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28th April 2014

The Great Boswells Bake Off

The Great Boswells Bake Off

Everything, except it has to be said the actual food bit, you could need to beat, bake and proudly display your baking prowess before everyone else eats it. Make sure you get to scrape the bowl and lick the spoon. Or don't they do that on Bake Off? Here's just a taster...

For an international, informative and rather sweet way of displaying your cupcakes there's the World Map Baking Set.

24 cases and flags for only £5.99


We have baking tins of all shapes and sizes from pork pies to flans.

These Masterclass square tins start from £7.49 


From the sublime to the ridiculous? Not only do we have a great array of cake tins did you know you can get tins for cake slices? Perfect for lunch (if it makes it that long).

From £3.99

Also if you are the party cupcake maker how about this contraption? Get your cupcakes to their destination without a blemish.

The Kitchencraft cupcake carrier at £24.99


I know I shouldn't want a mixer because it's beautiful, but I do. The Kitchenaid Artisan is justly famous for performance as well as looks.

One for the dedicated cook at £385 but worth it.

Available in red, black, yellow and purple in store and 21 more orderable colours.


Phew, you've made it - now show it off on one of the many cake stands we store from currently very popular slate to the always classic glass.

Pictured is the Masterclass Artesa Glass cake stand at £19.99.

14th April 2014

Adventure Is Out There

Adventure Is Out There

Spring has sprung and the Easter holidays are upon us. Keep yourself and the kids entertained indoors and out with Boswells. Just a few of the ideas in store...

A game kids can play together or with an adult. I loved having a bash when I was younger. We have a few versions in stock including the pictured, Classic Swingball at £19.99



We stock a great range of kites from the mad 'Mr Piggles Parachute', (a soft toy pig with a usable parachute - brilliant) at £13.99 to the more traditional Cutter kite (pictured) from £7.99.

For the ability to take any kiting opportunity we recommend the Zipaway Compact kite which is a foldable kite that fits in your pocket from only £3.99.



Nature is always an adventure. Try the Nick Baker 'world' range to investigate some of our garden visitors. Ladybird & Snail worlds are £9.99 and Worm (pictured) and Ant are £14.99.


If the weather takes a turn or you have some travelling to do we have some super games & puzzles in store. Here are just a few. Try to avoid the old adage It's all fun and games...until someone loses an eye!

We have Board Games galore in full and travel sizes, but how can I resist recommending the Oxford edition of Monopoly at £24.99.



We have all the art & craft basics and some great kits. This is fab for those fascinated by shapes & designs. Several Spirograph sets are available, pictured is the Pro Artist set at only £9.99.



Whilst we have many card games the kids can't get enough of Top Trumps. Very topical right now is the pictured Marvel Ultimate Heroes, but we also have the popular Horrible Histories and Diary of a Wimpy Kid amongst others at £4.99. 


Last but not least don't forget our very popular Easter Egg Hunt is running until April 21st.

17th March 2014

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Every Mum is unique and we have many more gifts in store, but here are some ideas to get you started.


If your Mum likes nothing better than being Queen of the kitchen then we have everything from the practical to the beautiful to offer and you might get a cake out of it.



Mums spend their time looking after us. So time to pay back with one of the great pamper sets on offer from only £12.99 and dedicate the bathroom as 'For Mum only' for some luxury time each day. 



Our Haberdashery department is becoming the one stop shop for the crafters, knitters and sewers of Oxford. If Mum has been known to mumble "I can (or should) do that" at the Great British Sewing Bee then now is the time to help.

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