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16th June 2015

The Free Ruskin Theatre Platforms

The Free Ruskin Theatre Platforms

Oxford is a busy place for literary and theatrical events. Many of us wish we took up more of these opportunities, so Rosie in our Pharmacy shows us a good way to start.

Hearing the sad news of Ron Moody’s death reminded me of the time I met him, at the Oxford Literary Festival a few years ago. He was promoting his autobiography and interspersed his talk with snatches of songs from “Oliver”. A rare treat and Oxford is one of the few cities outside of London that we get these opportunities more regularly than most.

Another famous writer I enjoyed meeting was Mark Haddon. This was at Ruskin Theatre Platforms last year. He talked about watching the play of his novel “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime” in Denmark. He knew what was happening but he didn’t understand a word that was spoken as it was a translated version!

Ruskin Theatre Platforms ProgramThe Ruskin Theatre Platforms are exactly the sort of free opportunity that we can all take advantage of. They are run by Ruskin College's Writing For Performance (WFP) initiative in association with the Oxford Playhouse and incredibly John Retallack (a WFP Tutor), encourages all these talented people to donate their time for free! Thanks to that generosity the events themselves are also free to attend. The money raised from donations goes to support the events and the students.

The format is a rehearsed reading of a modern play followed by a chaired discussion with cast and director afterwards. I certainly enjoy the Ruskin Theatre Platforms and how they manage to get such a depth of feeling with only one day of rehearsal is amazing. 

Previous speakers have included: David Edgar, the aforementioned Mark Haddon and the superb actress Maxine Peake who is also the Patron of WFT.

The remaining events this June are:

"Playhouse Creatures" (1997) by April De Angelis at Ruskin on Wednesday June 7th and at the Oxford Playhouse on Friday June 19th. Described as "1669 - a bawdy troublesome year. Theatres have just reopened after years of Puritan suppression, and for the first time, English actresses appear onstage...

"The Lover" (1962) and "Landscape" (1968) by Harold pinter on Wednesday 24th June at Ruskin. Described as "beautifully written...The Lover is the sexiest play I remember seeing on the television" by the Sunday Times and "landscapre is spellbinding" by the Daily Telegraph.

There is normally a second tranch of platforms in the Autumn so it is not over yet...

Everyone is welcome at these FREE events but booking is essential as space is limited. All money raised goes to support more events and students at this well known college. To book Contact

The college is a short bus or cycle ride from Oxford City Centre. Further details can be found on: 

14th June 2015

Make Dad A Hero This Father's Day

Make Dad A Hero This Father's Day

Jen in our Gift's department has observed a few years of Father's Days and is making a special plea this year on behalf of our family heros. 

Father's day CardsI think our Dad's are rather unsung heros. After many years of deserverdly raising the profile of Mothering Sunday we have rather reached the stage that it has swung the other way and poor old Dad normally get's forgotten. However if you are anything like me as an adult in particular it is Dad you turn to when you need help. As a teenager it was Dad sitting outside the night club at three in the morning waiting to take us home. Dad we call to stop the bath tap from dripping in our first home away from home. Or who thinks of providing a set of tools when we leave home with some advice too.

So the very least we can do is buy a Father's Day card, there are many different types to reflect what Dad means to you personally and writing a heartfelt personal message inside can make all the difference.

Or try a gift that reflect's Dad's interests. We have a fantastic range of models and modelling kits for those fascinated by the world of rail, aircraft, ships and cars. There's the traditional Airfix, Revell, Corgi route or try something unusual with our wooden or metal kits.

Decanter SetMany Dad's have developed a refined taste in drinking over the years (to which we may have contributed) so make it an elegant experience with our ranges of glasses, decanters or flasks for being out and about.

Finally Dad's are by definition men and often strangely fond of their shed's and manly gadgets we have many tongue in cheek, but also actually quite useful ways of showing them we understand the need for time communiing with the bits and bobs box.

