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13th April 2017

Simple Ways to Care for Your Skin

Simple Ways to Care for Your Skin

The skin is the largest organ in our bodies—a protective sheath primed to endure a variety of types of daily wear, even in the face of harsh elements and the onslaught of common household chemicals. And yet, despite all that our skin does for us, sometimes it seems remarkably easy to forget to give it a little of the TLC it deserves. The key to beautiful looking skin is, after all, healthy, happy skin, and so we’ve put together a few tips to help you keep your skin in great, gorgeous shape.

Looking After Your Skin

Your skin’s needs, rather unsurprisingly, are very much tied to factors that inform your wider health. If you eat well, keep hydrated and get plenty of rest, you’re already well on your way to having nice, healthy skin.

Here Comes the Sun

Sunscreen Spray Image

Taking excellent care to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging effects is also an absolute must, as exposure to the sun’s rays can prematurely age your skin, provoke existing skin conditions and, most dangerously, put you at risk of melanoma.

In addition to applying a UVA and UVB sunblock that’s spf 30 or higher, when the sun is out in-force, you might want to consider getting your hands on some lower spf products for daily wear on those less obviously sunny days. If this sounds like a lot of extra hassle, worry not. There are actually a significant number of fantastic, skin-friendly products available on the market, from make-up to moisturisers, that offer you daily sun protection, and make it that little bit easier to incorporate into your morning routine. We suggest taking as look at what Natio, Avene, Caudalie and La Roche Posay have to offer in this respect, as well as a general sunscreen for those brighter days.

Give Your Skin Some Air

Sunshine Image

Whenever possible, give your skin a little air. It can be easy to get carried away with applying every product going, but letting your pores breathe overnight and not going too overboard with lots of heavy foundation and creams during the day can give your skin’s health a real boost. Instead of a night cream, why not try the Dr. Hauschka Night Serum, which promotes your skin’s renewal while you sleep. Keep an eye out, also, for products that boast the word noncomedogenic, as these won’t clog your pores.

Washing Image

Happy skin will also welcome a little extra, topical hydration, such as a daily moisturiser or a misting spray (or both), as well as a good washing/cleansing regimen, which should be determined by your skin type.

Things to Consider Avoiding

Smoking ImageThere are also a couple of things to think about avoiding in order to keep your skin looking and feeling fantastic. Smoking, for example, diminishes the flow of oxygen to the skin and reduces its moisture level, leaving the skin dry, tired and ultimately less youthful looking (our Pharmacy offers Stop Smoking Support if you need a helping hand). Similarly, we suggest avoiding products that are bogged down with lots of synthetic ingredients, such as parabens. Products that contain alcohol can also have a drying effect, which is worth taking into consideration when picking out what to put on your skin.

Caring for Your Skin Type

There are four categories that are commonly used to describe the condition of your skin: normal, dry, oily and combination. You may also have sensitive skin in addition to any of these skin types.


Rose Day Cream Light Image

If your skin's condition is normal it basically means that your skin’s natural balance is pretty good—not too oily, not too dry—and it should be relatively easy to care for. We suggest finding a good cleanser, toner and moisturiser that you’re comfortable with to keep your skin in top condition. Dr Hauschka's Facial Toner and the Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream Light are both great for normal condition skin. 

Avene Akerat 10 Image


Dry skin can often feel tight and uncomfortable from lack of moisture, and is prone to showing up fine lines. Although it may seem logical to treat dry skin with lots of oily products, this can actually exacerbate the problem, as the skin can become fooled into thinking that it's over-producing oil, and subsequently produce even less. Try a nourishing moisturiser such as Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream. If you find that tap water is too harsh for your skin, a good cleansing milk can help, such as Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk (which is great for all skin types), and exfoliate gently just once a week. There are also some great body creams availble for dry and rough skin. We suggest having a look at Avene Akerat 10 Body Cream and La Roche Posay's ISO UREA range


Effaclar Micellar ImageSkin Blemishes ImageIf you have oily skin you may find that you’re quite prone to acne and other blemishes (as enlarged pores can easily become clogged with dirt and make-up), as well as a shiny complexion. Your skin is incredibly smart, and if it detects that it's too dry it will actually increase its oil production, so avoiding products that will dry the skin (such as oil-free or alcohol based products) is generally wise with this skin type. 

A regular cleansing routine and twice weekly exfoliation will help to keep your pores as clear and healthy as possible. We recommend Dr. Hauschka's Clarifying Toner, La Roche Posay Serozinc Spray and the La Roche Posay Effaclar range, all designed especially with your skin type in mind.

Dr. Hauschka Melissa Cream Image


If you have combination skin you more than likely have all of the issues of both dry and oily skin. Combination skin usually entails an oily forehead, nose and around the cheeks, and tightness elsewhere on your face. As a result, you may need to care for different parts of your face in different ways. A regular cleansing routine and a light moisturiser are a good starting point. Why not try Dr. Hauschka's Melissa Day Cream, which will calm and hydrate oily and dry areas of skin, respectively.

Sensitive Skin

A-Derma Exomega Emollient ImageEczema ImageSensitive skin can include skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis as well as allergic reactions to beauty products and a general sensitivity to harsh weather conditions. Sensitive skin may need plenty of extra care, especially when it comes to choosing skin care products that are going to be kind to it. We suggest trying fragrance free, hypoallergenic products, as well as products that are an emollient, as this will have been designed with soothing your delicate skin in mind.

Bear in mind that products that might trigger a sensitive skin reaction will vary from person to person, and from time to time even those skin care products designed for delicate skin may even be the culprit. If you're at all unsure, why not pop into our Pharmacy for a little guidance?

Rosaliac CC Cream

There are, however, some ranges and products designed especially for sensitive skin that you might want to consider. A-Derma's Exogena range is emollient, and so may soothe eczema, while La Roche Posay's Lipikar range is designed to decrease the frequency of eczema flare ups. Avene's Akerat 10 and La Roche Posay's ISO UREA are designed with aiding dry and psoriasis-prone skin in mind. La Roche Posay also have a specialised range for those with rosacea, called Rosaliac.

Skin Friendly Products at Boswells

Dr Hauschka Image

Our Cosmetics Department is choc-full of great skin care ranges to suit every skin type, which can be found on the ground floor of the store and on our website. Our Cosmetics staff are primed and ready to help you find the right products to suit your needs, so if you need a little extra guidance, please do come in for a chat.

27th March 2017

Boswells' Guide to Travelling Safely and Securely

Boswells' Guide to Travelling Safely and Securely

Visiting new places can make for some truly amazing memories, but it can also be a really good idea to give a little thought to keeping yourself and your belongings as safe as possible while you’re off seeing new things. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help you to be as prepared as possible.

Keep reading, or click on one of the below links to skip to a specific section.

     Staying Safe                                                                            Packing Securely

     Staying Healthy                                                                       Thwarting the Thieves

     Looking After Your Belongings                                                Avoiding Contactless Identity Theft

Staying Safe

Tonle Sap ImageWherever you’re planning on visiting, it really pays to do your homework before you even book. We suggest having a look before you go to see what the current security issues in the area might be so that you can plan ahead accordingly. These might be minor, but at least you’ll know what to expect when you arrive, leaving you with one fewer thing to worry about! Things to think about can include acquainting yourself with the political situation in the area, or simply familiarising yourself with any common tourist traps that might crop up while you’re away. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office website is a good place to start doing a little research:

Image Credit: Elena Woolley

It’s also useful to look up some of the the local laws, customs and expectations too, so that you don’t unwittingly offend anyone or unexpectedly end up in trouble with the local law enforcement while you’re away. 

Tokyo Image

While there’s no need to make yourself an expert on the culture you’re visiting, a little prior knowledge does go a long way and frees you up to concentrate on enjoying yourself.

Find out where the embassy or consulate is in any countries that you’re visiting, and make sure that you have a copy of these details in case they’re needed. If you do find yourself in trouble, or even just without your passport, the embassy details might just come in handy.

