him lost for words.

The Set

The build itself depicts a corner of Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, with all the features found on the set meticulously recreated in LEGO form to be played and displayed with. The sofa and armchair are included, as well as an additional black chair, which can either represent the director’s chair or can be used to sit an extra figure in.

LEGO The Big Bang Theory Image

Shelves Image

Leonard and Sheldon’s bookshelves are also featured, complete with books and an interesting array of items: from various globes to the iconic green lantern power battery. Four mini-dolls are included to represent action figures, as well as printed Chinese takeaway boxes, a newspaper, a mug for hot beverages, a white board complete with lipstick pens, and a full set of cutlery (even saucepans and spatulas!).

DNA Image

The DNA spiral is striking, and the walls are covered with paintings and posters that are all screen accurate which, along with the brick built carpet, gives the set a pleasant techni-colour scheme. But, the highlight of the room has to be what’s printed on the white board: a reference to the episode “The Bozeman Reaction,” in which Sheldon plays Pictionary with Penny and a sleeping Leonard.The board is a nice puzzle for fans to work out.

Also note that, as a LEGO Ideas set, the box and instructions are of a far better quality than normal, and the instruction book even has a little info on the show and the set’s creators!

Final Verdict

As a fan of both LEGO and The Big Bang Theory I was thrilled when this set was announced and snapped mine up quickly. As a LEGO Ideas set it is one of a kind, being the only Big Bang Theory set, making all of the Minifigures in this set exclusive.
Pick up yours in store or online today!

Also check out the other LEGO Ideas sets, such as LEGO Doctor Who!
Click here to read the review of LEGO Ideas Doctor Who.

3rd February 2016

Get To Know LEGO®'s Newest Minifigure Arrivals

Get To Know LEGO®'s Newest Minifigure Arrivals

We're excited to say that the latest LEGO® Minifigures are here! To celebrate, and to kick-start your collection, James in our Toy department has put together all the must know information on the newest little LEGO folk.

The next series in LEGO®’s hugely popular Minifigure lineseries 15 is out and with it comes a plethora of inventive and exciting new characters to collect. This time the LEGO group has gone with a more general theme, having previously done The Simpsons and Halloween themes. With Series 15 we are treated to a wide range of figures from Astronaut to Animal Control Officer. Each minifigure is sold separately in a blind bag, with a total of 16 to collect.

The Farmer Image


The first figure in the series is the Farmer: a great figure with boots, an overall, a hat and a pitchfork. But best of all is the brown spotted pig, who not only fits on studded baseplates, it also has a stud on top to allow a Minifigure to sit on him!


Resembling the classic Space Minifigures from the 1980’s, the Astronaut comes well equipped for space with his oxygen tanks, helmet and gold tinted visor. LEGO fans will recognise the classic space logo printed on his flag.

Frightening Knight Image


Frightening Knight

Printed from head to toe in green robes and wielding his morning star weapon, this knight is truly terrifying. From the thick helmet and spiked shoulder gear, to the red-eyed bear on his shield, you can tell he is a knight to be reckoned with.

Clumsy Guy ImageClumsy Guy

This is a great, unique figure that will fit into any LEGO theme, from City to Superhero. The poor guy has had a pretty large accident and now has a set of crutches, a head bandage and even a signed leg cast. Perhaps his t-shirt is indicating the cause of the accident? That’s for you to decide!

Tribal WomanTribal Woman Image

This highly detailed figure has very ornate clothing, with tassels printed on her legs, arms and torso, as well as a rare hairpiece with detachable feathers. But that is nothing compared to the first LEGO baby in history! Not only is a Minifigure able to hold the baby, but you can also attach the baby to the figure's back.

Flying Warrior Image

Flying Warrior

This Minifigure appears to be entirely gold coloured, and is going to be highly sought after as a result. Aside from the head and the arms the rest of the pieces are pearl gold: from the wings and the spear to the chest plate and the head gear.

FaunFaun Image

This figure resembles Mr Tumnus thanks to the new legs piece (or should that be hoofs piece) as well as the head piece, which features ears and horns sticking out of messy hair. The inclusion of a flute is a nice touch, as is the torso printing, which shows tufts of fur coming from the legs.