Man TinSo I wrote recently about standing up and buying "A Gift For You" so let's come together on June 21st and "Make Dad Our Hero"! See our Father's Day Gift Ideas here.


8th June 2015

When the journey gets rough this technology is tough

When the journey gets rough this technology is tough

Boswells humble beginnings back in 1738 were selling luggage to Oxfordians. Mainly academics, but some of our luggage is rumoured to have been included on voyages with Captain Cook in the 18th century. We have always continued that tradition and we pride ourselves not just on good ranges of luggage, but great advice too.

So Peter from our luggage team being a long term admirer of Samsonite is happy to pass on some of his experience here.

"If it the going gets rough, no problem this technology is tough. In fact I liked it so much I bought 13 cases!"

firelight in racing greenThese were for myself and other family and so far those cases have been to Japan 3 times, Germany twice, Centre Parcs and the less exotic, Malmaison Oxford. They have all returned unscathed and the 4 wheels make them dream to drive even over Oxford cobblestones.

Samsonite Curv technology is used on a variety of their cases including the Firelite, and the brand new Lite-Shock ranges that we keep in stock. The smart Racing Green Firelite is shown here.

The technological bit consists of the way the Polypropylene granules are melted together & then literally weaved like fabric to produce a lightweight case that can withstand even the roughest baggage handling at the airport or being dragged around the world's great sites and cities. This also makes them the lightest hardshell you can buy.

Samsonite have produced this 2 minute video which shows both the creation and testing processes which is as they say "quite interesting".

And if you fancy seing just how much punishment a Curv technology case can take then here you go:

Last but defnitely not least especially for those who travel to the USA is the fact that they all come with a T.S A (travel Sentry Approved) lock. This means you can travel with a locked case and all the security that provides whilst smoothly negotiating customs. The US customs staff have special keys that allow them to open T.S.A approved locks whilst leaving your number code alone. Without an approved lock they have been known to cut cases open or cut locks off!

OK, now the hard bit. These cases do cost that little bit extra and that may be over the top for a single weekend away to Brighton, but if you travel annually or more or for long distances then a 10 year warrenty and the peace of mind that these superb cases provide is well worth it.

4th June 2015

Dinosaurs are back in Oxford!

Dinosaurs are back in Oxford!

3.5 tons, around 10 metres long. Large, narrow head with a massive toothless beak. Could move on two or four legs, but was faster on two – up to 15 mph. This is Iguanodon, frequent inhabitant of what is now Oxfordshire, around 125 millions years ago. Thanks to the Oxford Univeristy Museum of Natural History you can admire the reconstruction of it’s skull in our display window on Broad Street!

 “If you ask most people to name a dinosaur, the chances are they would give a North American example such as Tyrannosaurus rex, but the term ‘dinosaur’ was actually invented by a British palaeontologist for fossils found in the UK. Oxford was at the very forefront of these early dinosaur discoveries, and exciting dinosaur research is still going on within the museum collections today.” says Eliza Howlett, Earth Collections Manager of the Museum.

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History collections include over 1,200 dinosaur specimens. Many of them are of great scientific importance. Highlights include the world’s first named dinosaur, Megalosaurus bucklandii, and the world’s first sauropod dinosaur, Cetiosaurus oxoniensis. The collection also includes more recent acquisitions such as Juratyrant langhami, a relative of Tyrannosaurus rex from Dorset, which was purchased in 1992.

A very close relative of Iguanodon is Cumnoria, as both are from the same group of dinosaurs called ornithopods. The Oxford Univeristy Museum of Natural History has its almost complete skeleton, found in Chawley Brick Pits in Cumnor Hurst in 1879. Definitely worth seeing!

Dinosaurs in Oxford

During the Middle Jurassic period England was a very warm part of the world. Warmth and humidity created perfect conditions for vegetation, which was ideal for the existing species of dinosaurs. Oxfordshire was covered by shallow tidal sea with a vast network of small islands and lagoons, which definitely helped in preserving a large number of fossils.