Passport ImageAnd, of course, before you go, make copies of all of your important documents (travel insurance, card numbers, visas, your itinerary, hotel and flight details etc.), so that you have these to hand should any problems arise. Make a photocopy/scan of your passport as well, and keep this separate from the passport itself. It’s always wise to make sure someone back home has a copy of these details and documents too, that way someone knows how to get in touch if you do run into any problems during your trip.

Staying Healthy

Angkot Thom Bayon ImageWhether you’re travelling somewhere especially exotic or not, it’s important to ensure that you’re going to stay as healthy as possible on your travels!

To do this, we recommend making a travel clinic appointment with your GP or popping into our pharmacy for a Travel Requirements Consultation about 8-12 weeks before you travel. A doctor, nurse or pharmacist can help advise you on any necessary (and recommended) vaccinations, anti-malarials and any other health-precautions you ought to be taking while you’re away, based on where you’re headed.  

Image Credit: Elena Woolley

Jungle Formula ImageYou may also want to get your hands on a travel first-aid kit. If you’re going somewhere with lots of mosquitos, we suggest investing in some good insect repellent to keep you as bite free as possible, as well as something to soothe the bites if you do get chomped! Read our blog on ways to protect yourself against contracting malaria here

The climate can make a big impact on your general health and well-being while you're away too. If you're off somewhere hot, we suggest taking a peek at our guide to looking after yourself in the heat, here.

Looking After Your Belongings

Photographer Image

Travelling to new and exciting places can be one of life’s real treats, but still, from time to time your belongings can unfortunately go for a wander, never to be seen again. This is true, of course, whether you’re halfway round the globe, or just strolling around Oxford city centre, and so it generally pays to be a little cautious regardless of where you are.

Nevertheless, there are a few extra things to think about when you’re travelling, since you’re often carrying more about than usual, staying in unfamiliar surroundings, and are more likely to be distracted by all the amazing sights you're off seeing.

Packing Securely

TSA LockIn many respects, the key to looking after your things while you’re away comes down to how you go about your packing. The more expensive bits and pieces you take with you, the more things there are to lose along the way, so it usually isn’t a good idea to take more valuable items than are necessary to your trip.

Of course you’ll probably still want to take a few valuable bits and pieces—your phone, camera or tablet, for example—so when you’re flying try to pack anything that really matters to you in your carry on luggage. 

At least if all of your valuables are close to hand, you’ll have a little extra peace of mind, knowing that everything is safe and still with you!

Cleveland Image

If you’re travelling to the USA a TSA lock will secure your hold luggage, and still allow customs officials to check inside your suitcase, if necessary, without damaging your lock. This means that once customs have completed their security check on your suitcase it can be safely secured again, so you hopefully won’t find your belongings strewn across the baggage claim area, or that anything is altogether missing on arrival. Some other countries (such as Canada, Japan, Israel, Finland, Austria and South Korea) do support TSA locks. If you’re still trying to decide on the best suitcase for your trip have a read of our luggage guide here or pop into our Luggage Department, on the ground floor of the store, for some extra help from our staff.

Image Credit: Elena Woolley 

Thwarting the Thieves

RFID Passport Pouch ImageIt’s always handy to have some of the local currency on you when you’re out and about, but try to carry it in different pockets and pouches (and to not carry too much money in cash) so that if you are unlucky enough to fall foul of a pickpocket, chances are they won’t be able to take everything. If you can also keep cards and traveller’s cheques in different places, with any luck you’ll be able to keep those safe also.

To help you with this, you might want to consider getting hold of a money belt or pouch to fit securely and inconspicuously under your clothing, and you can even get ones to accommodate your passport too. There are also bags available on the market that offer various security and anti-theft features, designed specifically with travellers in mind, which can mean one fewer thing to worry about while you’re off exploring new places.

We spoke to Peter in our Luggage department about some of our newest travel safety bags. Here's what he told us: 

"We have introduced Pacsafe, a range of bags to thwart potential thieves. These products come with puncture resistant zips, so no worrying about someone placing items in or removing items from your bags without your knowledge, as well as RFID blocking capabilities and Dyneema® webbing and straps, which are lightweight and hard to cut through. They also come with Carrysafe slash guards and eXomesh® slash guards, which feature a stainless steel wire, integrated into the fabric panels of the bag and straps, and is very effective at stopping bag slashers."

Pacsafe Travelsafe Image

Opinions tend to be fairly split as to whether it’s better to carry your passport with you at all times, or to leave it in the hotel safe. This may depend on where you’re visiting, as some countries require you to keep identification on you at all times, in which case finding a secure way to keep your passport to hand is definitely advisable. You also never know exactly how secure the hotel safe may or may not be, and who might be able to access it, so you might want to invest in your own portable safe, such as the Pacsafe Travelsafe. This is effectively a portable safe-bag with a slash-proof wire mesh frame, which can be secured to a fixture in your hotel room, safely storing any valuables such as your tablet, keys and passport. Sounds like a pretty ingenious solution to us!

Avoiding Contactless Identity Theft

Pacsafe RFID Wallet ImageRadio-Frequency Identification (or RFID) has become increasingly common in recent years, and is the technology behind contactless cards and the biometric chip in your passport. While these features can be really handy, it can also leave you vulnerable to contactless identity theft. Unfortunately, it's possible for data stored using RFID to be scanned and copied by identity thieves from as far away as 10 feet, and so a few extra precautions to protect your information and your money can be very useful indeed. Luckily, there are a wide range of RFID blocking wallets, money belts, and even bags available on the market, which can help keep your data safe and put your mind at ease. 

Fisherman's Bastion Image

These products block scanners, meaning that your information is much more secure and that anyone trying to scan your data will come up empty handed.

And finally, while its important to plan ahead to make sure that both you and your belongings are as secure as possible during your trip, it’s also important that you make the most of your travels and thoroughly enjoy yourself! Giving some thought to the things that could go wrong should hopefully mean that you’ve got everything covered well in advance, freeing you up to just make the most of the time you have while you’re away! So from all of us at Boswells, bon voyage!

Image Credit: Elena Woolley 

7th March 2017

Introducing Boswells Pharmacy's New Online Services

Introducing Boswells Pharmacy's New Online Services

Pharmacy Green CrossFind out how we can save you time and money!

What is

Our pharmacy became a legally incorporated part of Boswells Department Store in 1890, and has been dispensing advice and medicine to the good people of Oxford ever since. Yet, while Boswells Pharmacy has been here, taking great care of us all for generations, the pharmaceutical world has, of course, moved on a little over the course of the past 137 years…and continues to do so…and so have we.

The addition of our brand-new Boswells Pharmacy website offers you the ability to combine Boswell’s traditional great service, and all important human touch, with a little extra help from the internet. You can now manage your relationship with Boswells Pharmacy, keep track of your prescription requests and access an A-Z health advice database from anywhere with an internet connection, and on a range of different devices. If you’re not too confident with technology, however, then worry not, our pharmacy will also continue to offer all of the same services and excellent face-to-face support that it always has, in store.

What Services Does Provide?

Here are a few of the key things you can now do through our new pharmacy website:

Shop Online

Online Shopping ImageYou can now shop online, for a wide variety of over 15,000 different over the counter healthcare products through our new pharmacy website, even if we don’t currently stock it in store! We’ve teamed up with Weldricks Pharmacy to give you even more products to choose from and at fantastic supermarket matching prices, for delivery right to your doorstep. You can pay securely through the checkout, either by credit card or by PayPal, whichever you prefer. You can also choose your preferred delivery speed during the checkout, and voila, your order will be with you in no time.

Each product page includes full information on any active ingredients, directions on use, a full list of ingredients and any necessary warnings, as well as a product description. 

Electronic Prescription Service

EPS LeafletThe Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS funded service, which allows you to electronically manage your repeat prescriptions, and have these sent to a specified pharmacy, ready for you to collect. If you would like to nominate Boswells Pharmacy to receive your prescriptions from your GP you will need to fill in, and sign, an Electronic Prescription Service Consent Form, which you can pick up from us in store or access via the website itself.