Animal Control Officer Image

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control figure isn’t too special, although the skunk badge on her arm is cute and her trousers include side printing, but it's the skunk and net that are the main attractions. The skunk is a brand new piece with white printing and a fluffy tail that really sets it off.

The JanitorJanitor Image

This figure will look great in any LEGO City setting and is a representation of a stereotypical janitor, complete with blue suit and cap. The moustache is highly appropriate and the new mop head is a great mould that would look good in the hands of the 11th Doctor from the Doctor Who set.

Ballerina Image


Sure to be a hit with aspiring dancers, the ballerina comes with a new tutu and perfect detailing; from the criss-cross ribbons of the shoes to the silver flower hair pins in the tied up bun.

Laser Mech Image

Laser Mech

This is the evil counterpart to the orange and white Mech from Series 9, but there’s more than just a change in the colour scheme. This figure has a set of transparent blue and black wings, not to mention a cool dual moulded blue blade. Topped off with both a chest piece and a helmet, there are plenty of pieces to this figure. Not to mention the ‘Tron’ like printing hidden underneath.

Kendo Fighter

Kendo Fighter

Equipped with dual Katanas and blue protective armour, the Kendo fighter is an interesting character based on the Japanese martial art, Kendo, which uses bamboo swords. As well as providing fun perhaps this figure will be educational to those who did not previously know about this fighting style, such as myself.

Shark Suit GuyShark Suit Guy

The next in the line of Minifigures in costume, the shark guy is sure to be a hit thanks to the large head piece, complete with fin and tail. The Minifigure may not seem too happy in the picture, but he comes with a double sided face that has a far happier expression.

Wrestling Champion Image

Wrestling Champion

Seemingly based on WWE wrestlers, with his large belt, the wrestling champion comes with shaggy hair and a gold cup to show he really is the champion.

Jewel ThiefJewel Thief Image

This figure brings to mind the DC Superheroes villainess Catwoman, and features a black mask with a suit to match. The accessories are fun, the harpoon gun being a favourite of mine, and the diamond is the quintessential jewel for the thief to steal.

The QueenQueen Image

Last, but certainly not least, is The Queen. A unique figure in many ways, but most unique of all is her new dress piece, which accurately portrays the medieval style. The large two piece cloth robe helps tie her in with the series 13 king.

So which Minifigure do you want most? Series 15 is now available in store and online! And if you need a place to play with your figures, how about the LEGO Creator 31050: Corner Deli? Or you could take a browse through our LEGO collections for ideas for fun sets to treat your latest Minifigures to! Enjoy!

8th September 2015

Lego® Minifigures are Turning Monstrous

Lego® Minifigures are Turning Monstrous

With the exciting release of Lego®'s latest Minifigures Series 14 Monsters, James in our toy department has put together this handy guide to all of the monstrous lego new arrivals. 

With the summer holidays now behind us and Halloween on the horizon, Lego® has released its next wave in the minifigures series—series 14—named ‘Monsters’. Sold individually, in blind bags, there are 16 to collect with each of the figures being more detailed than those in previous series due to not only a selection of brand new pieces exclusive to this set, (such as the Fly monster head piece) but also the new dual colour moulding present on most of the figures, which can create the effect of shirts, shorts and shoes


Werewolf Minifigure

The first minifigure of the series is the Werewolf. As mentioned earlier this figure features dual colour moulding on the legs to create the ripped trousers effect, and has side printing—a fairly new method of detailing, not found on many of the older minifigures. The head mould is a brand new piece which displays a snarling wolf head. A tail piece and bone accessory finishes off the figure.

Zombie Pirate

Zombie Pirate Minifigure

This figure is very striking due to the peg leg, hook, beard and cutlass, all attributes of a classic pirate. The twist for this figure is that he's a zombie, as shown by the grey head and the amusing variation of the skull and cross bones on his hat.

Crazy Scientist Minifigure

Crazy scientist

This figure takes full advantage of the new dual moulding technique to create a striking black and white suit, but not as striking as the new elongated head piece with goggles. The accessory he holds is a purple conical flask with a fly that may be in reference to the fly monster later in the series…

Fly Monster

Fly Monster MinifigureThe fly monster is fairly simple but effective and its defining feature is the huge head made exclusively for this figure. The inclusion of the red claw and translucent wings really set the figure off, resulting in possibly the most striking minifigure in the series.