In 19-th century a number of brick pits in and around the city in conjunction with growing scientific interests created a great opportunity for many discoveries to come to light, although many of them took place even earlier. The first known illustration of a dinosaur bone was published in Robert Plot’s book The Natural History of Oxfordshire in 1677.

The bone was found in a limestne quarry near Chipping Norton, and was thought by Plot to be the bone of a giant. Sadly, the specimen itself has never been discovered in the Oxford University collections, but palaeontologists have been able to identify it from the original drawing as part of the thighbone of the carnivorous dinosaur Megalosaurus.

Megalosaurus is in fact the first dinosaur to be scientifically described. The bones were found over a number of years in underground mines at Stonesfield. The most famous specimen, part of a lower jaw, was in the collections of the Oxford Anatomy School at Christchurch in 1797, and was purchased for ten shillings and six pence. Click here to read more.

Also on display in the Museum of Natural History is the skeleton of Eustreptospondylus oxoniensis. The skeleton comes from a young animal, and is the most complete example of Middle Jurassic theropod (carnivorous dinosaur) from anywhere in Europe. The bones were found at Webb’s Brick Pit in Summertown in 1870.


Dinosaurs at Boswells

If you are in the mood for more dinosaurs have a look at our great selection of dinosaur themed toys. Also, don't forget to have a look at our amazing display window with the Iguanadon head from the Natural History Museum. Why did the dinosaur cross the road? Why to get to Boswells of course!

Visit the Museum

Oxford University Museum of Natural History is open daily, 10am - 5 pm, and admission is free. This year, the Museum has been chosen as one of six finalists in the prestigious Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2015. The annual prize, which is widely regarded as the most prestigious award for UK museums, surveys galleries and museums across the UK and selects those which have demonstrated exceptional creativity and ambition over the past twelve months. The winning museum will be announced on 1 July. Good luck! Take a walk through Oxford University Museum of Natural History - watch the video:



main image © Julius Csotonyi

25th May 2015

Buy a gift for you!

Buy a gift for you!

I work in the Gifts Department here at Boswells and I hear the same thing said time and again. " I'm buying this for myself but I shouldn't really" or " I wish I could buy this for myself" when getting that birthday, anniversary, leaving present for someone else. So why is it we feel like that?

Most of us spend more time working than we do in our own homes. So I think it's only right that we use our hard earned money to treat ourselves!

Handmade chocolatesWho says that a box of scrummy handmade chocolates has to be a gift for someone else and not just something to make us smile? Not saying that should be an everyday treat mind. 

Treat yourself to a nice pen for letter writing to family and friends. Then it is a gift  that encourages a very personal form of communication too.

See our Shaeffer pens here


cufflinks display

Looking smart on a night out is also a real confidence boost so a gift to yourself of a nice pair of cufflinks for you men out there or for women earings or a brooch.

See our cufflinks here

See our Espree Jewellery here

lanternsWe find that homewares are already products that people generally feel more comfortable buying things for themselves because it is for "the home", but try buying something purely decorative that acts as a reminder that you deserve pretty or stylish things. Or if buying something practical like lanterns for the garden then choose something that shouts you!

Buying yourself a gift doesn't have to cost a lot of course. Sometimes just a decorative pack of tissues for your handbag rather than boring old white can be a nice reminder even when that's blowing your nose or wiping a child's face.

I think that anything that makes us smile, no matter what we have bought ourselves is money well spent. Yes it is a pleasure when others think of us on those special occasions or as a surprise but we can (and should) think of ourselves too. So come on Oxford. Stand up and be counted and "Buy a Gift For You"!

20th May 2015

Everyday Essentials For Every Young Lady

Everyday Essentials For Every Young Lady

Whether you’re a busy professional or studying, here’s what we think you need.


You never know when your best idea is going to come to you, so it’s always worth having a notepad with you and this Japanese Lacquer Box Shidare Ultra Notebook is a little bit special. Lacquered using the Maki-e tradition in tree sap, this is far more stylish than tapping notes on your phone.