You’ll also need to register with us online so that you can update your Doctor’s Surgery details, and put in any prescription requests. Through the website, you can set up reminders, so that you’ll be prompted to send your next prescription request before your current medication runs out, which hopefully means no more last-minute panics to get your medicine on time! Once you’ve placed your request, you can track the status of your request online, and we’ll even let you know when your prescription is ready for you to come and collect from us. Alternitively you can have it delivered free within the Oxford Ring Road, and at competive delivery charges for elsewhere in the UK.

Health Advice

Pharmacy Desk has an A-Z database of medical conditions provided by MedicineChest Ltd. This helpful resource offers a lot of useful information on a wide number of medical conditions, with a little more information on symptoms and living with various conditions. Of course, if you have concerns about your heath you should always consult a doctor for diagnosis, or speak to a pharmacist for advice. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a condition, though, this database can be a fantastic supplementary resource to complement the information your GP has already given you.

In some cases, the database even includes testimonies from other patients, talking about their experiences and the help that they’ve received with managing long-term medical conditions, which can be a huge help if you’re feeling daunted by your diagnosis. For those who register with, you even have the option of assessing your health risk for a range of medical conditions, and to store details such as chronic conditions, family history and the dates of any vaccinations you’ve received.

Other Services

Boswells Pharmacy Image

You can now use the new Boswells Pharmacy website to find out about services the pharmacy provides in store, such as blood pressure testing, stop smoking support, and travel requirement consultations. We're also one of the few pharmacies in the area to offer truss and hoisery fittings. 

You can access the opening times and contact details for our pharmacy via the website too, so that you can easily get in touch with a member of our friendly pharmacy team for help with any of the services that the pharmacy offers.

How Does the New Website Help You?

Pharmacy Mobile Site Image

Our new pharmacy website makes it easy for you to gain access to Boswells Pharmacy, even when it isn’t convenient for you to pop in to see us that day, and allows you to request repeat prescriptions and buy other health-related products with ease. If you’re interested in signing up for EPS, for example, you’ll no longer need to visit your Doctor’s Surgery every time you need a repeat prescription, you can simply put in a request via

Adil Our Superintendent PharmacistWe spoke to Mr Adil Cowan, our Superintendent Pharmacist (photo right), and asked him what he thought the main benefits of this latest addition to our pharmacy services were for our Boswells Pharmacy customers. He told us that “We’ll deliver prescriptions within the ring road free of charge,” and for those that live further away, EPS gives the option for you to continue to use our pharmacy, as we can deliver to your home.

Customers can now “Order what they want, when they want,” without having to pop out to the shops. This means that, if you’re unable to get in to store, for whatever reason, you can still gain access to prescription medication, a wide range of healthcare products, and, as always, the help and advice of our pharmacy staff. 

Pharmacy Staff Image

Adil was very proud to say that Boswells Pharmacy will continue to also offer the same great advice and services that it always has, and that if you’ve “Got queries with your medicine, we’re more than willing to help.” offers you additional options for handling your relationship with Boswells Pharmacy, and gives you access to a range of new resources to utilise, if they suit your needs. For more information on any of the services provided in store or by, you can visit the new website here, or pop in and speak to our friendly Pharmacy staff.

2nd March 2017

Top Tips for Making your Children's Party a Success

Top Tips for Making your Children's Party a Success

To celebrate the opening of our new Party Shop that is starting to fill up on our first floor we’ve put together a few top tips to help you get started with planning your child’s party.

Practical things to Consider

Happy Birthday Balloon

As wonderful as a party can be, it often requires a lot of planning and preparation, which is hardly the most fun part of the process. We suggest starting the planning a little early to give yourself time to get things sorted without unnecessary stress, and don’t fret if there are a few hiccups along the way, you’ll figure it out!

Set a Budget

Happy Birthday Confetti Image

Regardless of what kind of party you’re planning, a good starting point is to work out a budget. Having a clear idea of how much money you have available to spend on the party can be a really helpful way of figuring out factors like the size of the party and where it’s going to be held. If money is tight, don’t worry, there are always affordable ways of making a children’s party a hit—so long as everyone enjoys themselves, no one will care how much it cost you.


Balloons Image

If you’re keeping things as affordable as possible, with only a handful of guests, then throwing the party at home, or if the weather is nice, in the garden, can actually give you a little more freedom with the decorations and the catering options. On the other hand, this will mean that you will also get stuck with the clearing up at the end of the day!

If you’re aiming for a larger guest list, then you might want to think about hiring a space to hold the party, such as a local hall/community centre.

Ball Pool Venue Image

Hiring a venue is an especially good option if you can’t quite bear the thought of small children running amok in your home (except for your own of course!) If you opt to take this route, it’s always good to find out as much as you can about the venue well in advance to make sure that it’s a good fit for the type of party you’re throwing. Find out about how easy it will be for your guests to get there and whether it's going to actually suit your needs, and remember to book early to avoid disappointment.


Streamers Image

There can be a lot of vital factors to take into consideration when planning a children's party, especially when making sure that everything is as safe as you can make it, and that you've thought of everything well in advance. Making sure you've taken care of all the various safety aspects that can crop up during a children's party means that everything will run a lot more smoothly on the day, and that everyone will be as secure as possible. Click here to read our 1 page, printable guide to planning a safe and successful children's party.

Who to Invite?

Pirate Party Tablecloth Image

The guest list can be a bit of a tricky issue. Whether it’s better to invite the whole class or just a handful of close friends can depend on various factors, and so it’s usually wise to figure out how many children you can afford to invite before you get any further, and of course ask the birthday child who they would like at their party.

Bear in mind that some guests may come along with siblings, and if the children are still very young you may need to take into account that parents will likely be there too, so you may need a little extra space/food just in case. The more parents on hand, however, the more help you will hopefully have on the day (see our safety guide for more information on this).

My Little Pony Party Bag

Once you’ve worked out the numbers, it’s just a case of getting the invitations out there nice and early to avoid any scheduling clashes and disappointments. Remember to put as much information as possible on the invitation, including the address and the start and end times, along with any other important details.  

Then wait for those all-important RSVPs to start rolling in.

Decide on a Theme

Princess CupsOnce the practicalities such as who, where and how much are taken care of, you can start to have a little more fun with the planning…it is a party after all! Having a party theme can be fantastic fun for everyone involved. It’s a great opportunity to incorporate something the birthday child is interested in into the celebrations, particularly if they’re still quite young, and can also be a great way for you to get creative with the rest of the planning.

Jungle BalloonA theme can be something relatively broad such as pirates, princesses, dinosaurs or animals, or perhaps even something from a TV show or film that your child loves. The important thing is that the party is something that that the birthday child will really enjoy on the day, so discussing some ideas for themes and what kind of party they would like with your child can help you to settle on something that will make it a happy birthday them, and hopefully fit within your budget too. Once you’ve settled on a theme you can tailor the decorations, the games and even the food around it, and things will really start to come together.

Keeping the Kids Entertained

Dinosaur Game

For some, the idea of keeping a room full of children entertained for a couple of hours can sound pretty daunting, but again this can also be a fantastic opportunity for you to have some fun thinking up ideas for things to do.

You could try, for example, making up your own themed game, set a craft activity such as a cake decorating contest, or maybe even create a treasure hunt or your own puppet show! And, of course, there are always the classic party games such as pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs etc., which are, let’s face it, classics for a reason.

Pirate Pinata Image

Many of these games can also be tweaked and tailored to fit with your theme (pin the eye patch on the pirate anyone?) We suggest taking a peek at some of the goodies in our new Party Shop to see what inspires you…we have to admit that we’re very tempted to have a go at the Pirate Piñata ourselves…

You might also want to consider hiring an entertainer to dazzle the little ones for an hour or two (depending on what your budget looks like), or booking a venue with a built-in activity such as a soft play centre. If your kids are a bit older, there’s always activities such as bowling or the cinema to mull over.

Finishing Touches

Pinkie Pie Airwalker Balloon

Every party needs a few little flourishes and finishing touches. This can include anything from balloons and banners to finger-food, party bags, and, of course, the all-important cake! Quite often you can get decorations that will fit with your theme, and you can usually find banners, balloons and plates that will match (check out our selection here).