Wacky Witch

Wacky With Minifigure

This figure truly captures the definitive witch with a broom, black cat and brand new hat. The sewn patches printed all around the torso and arms and the black and white striped leggings hidden under the fabric skirt ice touches.


Plant Monster

Plant Monster MinifigureMy favourite figure of the series, the plant monster, is reminiscent of the plant from the film and musical: Little Shop of Horrors. The unique plant-head mould is placed over the comical head of a scared minifigure which the plant has devoured. The figure is completed by the two vine pieces that the figure holds, and the torso and legs, which are covered with spikey vines.


Spectre Minifigure

Utilizing the new leg mould recently found in the new Ninjago sets to great effect, this friendly ghost is similar to Casper. The grey hood, tattered cloak and chain all work nicely but the standout element of the figure has to be the head that glows in the dark!

Zombie Cheerleader

Zombie CheerleaderAlthough zombies aren’t known for spreading cheer, Lego has gone ahead and made the zombie cheerleader, which comes with two green and white pom-poms and an outfit to match. The hair is also new and exclusive to this figure with a small hole on the top to add accessories found in the Lego friends collection, such as bows or tiaras.

Tiger Woman

Tiger Woman Minifigure

This figure is highly detailed with printing on almost all surfaces. The ears poking from the new hairpiece are a nice touch and the figure is finished with a black whip. The figure resembles the DC comic’s villainess Cheetah, an enemy to Wonder Woman, and would make a great addition to your DC sets.This figure is highly detailed with printing on almost all surfaces. The figure comes with a unique tail which is not obvious from promotional images.


Gargoyle Minifigure

The only short legged minifigure of the series, the gargoyle is made with two new pieces. The first is the helmet which gives the figure large ears and horns. The second is the pair of wings attached at the neck. This figure brings to mind the many gargoyles found on the edges of buildings in Oxford and would make a great gift for those teaching in or visiting Oxford.


Skeleton Guy

Skeleton Guy Minifigures
Although this figure resembles a skeleton you can see it is a normal yellow minifigure in costume, out trick or treating with a pumpkin basket in hand as indicated by the string running round the head and the yellow visible through the eye holes. The figure has printing on all surfaces, as the pattern is also printed on the back.

Monster Rocker 

Monster Rocker MinifigureA fun variation of Frankenstein’s monster, this figure is equipped with a guitar and a shirt with the slogan ‘Shock and Roll’ on the back. The arms feature the new dual printing to create the impression of a t-shirt and the head is enlarged by a special piece which is placed on top of a normal figure's head.

Zombie Businessman

With a tattered suit and broken glasses the zombie business man looks more interested in eating than working, and his diet is hinted at by a uniquely printed newspaper: the zombie Zombie Business Mantimes. The suitcase opens and the hair piece is exclusive to this figure, making it a fun and valuable acquisition.


Banshee Minifigure

The banshee is an amazing figure as thanks to the translucent hair piece and leg piece she is truly ghostly. The expression on her face is perfect and the tattered dress on the torso is fitting, creating a highly unique character.

Square Foot

Square Foot Minifigure

Square foot, known as big foot to us, has a huge headpiece that goes all the way down to his torso. The grooves give the impression of heaped hair which makes him taller than normal figures, and the printed toes add to the scale of the figure. The camera is a nice nod to people trying to photograph big foot.

Spider Lady 

Spider Lady MinifigureThe final minifigure of the series is the spider lady, who is the only figure to be wearing a dress covered in spiders, as represented by the sloping tile. She also comes equipped with a spider to continue the theme, and two capes, which have web printing. Lastly, her hair features a spider’s web printed on the side, completing the spider theme.


Where to Find These Mini-Monsters

The Lego minifigures monsters have also been released at the same time as the Scooby Doo sets which feature their own ghosts and ghouls. This gives you the opportunity to add more fiendish foes for Scooby and the gang to investigate.

So try your luck in store or online with one of the blind bags, or if you ask a member of staff we may be able to feel for the minifigures you want.

Lego minifigure bags are available in store and online and cost £2.49 each