Despite the fact summer isn’t far away, living in the UK means that there is always the chance of rain so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. we’ve got a huge selection of different umbrellas, from compact to golf neon pink to black, we’re sure that you will find an umbrella you love. One of our favourites is this Minilight 2 Poppy Bloom Umbrella from Fulton with its great pattern and the ability to easily fit in in a handbag.

Hand Cream

Sometimes we forget about caring for our hands, but considering how much we use them every day it’s important to give them some love. This Dead Sea Magik hand cream will effectively soften and re-hydrate dry, sore or chapped hands.

Water Bottle

We’ve highlighted the importance of keeping in our Everyday Essentials for Young Men blog post and in our Winter Skin Care post, and we’re going to tell you again here. Drinking water throughout the day has many benefits from keeping skin healthy to keeping your energy levels up. Your body is 70% water, so help it stay like that with the bobble bottles. With a built-in filter system these really are an everyday essential and they look great too.


The sun is shining, the weather is getting warm, and your summer wardrobe is sorted. All you need now is the perfect practical accessories, and this year we’ve got you covered with our great range of stylish sunglasses. Whether you have enjoy the look of the classic aviators, or you’re a fan of the more modern syles like these wooden arm glasses, we’ve got you covered.

BagHealthy Bag

Now you’ve got your essentials you’re going to need a way to carry them all in style and in comfort. You could go for a Healthy Bags which is designed to to help your spine by spreading the weight across your body. We also have a great range of fashionable handbags and bigger holdalls if you’re going away for a few days.


Armed with your new bag full of Everyday Essentials, you’re now ready to face the world. Don’t forget to check out our Everyday Essentials for the Commuter blog post too.

27th April 2015

What's On Around Oxford This May Bank Holiday

What's On Around Oxford This May Bank Holiday

Let's hope the marvellous April weather lasts through the May Bank Holiday weekend, but there's lots of fun to have indoors and out. Let us give you a guide. We just have to start the Bank Holiday a little early with...

The Famous May Day Morning

Mrris Dancers on May Morning 2007This is an experience every Oxfordian should have at least once even with bleary eyes. As the City Council states "May Morning in Oxford is a traditional celebration of the coming of Spring and brings together Oxford's communities to enjoy dancing, singing and revelry from around the city."

You could make a claim that the party starts the night before as some just don't go to bed, but the traditional start is the Magdalen College choir singing Hymnus Eucharisticus from the Great Tower at day break. This year that is a 6am.  Then see a morris dance, hear a concert or have a fry up breakfast.

We recommend the following websites for up to date information and what to do where and when.

The official social media hashtag is #maymorning. 


The Dorchester-on-Thames Festival 

The biennial Dorchester-on-Thames Festival is one of Oxfordshire’s leading Festivals based in the stunning location of Dorchester Abbey. Fun for all the family. It starts on on Friday 1st and ends on Sunday May 10th.

Find out more at


British St Food LogoThe British Street Food Festival

From Friday 1st to Monday 4th the Oxford Castle quarter is hosting the British Street Food Awards Regional Final. That means food of the quality we are used to at the Bitten Oxford Events but for 4 days rather than just one PLUS music and all round fun. Performances are ticketed.

Find out more at


Oxford Artweeks

Oxford Artweeks starts on Saturday! The opportunity for Oxford's artists to show off and hopefull get some sales. A great chance for us to meet the artist, get inspired or buy a piece of art we will always remember. Last but not least a good way to tour the county.

Artweeks 2015 runs for three weeks in May, each with a different regional focus: North Oxfordshire 2nd-10th May, Oxford City 9th-17th May, and South Oxfordshire 16th-25th May. 

Find out more and including a handy interactive map at


The Oxford May Music Festival

Music, Science and the Arts meet in creative harmony - April 29th to May 4th 2015. An extraordnary opportunity to delve into science with the experts and be transported by beautiful music at the same festival. Events are ticketed.