You can also try tying the food into the theme as well, with shaped sandwiches or specially decorated cupcakes. If you feel confident, you could have a go at doing this yourself (although have a trial run first!) The same can be said for the cake itself, which you can tailor to your theme. If you fancy trying your hand at baking, why not visit the baking section in our Cookshop to get you started?

Tropical Fish Jump Ups Image

And, finally, as your guests go on their way, don’t forget the party bag! This doesn’t need to be anything too elaborate or expensive, just a nice keepsake for the guests, and a lovely way of saying thank you for attending. You can even buy themed kits to make this more straight forward for you.

So, if you’ve got a special party coming up or if, like us, you simply can’t think of an occasion that wouldn’t be made more enjoyable with the addition of a monkey piñata or a massive Pinkie Pie balloon, then why not pop in to the brand new Party Shop in our Toy Department when you’re next in town, or take a peek at our new party products online!

1st January 2017

New Year's Resolutions and How to Keep Them

New Year's Resolutions and How to Keep Them

New Year ImageThe New Year is upon us, and doubtless many will be wanting to start their year with a blank page and finally commit to banishing a bad habit, or perhaps to taking up a good one, with a New Year’s resolution. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few suggestions to help you on your way with some of the most common resolutions out there.

6. Learn to Cook

Vegetables Image

So you might not quite be Mary Berry in the kitchen, but that certainly shouldn’t put you off trying. It is, after all, never too late to learn a new skill, and especially one so useful as cooking. If you’ve set your sights on perfecting your culinary skills in 2017, chances are you’re going to need a few kitchen supplies to help you get started.

Pyrex Roaster Image

Thankfully, our Cookshop Department (in our basement) is a veritable Aladdin’s cave of cookware and cooking accessories, so there really is nothing standing in the way of you becoming a chef extraordinaire in no time. We recommend starting with setting your sights small at first, with some easily achievable dishes, and working your way up to more complicated cuisine!

5. Get Organised

Ben Sherman Watch Image

If you’re forever struggling to keep on top of your schedule, getting organised can be a great resolution to make, and one that can be fairly straightforward to keep with just a few simple tricks. You might want to start by making lots of notes and reminders for yourself, whether that means writing all of your plans down on sticky memo notesusing fridge magnets to turn your fridge into a notice board, or writing to-do-lists to keep on top of things, you might want to have a look at an Assorted Notes Set. If timekeeping proves a perennial problem, though, we have a great selection of watches and alarm clocks to help you to work on your punctuality. And, if your personal brand of disorganisation tends towards the messy side of things, you might want to try a Kikkerland Desk Tidy to help keep everything in order.

4. See More of the World

Sicily ImageIt’s no coincidence that around a third of holidays get booked in January. After all it’s cold, a little drab, and after the excitement of Christmas has passed we all need a little something special to look forward to. But this can be the perfect motivation if your New Year’s resolution is to get out there and travel this year!

Samsonite Liteshock ImageOf course, achieving this goal can require a little bit of money management and budgeting to get you started (see resolution No.1), but luckily there are lots of amazing deals out there to help you to make your travel-dreams come true. Once you’ve figured out where you most want to visit, and placed those all-important bookings, it simply becomes a question of making sure you have everything you need for your trip. This might be anything from a suitcase and other handy travel accessories, such as a money belt or a travel adaptor, to getting your travel vaccinations sorted. Pop into our Luggage Department for help and advice to get you kitted out for the trip of a lifetime (we also reccomend reading our luggage guide here), and for advice on staying healthy while you’re away, we suggest having a chat with our friendly Pharmacist to figure out your specific requirements. You’ll also need to stock up on the local currency before you go, so you could also visit the Change Group counter on our ground floor while you’re here. Before you know it you’ll be off on your adventures!

3. Say Goodbye to Stress

Living in the 21st Century can be a stressful business, and sometimes managing that stress can seem like an overwhelming task…but don’t worry, there are lots of simple things that you can try to help keep the stress at bay this year.

Kneipp Lavender Bath SaltsThere are few things quite like a little time in the tub to help you to unwind and forget about those everyday pressures. All you need to do is find a few minutes to set aside for jumping into a warm bath, and to choose what to put in it to help soothe away the day’s cares. The good news is there are lots of wonderful bath products to help you achieve this from Kneipp's Balancing Lavender Mineral Bath Salts, to Heathcote & Ivory’s wonderful Braids & Blooms Soap Flowers. You could also give one of Bomb Cosmetics’ terrific Bath Blasters or Bath Mallows a go, as they all come in an array of gorgeous and relaxing scents—perfect for saying goodbye to your stress for a little while.

Ravensburger Jigsaw ImageIt’s that little bit more difficult for you to focus on your worries if your brain has an activity to focus on, so why not try a solo game or activity to concentrate on instead? Sitting down to a jigsaw puzzle or a colouring book are popular choices, but you could also have a go at solving a Rubiks Cube or a Ridley's Metal Puzzle. Why not also try a game of Peg Solitaire, which is great for concentration, or even sit down with a pack of cards, which can offer up a number of great de-stressing challenges such as a good game of Patience?

Belledorm Brushed Cotton Duvet ImageThe impact of a good night’s sleep on your overall mood and ability to handle stress can be significant, and yet getting enough sleep is sometimes easier said than done. Of course a nice relaxing bath with lavender can help, as can avoiding bright and distracting screens before bed, but there might be one or two other things that you can try to help get a better night’s sleep, such as a sleep mask or ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper (we especially recommend the latter if you have a snorer in the family). Exercise is also said to be a great way to improve sleep, which brings us to our next resolution…

2. Get in Shape

Oxford Running ImageYou probably won’t be surprised to hear that some of the most common New Year’s resolutions made every year revolve around getting healthier in one form or another, whether it’s eating healthier or getting more exercise. These can also be some of the most challenging resolutions because the temptation is often to make a drastic change, which is harder to keep up in the long term. But making small, realistic changes to your lifestyle over the course of the year can be a fantastic way to get healthier. The key is set goals that are achievable, and set another every time you do achieve one!

Thermos Water Bottle Image

If your resolution is to get more exercise then what better way than to find an active hobby or a sport that you enjoy to help you to achieve your goals? If you’re a fan of tennis, or kicking around a football, then you might want to take a peek at our outdoor toys for something to get you active, or if you fancy going for a run then a sports water bottle is a must to keep you hydrated, in which case we recommend having a look at what our Cookshop has to offer.

1. Save Money or Stick to a Budget

Money Bank ImageMoney management can be tough, and if we’re honest it can sound pretty dull, but keeping on top of your finances doesn’t necessarily mean missing out. In fact, keeping to a budget can mean that you can save for something you really want, or even give you a better idea how much money you have free to treat yourself with each month.

Money Image

As with any New Year goals, you may want to start small with your savings, putting spare change into a money bank as you go and letting it accumulate, or regularly putting a small amount of money into a savings account. In terms of keeping track of your spending, it can really help to jot down what you spend (and how much you have left) as you go, so that there are no nasty surprises at the end of the month, in which case a notebook can come in really handy! And finally, to help you to stretch your money just a little further (even while you treat yourself) if you received one of our money off vouchers in the run up to Christmas, you can save 20% in store or online at Boswells until the 8th January 2017 (terms and conditions apply).

But whatever you strive to achieve this year, we hope that 2017 brings wonderful things your way. Happy New Year (and good luck with those resolutions)!

7th December 2016

Gifts To Get Excited About This Christmas

Gifts To Get Excited About This Christmas

Making someone’s eyes light up on Christmas day, as they tear back the paper to reveal the perfect gift, can be one of the most rewarding parts of this time of year. Sadly though, most of us don’t have a workshop full of elves at our disposal, and so tracking down that perfect present can take a little bit of work. But worry not, the Boswells elves are here to help! We’ve scoured our departments and put together a list of some of the products we’re most excited about this Christmas to help you on your way!

Read on or click one of the links below:

Christmas Fun                        Wining and Dining

Stylish Gifts                            Something to Snuggle Up With

Perfect for Pampering

Christmas Fun

Halilit Xylophone ImageIf it’s “the most wonderful time of the year” for many of us, then that generally goes doubly for the youngest among us. Here are a few toys that caught our eye that might help to make their day very merry and bright indeed.

The Halilit Xylophone is a great way to introduce the youngest member of the family to the fun of making a little music. Suitable from 12 months onwards, this instrument is both colourful and capable of producing magical sounding notes, and sure to be a "hit" (yes, pun intended).

Bubble Science Kit Image

In addition to all the tinsel and twinkley lights, we think that Christmas would definitely benefit from a few festive bubbles here and there. Luckily there’s an easy way to see to this, with the Kidz Labs Bubble Science Kit. It’s a box full of fun bubble experiments and even a recipe to make your own bubble mix. It really is the perfect gift for enquiring minds and bubble-fans across the land!

Live Pets Butterfly ImageLittle Live Pets are generally a fantastic idea, giving your kids a chance to learn about looking after pets while playing, and with (mercifully) less mess than a real pet. We especially recommend the Flutter Wings Butterflies, which flap playfully in your hand and respond to your attention…plus they come in such beautiful designs and colours!

Hexbug Spider Image

The Hexbug Spider, Scarab or Fire Ant are also great fun, as you get to make these colourful remote control creatures scurry around your home. There are also Hexbugs that you can put in water, such as the Aquabot Jellyfish, Seahorse or Angel Fish, which are all a bit of splashy fun.

Big Ben Image

For those that love to build and create, it doesn’t get much better than building your own LEGO® Architecture Big Ben! The finished thing is 19.6cm tall, so while it’s pretty detailed it's not such a gargantuan task that it’s likely to devour the whole of Christmas day. Alternatively, for some truly imaginative building fun, you could give a tub of LEGO Classic Creative Bricks a go, they are a classic for a reason, after all.

Strongarm Image

If you’re feeling bold enough, then we recommend the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm, which fires foam darts and can hold up to 6 darts at any given time. A foam dart dual could be just the thing to liven things up while you wait for the turkey to be done, or to settle any of this year’s board game controversies, but they’re also great fun for throughout the year.

Stylish Gifts

Organiser Purse ImageIf you’ve been searching for the perfect gift for someone super-stylish we’ve got good news: we have two excellent new gift ranges by Ted Baker that are sure to make someone’s Christmas that bit brighter. The “You’ve Been Gifted” range features a variety of goodies, from notebooks and colouring pencils to a really handy looking organiser purse, all of which are covered in a gorgeous porcelain rose design. The “Gift That Keeps on Giving” range includes everything from a pen set to a glasses case, in a very nice leather brogue, as well as some very cool jungle print flasks. Both ranges manage to tick the useful box, but with that little bit of added class.

Van Gogh Umbrella

For all those art-lovers out there we have something a little extra special, and wonderfully practical, with an incredible range of art themed umbrellas. Yes, Fulton Umbrellas have teamed up with The National Gallery to bring you the masterpieces of Renoir, Monet, Turner and Van Gogh to brighten up those drab and drizzly Winter days. These umbrellas look fantastic, and fold up nice and small to fit in a bag…sounds good to us!


Wining and Dining

Spiralizer Image

If you know someone who loves to spend their time creating masterpieces in the kitchen we’ve got a great selection of gifts to help them to artfully slice and dice away. We highly recommend the La Vida Verde Spiralizer as a fantastic gift idea. This handy kitchen gadget can cut fruit and veg into noodles, ribbons and spirals for a variety of different types of dishes.

Global Knife Set

We also have some excellent knife sets this year—an ever-popular gift choice. The Taylor’s Eye Witness knives, for example, have anti-bacterial, carbon coated blades that make them very swish indeed. The carving set is a particularly apt Christmas present, which will no doubt prove useful on the day itself. We also currently have a very special 7 piece set of Global Knives on a particularly good offer, which we think is definitely worth taking a gander at.

Brandy Glass Image

If you're considering giving someone the gift of some excellent drinkware this Christmas, then we can't recommend the Dartington Wine and Bar glassware range highly enough. This fantastic collection includes some wonderful specialist glasses, such as those for brandy, port and sherry.

Grunwerg 5 Piece Wine Set Image

Speaking of drinkware, we have to say that we’re pretty impressed with the Grunwerg 5 Piece Wine Set, which includes a wine pourer, a bottle stopper, a corkscrew and a wine collar, as well as a beautifully crafted bamboo box for storing a bottle in—just the thing for any wine connoisseurs out there!

Kilner Barrel Dispenser Image

For those of you who are planning a Christmas or New Year party or gathering this year, you might want to consider getting your hands on a Kilner 1 litre Glass Barrel Drink Dispenser, which is both really useful and looks truly great. Simply fill it with your drink of choice, and you’re away!

Bodum Cafetiere Image

And for anyone who's serious about their coffee, it doesn’t get much better than a Bodum Cafetiere! The 3 cup and the 8 cup cafetieres both come in a stunning range of colours, which make tailoring the gift to the person nice and easy!



Something to Snuggle Up With

Thermosoft Throw Image ReindeerWe all know that one person who can never quite get warm enough this time of year, and so we thought it was worth spending a little time looking at some perfect gifts for warming anything from hearts to toes.

Snuggle Touch Throw Lagoon ImageFor those that love to snuggle up under a bundle of layers to stay warm, what could be better than a super-soft throw? We have lots of amazing throws to luxuriate in getting comfy under, and that look fantastic draped over furniture. The Theromosoft Throw range comes in several different print designs, including woodland animals and two superbly-festive Christmas designs—reindeer and snowflakes. These throws are perfect for adding a little something extra to the home décor, or for wrapping up warm. The Snuggle Touch Throw comes in an array of rich and vibrant colours and is sumptuously soft, and nice and warming too—a trusty friend on a cold, Wintry night.

Intelex Microwavable Dragon Image

There are also other, soft and cuddly ways to keep warm though, which also make fantastic gifts. These soft toys by Intelex each contain a wheat pouch that can be removed, heated in the microwave, and popped back in to the pouch for some super-warm hugs. The collection includes familiar characters such as Boofle, Gromit, Bagpuss and Shaun the Sheep, as well as adorable dinosaurs, elephants, monkeys and dragons. They also come in a plain corduroy or tartan wheat bag option.

Top This Hat Kit Image

If you fancy getting a little creative then why not have a go at one of these terrific Top This Hat Knitting Sets, which make a great gift with a personal touch. The set comes with a hat topper and all the wool you’ll need to create a cosy children’s Winter hat. There are lots of Christmas and animal themed kits to choose from, and each kit comes with instructions.

Perfect for Pampering

Roger and Gallet gift Set ImageIt’s always nice to get to pamper someone with something extra special at Christmas. Luckily we’ve got some cosmetics gift sets this year that are just the ticket!

Orange Blossom Travel Gift Set Image

The Roger & Gallet hand care range, for example, has some fantastic gift sets that are a great way to keep those hands soft and supple during the harshest of the cold weather. Or, if you know someone who’s always on the move, one of The Somerset Toiletry Company’s gorgeous scented travel kits could make the perfect gift. They come in 5 different scents, from Jasmine to Orange Blossom, and fit nicely in a bag for a trip away.

Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh Gift SetFor something just a little extra festive for the occasion, though, we have to say we’re really excited about Heyland & Whittle’s Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh range, which includes a fabulous selection of candles, soaps and diffusers. This range seems like a pretty great way to put a smile on someone’s face, and make their home smell a little like the nativity at the same time, what's not to love?

Santa Image

These are just a few of the great gifts that we have available in store and online this Christmas, so why not click here and get inspired, or pop in and see us for lots more Christmas goodies? We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Merry Christmas, from all of us here at Boswells!