 Find out more at 


Love Oxford Banner

Love Oxford

This Sunday sees an outdoor Christian service on Broad St at 11am. Previous years have seen over 2000 people gather from over 30 churches. So if you are looking for a spiritual way to spend this Sunday this seems like a prime opportunity. After the service drop into Boswells and by showing your programme get a one off 20% discount in the store!  

As the organisers at St Aldates church say "We will be coming together on Sunday 3rd May at 11am for an outdoor church service. This is an amazing opportunity for the churches of Oxford to come together and for their witness of worship and prayer to be seen in the very centre of Oxford. We are praying that this would be a valuable time of unity between Christians but more than this we pray that there will be fruit and ‘great joy in the city’ (Acts 8:8)."

Find out more at or watch a video at

Outdoors with the kids and nature

This isn't meant to be a complete list of everything around Oxford but the following are great activities for a good weather day if you are prepared to venture into the countryside and are looking for some creature interaction.

Millets Falconry Centre

Near Abingdon - Millets Farm Falconry Centre is home to over 80 birds of prey from tiny Owls to huge Eagles. It is the largest attraction of its kind in Oxfordshire. There is something for everyone, here you will not only be able to admire a wide and deserve range of birds of prey but also see what they are capable of and learn how they live in the wild.

This is a ticketed attraction. Find out more at

CrocodileCrocodiles of The World

Near Witney - We've listed this before on guides, because, well its crocodiles silly!  A conservation and education centre that can provide a safe sometimes even hands up experience with these ancient and remarkable creatures.

This is a ticketed attraction. Find out more at

Cogges Manor Farm 

Near Witney - A working farm now run as a heritage centre there are pigs, goats, shetland ponies, chickens and smaller animals like rabbits & guinea pigs for supervised handling. Also has a popular cafe and child friendly climbing frames.

This is a ticketed attraction. Find out more at


What's on at the Museums?

We have a great range of museums and exhibition spaces in Oxford nearly all free so we've gathered up what on this weekend in one place.

The Weston library (formally the New Bodleian) 

Marks Of Genius LogoThis magnificent building on Broad St re-opened with a smashing exhibition called The Marks of Genius showcasing the treasures of the Bodleian Library. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see original works by famous writers such as Shakespeare alongside scientists such as Copernicus, music by Mendelssohn, massively important documents such as the Magna Carta and more. Certainly too many to list here. The exhibition last until September 20th this year, but why wait?

Find out more at

The Museum of the History of Science

Staying on Broad St, as well as the normal exhibition on Alchemy and the Laboratory a collection of painting, prints and manuscripts illuminating the history of science in art there is a special event this weekend called My Memories of Science. Starts Saturday and finishes Sunday.

Come to the museum to learn about amateur science in the past, and to listen to fond memories of science in our everyday lives. Bring along your favourite scientific object, and share your memories with us as we attempt to give life to the long history of amateur science. Led by students from the University of Oxford’s MSc in History of Science, Technology and Medicine.

Find out more at

The Ashmolean Museum

Ashmolean MuseumJust north of Boswells on Beaumont St. Nothing special planned for the Bank Holiday weekend but we can highly recommend the regular Live Friday evening event. This is when the doors are opened between 7pm to 10.30pm for a after hours view of the exhibits with interactive events, workshops and talks. The dining room and cafe are also open.

Find out more at

The current exhibition is Great British Drawings as the Ashmolan says "See the very best of British drawings and watercolours exhibited together for the first time. Great British Drawings showcases more than one hundred works by some of Britain's greatest artists." As the Times says "A treaure chest of gorgeous surprises".

This exhibition finishes on August 31st 2015 and is a ticketed exhibit, standard price £10.

Oxford University Museum of Natural History & The Pitt Rivers Museum

Boyle & HobbesAlso just round the corner from us on Parks Road are the double whammy of amazing and odd items at these complimentary museums. Both provide great entertainment for all ages. The Natural History Museum has a special event admittedly aimed at the adults called Leviathan and the Air-Pump: thirty years on on Friday May 1st 5pm, about the clash of two 17th century intellectual giants, Robert Boyle who was investigating the vacuum and Thomas Hobbes who had some concerns about the whole thing. The event consists of a lecture, discussion and drinks reception. The event is free but registration is recommended.

Find out more at

Not technically on over the Bank Holiday, but of interest to young & old is the Lets' go fly a kite event on Thursday morning & afternoon. Make your own fish kite and test it out on the Museum lawn. No news about whether singing the song from Mary poppins is compulsory. For under 5s, drop-in.

Thursday 7 May, 10.30am-12.30pm and 2-4pm Find out more at

Like the Ashmolean the Pitt Rivers does After Hours Tours on some Fridays, although these are ticketed standard ticket £10. The next tour is this Friday the 1st and the 22nd of May.

Find out more at

Museum of Oxford

In the Town Hall building on St Aldates the museum is working with Artweeks to show with Poseytude Gallery an exhibition of emerging artists and finalists of “Change the World” art competition displaying original contemporary art. Original paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture and mixed media art will be available to view and buy.

Find out More at

The Story Museum

Part of the May Morning celebrations May Morning Munchies is a chance to sample celebrity chef Sophie Grigson's breakfast treats. This is a ticketed event. Standard Price £4.

Find out more at

Although the museum does have the Pheonix Children's Comic Festival 2015 on for the weekend General Entry Tickets are now sold out, just in case you were wondering. Standard exhibits are closed for the weekend too!

17th April 2015

Everyday Essentials for The Young Gent

Everyday Essentials for The Young Gent

Whether you’re a young professional who’s just started his first proper job or you’re still living the student life at university, we think there are some essential every young gent needs. Check them out:

Shaving Cream and Brush

Kent Shaving Brush

There’s no denying that a good razor is key to a close shave, but a proper shaving brush and a high quality shaving cream are in a close second and third place. Using a shaving brush and cream gently exfoliates the skin while getting the cream underneath the hairs for the smoothest possible shave. Some of our favourite cream and brushes come from Kent and Truefitt & Hill, two brands that are very well known and respected in male skin care.


Once you’ve put the effort into looking good it’s time to smell good. Aftershave is a very personal purchase - only you know which smells the best for you - so we’ve got a different ranges in store for you to try, from the fruity scent of the West Indian Limes to the more hearty scents of Sandalwood aftershave balm.

Tablet Case

You’ve finished all of your personal grooming so now it’s time to pack your bags ready for a busy day.

Lots of people take a tablet wherever they go. If you’re one of these people you’ll know how important it is to protect it: a smashed screen can come with a hefty price tag. A case or sleeve will not only protect your tablet but make it a stylish accessory as well. One of our favourites is this Ted Baker Canoe sleeve because of its fashionable tartan design and superb protection.Teb Baker Tablet Case

Shirt Case

If you’re heading away for a few days there’s nothing worse than having to use a tiny hotel iron to get the creases out of your shirt. Skip the hassle and put up to three of your shirts in this stylish shirt case from Gentlemen’s Hardware, the perfect way to transport shirts, crease free.


So you’re ready to leave the house, but don’t forget your wallet, - you probably won’t get far without it! There are many things you need to consider when buying a wallet apart from style: how many card slots does it have? Has it got a change pocket? Is there space for anything else you may need? We think a good all-round wallet is this nice simple Samsonite Attack Billfold Wallet, or if you need lots of internal space the Secrid Twinwallet wallet has plenty of room but is half the size of a normal wallet on the outside.