15th November 2016

Have Family Fun This Christmas

Have Family Fun This Christmas

As we enter the second half of November, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And while the big day itself may still be a few weeks away, you’ll no doubt be tucking into a big juicy turkey, pulling crackers, and getting everyone together for a Christmas Day board game before you know it! To help you to sucessfully celebrate the latter of these annual traditions, we’ve been taking a look at some of this year’s best new games. Here are some of the highlights:

Family Fun Games

Pie Face

Pie Face ImageA huge hit this time last year, Pie Face is a quirky game of chance in which you attempt to dodge getting slapped in the face with cream—think Russian Roulette, but with dairy products. Pie Face is basically the best excuse you’re going to get for seeing your nearest and dearest get splattered with a face full of whipped cream this Christmas…be sure to have the camera on standby. This year, there’s also the new Pie Face Showdown game to have a go at, if you fancy your chances. Pie Face is tonnes of fun, and excellent for diffusing any tension caused by the standard, annual board game quarrels.

Googly Eyes

Googly Eyes Image

If you’re a master at drawing and fancy a bit of an extra challenge, Googly Eyes is exactly the game for you. Put on a pair of ridiculous glasses that distort what you see as you try to draw, and then see if your team mates have any idea what your work of art is supposed to be. Anne in our Toy Department had a go at playing the game and told us: "Once I'd got over laughing about the ridiculous look wearing the googly glasses, I was set off again by my poor efforts of drawing with limited vision." There are 3 levels of difficulty to try your hand at, each of which is sure to reduce you to fits of laughter as your artistic talents and spatial awareness are put to the test. Yes, you too can achieve looking silly and drawing badly with this great game.

Beat the Parents

Beat the Parents

For some great inter-generational fun, why not try playing Beat the Parents? In this challenging game parents and children are pitted against each other, as parents answer questions about things that their children should know, and vice versa. It's a fun way to find out who really knows more in your household.

Other great family games worth having a gander at this Christmas include Yeti in My Spaghetti, 5 Second Rule and the slightly off-beat, toilet themed game, Plop!

Single Player Games


Addict-A-Ball Image

If you’re a fan of a solo challenge then you might want to give Addict-A-Ball a try. More than just a simple puzzle of guiding a ball-bearing through a maze, Addict-A-Ball features several stages of highly addictive (the clue is in the name) puzzling that is sure to keep you occupied for the duration of the festive season. Shannon in our Toy Department gave it a glowing recommendation. She told us:

“This is a fab gift for anybody who loves a challenge. All you have to do is work a silver ball around a maze from start to finish without it falling off. Sounds simple, right? But there are lots of difficulties along the way. It’s great for hand-eye coordination, concentration and patience. You can also time yourself to see how fast you can complete it. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys puzzles and likes to be focused.”

Other great single player games that you might want to take a look at this Christmas include Rush Hour, Balance Beans, Spot the Difference Mini and the Micro edition of the ever-popular Bop It

Suitable for Children Under 6

If you’re looking for something that you can play with the youngest members of your clan, then look no further, we have some suggestions to get you started!

Pass the Bomb Junior

Pass the Bomb Image

Based on Pass the Bomb, this is a great junior edition of the best-selling game. All you have to do is turn over a card and name something that belongs in the picture...except you do this while holding a bomb that could go off at any minute (don’t worry, it isn’t real). The objective is to not be holding the bomb when it suddenly goes off. It’s a lot of fun, and much harder than you expect to think up answers when there’s a ticking bomb to race against! Our Toy Department tells us that “It’s an extremely easy game to play and is hilarious fun as you frantically throw the bomb around. It’s also quite educational for young ones and I think it’s a really good value game that makes a wonderful gift.”

Bunny Jump

Bunny Jump Image

Bunny Jump is fantastic fun if your little ones enjoy a good game that will keep them on their toes with suspense. If you scare the bunny while pulling carrots from the vegetable patch he’ll hop high in the air, making everyone jump out of their skins. Try and pick as many carrots as possible before the bunny takes fright, and see if you can catch him too! We also recommend Squeak and Shopping list as great games for children under 6.

Games for Adults

Pass the Pud ImageNope, age isn’t a valid excuse for bypassing sitting down to a good Christmas game of something or the other. If you’re a fan of trivia, then you’re rather spoiled for choice, with both the excellent new Trivial Pursuit 2000s edition game, which tests your knowledge of the first 10 years of this Millennium, and the After Dinner Trivia game, which has everything from odd facts to tongue twisters to keep you entertained. If you like a bit of a challenge, then you might fancy a game of Name 5—a game in which you work your way around a board, trying to name 5 of various things to advance your way to the finish line. And, for a bit of after-Christmas-dinner fun, there’s always Pass the Pud—a Christmas Pudding themed version of Pass the Bomb, but this time you’re racing against the burp.

The Classics

Scrabble ImageBut let’s not forget some of those time-honoured family favourites as well. For many people this time of year means doing anything to purchase Mayfair in Monopoly, desperately rifling through the dictionary to prove that "quodibet" is a Scrabble worthy word, or circling their masterpiece of a Pictionary drawing one more time in the hopes that that will make it clear what on Earth it is. In my family, for example, it means my dad's annual, and often outlandish, attempts at getting out of his customary Connect 4 defeat (the game has been suspiciously "missing" since my victory last year). Yep, while there are lots of exciting new games out there to try your hand at, unsurprisingly, the classics remain popular and continue to rank amongst our bestselling games!

Cluedo Image

The Oxford Edition of Monopoly always proves a popular choice, and if you happen to know someone who’s always fancied owning Cornmarket, this could be just the gift for them. And, for many, it really wouldn’t be Christmas without having a go at solving the murder of Cluedo’s ill-fated Dr Black (they're all rather suspicious characters if you ask us). But if you’re just looking to be inspired then there's plenty of great games out there to get stuck into, such as the recent re-release of Classic Operation (beware the charlie-horse), the ever-popular Hungry Hungry Hippos (still peckish after all these years), and you can’t really go far wrong with a pack of Uno cards! All of these games, and many many more, can be found in our Toy Department, on the first floor of the store, and are available via our website too.

So why not gather your favourite people together for some great festive fun with a game or two of an old favourite or of a future classic, and make it a Christmas to remember!

15th October 2016

Boswells Gets Ghoulish for Halloween

Boswells Gets Ghoulish for Halloween

As the nights grow longer and darker and the eerie Autumn mist begins to settle and shroud the city it can mean only one thing: Halloween is nearly here!

Pumpkins Image

To help get you in the mood for all things gruesome and ghastly we’ve been digging up some chilling local ghost stories, and some of them are really quite brilliant.

Founded over 1000 years ago, it figures that the city’s history is full of grisly tales of horrific deeds and suffering spectres. It seems that most, if not all, of the older colleges have at least one spooky story to boast, and spirits supposedly abound in other key spots around the city as well! Here are a few of our favourite Oxford ghost stories, but the feint of heart should beware, severed heads abound…

Ty Beanie Ghost

The Playhouse Theatre

The Playhouse Theatre is apparently haunted by a white veiled lady, who lingers in its stairways. Who the veiled ghost might be is unknown, but some say she’s a manifestation of a ruined nunnery/friary that stood on the spot until about 500 years ago. Whoever she is though, she’s no doubt seen some incredible performances over the years! Keep an eye out for her on your next visit.

Magdalen College

Spooky ImageOne particularly spooky Oxford tale is an account of a mysterious spectre spotted on the lawns of Magdalen College. When the story initially dates from is slightly murky, but the story goes that a student was walking across the College grounds early one morning when they spotted a figure dressed entirely in black. As it drew closer the student noticed that not only was the figure gliding, rather than walking, its face (or its head, depending on who’s telling the story) was altogether missing. As it approached the light, the apparition vanished. There have been alleged sightings ever since.

Charles I Execution Painting

Christ Church College

Christ Church College lays claim to a famous, in fact a royal, ghost, amongst its many other accolades. The spirit of King Charles I supposedly lurks in the College grounds, at times appearing with his head, and at others reportedly without. During the height of the English Civil War Oxford was a Royalist stronghold, and Charles made the Christ Church College Deanery his palace, and held Parliament in its Great Hall, perhaps explaining why many have claimed to have seen him there. Alternatively, he might just have developed a posthumous interest in Harry Potter, you never know…

(Image Credit).

Banbury Road

Skull ImageOne of the grisliest Oxford ghost stories features a headless wanderer on the Banbury Road, the late George Napier. Napier was hanged, drawn and quartered for being a Catholic priest at a time when a fervently Protestant England was still very fearful of Catholicism in the wake of the failed gunpowder plot, only 5 years before. Following his gruesome execution Napier’s quarters were separated and a piece was sent to each of the four city gates, while his head was apparently set on Tom Tower. The story goes that Napier’s ghost assembled the various pieces of his body, but could not find his head. He’s said to roam up and down the Banbury Road in an endless, and ultimately fruitless, search for his missing head.

Spider Web Image

St John's College

St John’s College Library is apparently host to the ghost of Archbishop William Laud, who was the Chancellor of the College from 1629-1633. He was rather unfortunately beheaded for treason in 1645, after spending several years locked in the Tower of London. Students have reported being disturbed by Laud while studying late in the Library. His ghost apparently wanders the library passageways a couple of centimetres above the ground, a candle in one hand as he kicks his ghostly severed head along the corridor before him. Some accounts have him removing his own head from his neck and aiming it at those unfortunate enough to cross his path. Incidentally, the library itself was supposedly built, in part, with the leftover bricks from the ruined friary where The Playhouse Theatre now stands—a somewhat eerie coincidence?


Cartoon Ghost ImageThat’s right, as a not-so-new establishment ourselves, Boswells of course has a few spooky tales of its own, and although (as far as we’re aware) no one has ever seen our resident ghost, George, he can from time to time be heard clattering about. There are numerous stories about who George was and how he died, but he’s believed to have worked as a pharmacist at Boswells in the 1920s or 30s. Some say he committed suicide, others that he fell down the lift shaft. Either way, whenever anything mysterious happens here at Boswells, poor George tends to get the blame. Of course he also gets the blame for little things like knocking stock off shelves and the frequent disappearance of people’s pens…couldn’t possibly be any other explanation…

But whether you believe in George or not, the staff have some great stories to tell, and so here are a couple just for you!

Stockroom ImageLaura from our Accessories department told us that she’d heard George wandering about a few times. On two occasions she was in a stockroom, in one of the older, creakier parts of the building, when she heard footsteps on the old wooden floorboards. When she looked there was no one else to be found on the entire floor. Laura said she’d also heard similar mysterious footsteps in the basement, and again there was no one around.

Ghost Bag Image

Anne in our Toy Department also had a particularly chilling story to share. She said that one day she got chatting to a customer who was staying in rooms adjoining Boswells. The customer told her “how noisy our night security guard was, banging about, walking noisily, and this happened over several nights.” The customer was somewhat alarmed when Anne told her that there was no night security guard. No one at all had been in the building overnight.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Display Image

If all of this talk of ghosts has sufficiently whetted your appetite for some ghoulish Halloween fun then you’ll be delighted to hear that we’ve got a great new selection of costumes, make-up and decorations in store and online to help make your Halloween a hit. And why not pop in and say hi to George over the coming weeks, we’re sure he’d love to meet you...

Pumpkin Carving Image

Our special thanks to the Boswells staff for generously sharing their ghost stories with us, some of which we sadly didn’t get a chance to use. If you’ve got any great Oxford ghost stories of your own that you’d like to share with us we’d love to hear them!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Boswells!

Image Credit: Jake Bevan

25th September 2016

Our Guide to Finding the Right Umbrella For You

Our Guide to Finding the Right Umbrella For You

Ah, the British weather, predictably unpredictable, whatever the time of year, and often just determined to get you soaked for the fun of it. As we head towards Autumn it seems quite likely that we’ll see a fair amount of rain, and chances are it will start and stop whenever it feels like it, with very little warning…which is where our trusty friend the umbrella comes into the equation. A good umbrella is an ally against the weather, one that will do its best to keep you dry at a moment’s notice, whether the weather likes it or not.

Rain Image

But not all umbrellas are good umbrellas, in fact not all umbrellas on the market are even water-resistant (don’t worry, we only stock ones that are)! And so trying to find the right rainproof companion to shield you when the weather gets a little rocky can be a little puzzling, and there are so many different types of umbrellas out there to choose from! The trick, really, is matching the umbrella to your needs, so we’ve put together a guide to help you find the ideal one.

Keep reading, or click one of the links below.

Finding the Right Size...                                      Is It Easy to Hold?

Automatic Vs Manual?                                        How Strong is It?

What's It Made From?                                         Do You Like the Design?

Finding the Right Size...

The starting point with any umbrella buying quest is usually size, and there are a lot of factors to take into account when sizing up your new umbrella.

Golf Umbrellas

Cyclone ImageThe bigger the canopy, the more shelter from the rain your umbrella can potentially offer. Large golf size umbrellas are often very sturdy, many of them are even able to withstand high wind-speeds without giving up at the crucial moment. We particularly recommend the impressive Fulton Cyclone, as both the largest and strongest umbrella that we stock, and it comes with a shoulder strap to make carrying it a bit easier.

But while there are definite advantages to carrying around a huge golf umbrella, it may not always be the most practical option. Trying to navigate around the often busy, and sometimes narrow, streets of Oxford, for example, with your own portable roof over your head could be really rather tricky, and getting snagged on other passing umbrellas seems all the more likely. The very large golf umbrellas also tend to have a long handle shaft, which can make them somewhat cumbersome to drag around with you all day, and so are perhaps better suited for rainy jaunts into more open areas. If you’re often on foot in urban areas then a smaller and more easily portable option may suit your needs better.

Walking Umbrellas

Knightsbridge ImageA walking umbrella is a popular option, as these full length umbrellas offer a sizeable canopy for coverage, and are a bit more practical to carry around than a golf umbrella. It’s also worth noting that the fewer moving parts an umbrella has then the stronger it probably is, and the longer its life expectancy. Walking umbrellas then, are a good investment, as they have few folding parts that can break, and the handle shaft is generally very sturdy, since it's one continuous piece. They also look great, and are a smart solution to staying dry. Why not check out the Fulton Govenor, Knightsbridge or the iconic Birdcage design.

The walking umbrella, however, can’t fit inside a bag for easy storage, and may not be the lightest option for carrying with you all day—especially if you only need an umbrella just in case it does rain.

Folding Umbrellas

Tiny 2 Umbrella ImageThis common problem is, of course, where the folding umbrella comes in handy, and these come in a range of sizes and weights. While most folding umbrellas don’t offer a huge amount of coverage (and there are some exceptions), they do usually give enough to keep you dry if you get caught unexpectedly out in the rain, and they’re fantastic for storing in your bag, which means you can always have your umbrella to hand when you need it most. It’s worth bearing in mind, though, that because they can fold up conveniently small, folding umbrellas do tend to be that little bit more vulnerable to wind damage than some of their larger counterparts.

The Fulton Superslim is our smallest and lightest umbrella when folded, closely followed by the Tiny 2. Both are fantastic for carrying with you at all times in case it rains, and they come in a range of colourful designs. For a folding umbrella with a larger canvas, though, take a look at the Minilite or the Stowaway, which give that little bit more coverage, or the Jumbo and the Tornado, which fold up to a length of 37cm, but open out to an amazing 120cm canopy!

Some Things to Think About...

Aside from the physical size of the umbrella, there are other factors that are worth thinking about in order to find an umbrella that suits your needs.

Automatic vs. Manual?

Open & Close Umbrella ImageIf you’re constantly finding yourself struggling to put your umbrella up while you get drenched then you might want to consider an automatic umbrella. These work so that your umbrella will spring open at the touch of a button, saving you the struggle and keeping you dry that little bit quicker. An automatic umbrella can be a great idea if you’re prone to catching your fingers in the mechanism, or generally if you’re popping in and out of the rain and want an easier, quicker way of putting your umbrella up and down. If you’re looking for a good automatic umbrella, we suggest a Fulton Open & Close folding umbrella, or the Knightsbridge walking umbrella.

Birdcage Umbrella ImageBut of course, as with any feature, there are also certain drawbacks to an automatic umbrella. Because the automatic function relies on a mechanism and a button it slightly increases the number of possible ways in which the umbrella might break, which can reduce its lifespan. The automatic mechanism may also mean the umbrella weighs a little more (although light ones are also available), which is especially worth thinking about if you’re looking for something convenient to pop in a bag and carry everywhere.