Water Bottle

Our final item is one that is often forgotten but should never be over looked: the humble water bottle. For a busy young gent, keeping hydrated can help keep skin clear (we’ve talked about the importance of skin hydration in one of our previous blog posts) , can help you stay focused, and can allow you to exercise for longer. Far more environmentally friendly - and cheaper - than regularly buying bottled water, this Wild and Wolf water bottle should always be at your side.Wild and Wolf Bottle


You’re now ready to face the world and you’re looking dapper as you do it! If you want enjoyed this, be sure to check out our Everyday Essentials for the Commuter post, which will give you ideas for making your commute more comfortable.

13th April 2015

Introducing Headway Oxfordshire Our Charity for 2015

Introducing Headway Oxfordshire Our Charity for 2015

Boswells chooses a charity each year via a staff vote and are visited by several charities so we can understand what they do and what support we can give. Naturally the choice is always difficult and this year we were very impressed by Headway Oxfordshire and voted for this worthy cause for April 2015 to April 2016 as our charity. We will be sharing any events or fundraising opportunities with you throughout the year but donation boxes are on all our tills now.

To those of us who do not know anyone with a brain injury or who aren't living with this ourselves Headway Oxfordshire is probably a bit of a mysterious name. To those that have suffered a brain trauma Headway Oxfordshire is hopefully both familiar and a vital lifeline to recovery and adapting to a new life and challenges. So here is some information about their amazing work. Read more about them and find out how you can help at their website

What is a Brain Injury?

Brain injury strikes people of all ages, from all walks of life and in a variety of situations. Damage may be caused through trauma – road, domestic, industrial, sporting accidents, or assaults - or through stroke, tumour, haemorrhage, infections, such as meningitis or encephalitis, or other conditions.

Although it seems obvious, the brain controls everything about us, from breathing to the smallest personality trait … it makes us who and what we are. The consequences of a brain injury are as individual and varied as we are as people.

Brain Injury Diagram

Any combination of the affects (as in the diagram above) can have a profound impact on the lives of the individual, their family and carers. With early intervention and rehabilitation it is possible for individuals to maximise their recovery. However, many will live with the consequences of their injuries for the rest of their lives.

So how does Headway Oxfordshire help?

Headway Oxfordshire provides support to those with Brain Injuries to help both the physical and psychological recovery. Support is provided both immediately after the injury and long term. Long term care often falls to to those closest to the injured party and Headway Oxfordshire also provides support and guidance to carers and vital relief via a Breaks for Carers.


“…92% of all hospitals in the UK fail to provide adequate information following minor head injury. Just 21 of 254 A&E departments across the UK provide the key information as recommended by both the NICE1 and SIGN2 guidelines.” The Health Sciences Research Institute, University of Warwick

Headway Oxfordshire's Community Workers work closely with the JR Hospitals Trust Neuro Science and Neuro ICU wards and the Oxford Centre for Enablement. Visiting injured persons and their family in hospital and in their homes afterwards. Providing clear information and allowing those affected to frame their expectations and hanle sometimes enormous life changes.

“You can’t comprehend how confused and traumatised you are after such a terrible thing happens to your family, and how relieved you are that someone is there to offer you support, hold your hand and guide you through the difficult bits.” 


Headway Oxfordshire provides an Activity and Rehabilitation Centre at Kennington Oxford, under the guidance of professional staff and therapists. Regular activities are aimed at reskilling and up-skilling, improving memory, mobility, co-ordination and social skills. Physio suite

Therapies and activities may include:
• Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
• Brain gym and memory workshops
• IT
• Art and craft therapy
• Music workshops
• Games and quizzes
• Tai chi and Yoga
• Gardening and basic cooking
• Other Practical Tasks 


“The doctors and surgeons saved me but Headway has made me who I am today and I am happy with the person I am now because I am lovely"

The Headway Oxfordshire Community Workers provide advise and support about all areas of adjustment to a sometimes radically altered life or personality. 

• Support to engage with community and leisure activities
• Advice and direct support to engage with other organisations around complex issues (eg housing, money management, lifestyle etc).
• Advice and direct support to utilise transport options to reduce isolation and increase community integration.
• Advice and direct support to prepare for, and engage with, vocational opportunities.
• Ongoing information to assist in adjusting to change, accessing services and opportunities that improve levels of independence and reduce isolation
• The Vocational Community Support Worker provides help and support, at the appropriate time, for individuals wishing to return to work.

Carers Support

“Every time the Headway woman was at the hospital she would come and see me. At that point I was in denial; why is this woman coming to see me – he’s going to go home and everything is going to be alright. Reality doesn’t come into your head, not in that place. Headway really kicked in when he came home and I realised things were not alright at all’

Carers Trip To London 2012The Carers Support Group was set up in 2010 within the Oxford centre, providing peer support, practical information and advice. Community Workers provide outreach support to the whole family: helping the carer access other support and benefits, and helping the family understand the affects of brain injury and come to terms with the changes in their lives.

Through Headway Oxfordshire’s Activity and Rehabilitation Centre, carers are provided with regular breaks throughout the week. In addition, one day a week is specifically for those with a higher level of dependency/profound disability. The “Breaks for Carers” service provides respite opportunities, including day excursions and short holidays for Carers with or without their dependant.

This image shows a group of carers on a trip to London.

30th March 2015

Things to do around Oxford this Easter

Things to do around Oxford this Easter

With Easter just around the corner, the kids will have a couple of weeks off school, so we’ve put together this post of great things to do in Oxfordshire to help make sure you make the most of the holiday.

Boswells Easter Rabbit Hunt

Boswells Easter Hunt

This Easter come in store and take part in our Easter Rabbit Hunt! Pick up an entry form from one of the tills and then search the store high and low to find the mischievous rabbits that are hiding. Once you’ve found them all head back to the till to collect your prize.

Bitten Street

The brilliant Bitten Street from Bitten Oxford returns to the Oxford Castle Quarter on the 4th of April. The castle is taken over by street food traders from across the country serving their delicious food to the people of Oxford. From Happy Cakes to Mac and Cheese Pizzas, there will be something there for the whole family to enjoy!

Their March event was immensely popular and having already announced a few of the traders who will be at the April event, we’re sure this will be even better. Just remember to follow their advice and arrive hungry! If you are thinking lunchtime we recommend arriving early as it is popular and queues can be long after noon.

Ice Rink

The Oxford ice rink has been a favourite for many years, and if you’re looking to get active this Easter and burn off all those chocolate eggs, a few laps of the ice rink is one of the most enjoyable ways. Open 7 days a week. 

Earth Trust Easter Outdoor Fun

Wittenham Clumps

Get outside this half term and take part in the great activities that the Earth Trust have got planned at Wittenham Clumps. From egg rolling to an Easter Bunny hunt, there are lots of events to keep the family entertained!

Oxford Playhouse

Michael Morpurgo’s I Don’t Believe in Unicorns has been adapted for stage and will be coming to the Oxford Playhouse over the Easter holidays. The story follows Tomas’s discovery of the magic of books and his mission to protect everything that matters to him. As well as the performances there is also a great workshop that kids can take part in.

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Orienteering at Shotover Park

Get active this Easter and take part in a great orienteering event at Shotover Park in Oxford. With different courses for all abilities and age groups it promises hours of fun and adventure. There is coaching available for beginners, so you don’t get too lost.
This event is part of a series of four arranged across Oxford.

Caldecotte Miniature Railway

Easter Sunday is the opening day of the year for the Caldecotte Miniature Railway. A great day out for kids and adults, you can see the country side from one of their locomotives for just £1 for two trips around! Open every Sunday and bank holiday from April – October.

Hinksey Pool

Just outside the city centre, Hinksey Pool has been an Oxford favourtie favourite since 1934. Opening on April 3rd for the start of the summer season, this large outdoor pool offers a place for families to come and enjoy a day of fun, or an area where more serious swimmers can swim laps.
There is also a great splash park for younger children.

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