If a manual umbrella is your preference, you’ll be pleased to hear that many umbrellas now have safety catches and easy to use buttons, so you’re less likely to pinch your fingers trying to get out of the rain. Some umbrellas, such as the Fulton Birdcage umbrella, simply glide open, no need to fiddle with buttons.

What's It Made From?

Umbrella Spokes Image

Not all umbrellas are made out of the same stuff, and believe us, the materials used can have a big impact on the strength and weight of your umbrella. A fibreglass frame, for example, will be very strong, and often non-conductive (ideal for storms, as with the Cyclone). Aluminium, while not quite as strong as fibreglass, is nice and light, and so great for storing in your bag. Some smaller umbrellas use a combination of the two, so you get the best of both.

Handle Image

Is It Easy to Hold?

The last thing you want is an umbrella that’s uncomfortable to hold in the wind and the rain, so we can’t stress enough the importance of picking an umbrella with a handle that’s comfortable and easy to hold. This largely comes down to preference, and factors such as the size of your hands. It's often really a case of trying out different ones to see what feels comfortable—and bear in mind that you might need to be able to hold it in either hand.

If a walking umbrella or a golf umbrella are your preference then bear in mind the length of the umbrella when folded relative to your own height. If the umbrella is too long for you to comfortably carry, then it probably isn’t a good choice.

How Strong is It?

If you’re looking for something sturdy then we recommend taking a peek under the canopy, as not all umbrellas are held up in the same way. The rule of thumb generally is: the more spokes from the handle shaft holding things up, the better supported the canopy is likely to be (and better suited it is to enduring weather). For a small umbrella 6 spokes is fairly standard, but with larger umbrellas we recommend something with 8 or more spokes supporting the canopy against the weather.

Check, also, if the spokes themselves have other supports coming off them, as this can mean the difference between keeping dry or ending up wet, with an umbrella in the bin… Some umbrellas come with a little added reinforcement, such as polycarbonate joints that give it the extra strength sometimes needed against the volatile British weather. 

Cyclone Polycarbonate Spokes Image

If that sounds good then we suggest taking a look at the Fulton performance range, which comes in three different sizes: the Hurricane, the Tornado and the Cyclone (the latter of which is wind tested up to an impressive 78mph!).

It's worth bearing in mind that no umbrella is completely wind-proof (every umbrella has its limits, and this will vary), but many do offer wind-resistant features, such as a wind vent or the ability to turn inside out with the wind rather than immediately breaking as soon as a slight breeze comes along. We suggest finding out what kind of wind resistance your umbrella offers before you buy.

Do You Like The Design?

Umbrella Wall ImageAn umbrella with a colourful design can help brighten up those rainy spells, while allowing you to add your own personal touch to staying dry. Black remains a popular option, but there are umbrellas of all colours and patterns available on the market, as well as transparent ones. As well as Fulton’s wonderful, colourful designs we also stock designer umbrellas from Orla Kiely and William Morris, which feature sturdy Fulton frames. Take a peek also at our very own exclusive Oxford Skyline umbrellas, made especially for Boswells by Royal Warrant Holders, Fulton Umbrellas...they’re something really rather special, if we do say so ourselves.Oxford Skyline Miniflat

So if your current umbrella has suffered a recent injury, gone for a wander, never to return, or if you’re simply looking for something new, we’re well stocked with a huge variety of least one of which is bound to suit your needs. Our entire umbrella range is available online, or why not pop in to our Accessories department for a little extra advice before you buy?

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14th September 2016

LEGO® Minifigures Series 16 Has Arrived!

LEGO® Minifigures Series 16 Has Arrived!

Summer is over and it’s back to school for some, yet September also symbolises the release of more LEGO®, the most exciting of which is the brand new batch of collectable Minifigures, Series 16! A return to the standard formula after the last wave of Disney themed figures, Series 16 offers 16 original LEGO creations to collect, each individually wrapped in a yellow packet. From fairy-tale to sci-fi, there’s bound to be one for you…

Banana Guy Image

Banana Guy

Starting off the collection is what I would deem to be one of the most popular figures released to date, the Banana Guy. The main attraction is the new banana piece, making him similar to the Hot Dog Suit Guy from series 13. Perhaps they are the perfect pair?

Desert Warrior

Desert Warrior

With Disney still on the mind this guy looks like he’s walked out of the world of Aladdin with his green Turban and his large black sabre, a piece I don’t remember seeing used since the 2003 Orient Expedition theme.

Penguin Boy Image

Penguin Boy

This adorable little figure is the next in the so called mascot series: those figures that are dressed up as animals. This figure not only comes with a new head, but also a pair of skates. Also note that his arms have been replaced with flippers.

Ice Queen Image


Ice Queen

This figure is pretty impressive, with an array of pieces from a frozen tiara to blades of ice that she can hold. The most unique accessory is her jagged edged, silver dotted cape, which finishes off the imposing figure.

Spy Image



Start singing the Mission Impossible theme ‘cause this stealthy figure is ready to break in and out of any LEGO building. Equipped with goggles and a length of rope, this figure will never be caught on the job!

 Hiker Image


With a slightly more relaxing pastime than the spy, the Hiker has been given a map and compass, both of which feature unique printing, so he should never get lost. He comes with a brilliant double sided head with one face looking super pleased but the other looking a little lost.

Kickboxer Image




This fighter is highly detailed, with impressive printing to create shorts and shoes. The red gloves are brilliant combined with the helmet, and she even comes with a normal hair piece for after those fights, which must be tough seeing as she has a bead of sweat on her double sided face…

Spooky Boy

Spooky boy

The male counterpart to the Spooky Girl, this kid looks a little confused for some reason. He appears to be a vampire, as a fang is poking out of his mouth. He isn’t short of accessories, with both a spider and a spooky tales book in hand.

Rogue Image



This hooded archer is quite the fig. Sporting a bow and arrow, this green and brown clad warrior hides a nod to classic castle themes with a wolf pack broach. The new hood piece completes the figure.

Cyborg Images


Quite the striking character, the Cyborg has green and silver printing to represent computer circuits that have replaced part of her body. The printing is complimented by the striking blue hair piece and she is bulked up with an armour chest piece and a gun, giving her all she needs for combat.

Cute Little Devil Image


Cute Little Devil

This figure is already dressed up for Halloween and he even has a pumpkin bucket to collect those sweets. A plethora of pieces come in this packet, from tail piece to pitchfork.

Dog Show Winner Image


Dog Show Winner

Any Terrier fans out there? It seems LEGO picked up on the dog’s success at Crufts this year, for now you can buy the first ever Scottish Terrier dog. Don’t forget he comes with a trophy. Oh! And the proud owner (or possibly judge) who even has a treat in his pocket for the 1st prize winner.

Scallywag Pirate ImageScallywag Pirate

This pirate harks back to the popular classic theme with his garish colours and classic sword. But now the pirate has a modern twist, with the new bald head/bandanna piece. Speaking of new, that map he comes with has a brand new design which must mean a new lot of treasure to find. X marks the spot!

Babysitter ImageBabysitter

With the 1st LEGO baby being made earlier this year it was only a matter of time before LEGO released another baby. This time he comes with an adorable blue bib, complete with a tiny elephant design. The Babysitter herself has a great pug design on her shirt and her hair is quite a rare piece. Well worth picking this one up for the baby alone, who also comes with a blue bottle.

Wildlife Photographer ImageWildlife Photographer

A personal favourite of mine, this figure comes set up in her arctic gear with a camera at the ready to take pictures of what is the first LEGO penguin (excluding Duplo). The penguin is adorable and goes great with the Penguin Boy from earlier. It even has a stud on its back so other figures can ride it, but you’ll need a stand to stop them from falling over!

Mariachi ImageMariachi

Last but not least is the Mariachi in his ornately detailed black suit, highlighted with intricate silver symbols. His hat and moustache create an authentic Mexican feel, but the best piece has to be his guitar (a brand new piece), which is perfect in every way.

This series has a great variety of figures, which have just been released. Find them in store or online in the little yellow blind bags. Good luck finding your favourite figure!

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