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22nd February 2016

LEGO® The Big Bang Theory

LEGO® The Big Bang Theory

James in our Toy Department has the rundown on LEGO®'s most recent Ideas release: The Big Bang Theory!

LEGO Big Bang Theory Set Review

As a new set with wide appeal, LEGO® Ideas The Big Bang Theory is sure to bring a smile to the face of every fan of the comedy programme we have all grown to love. Even if you’ve never bought a LEGO set in your life there's a lot of detail, as well as a lot of references, in this playset that are sure to make you gasp with glee as you recall the hilarious origins from the show.

The Minifigures

The set includes seven Minifigures (highly unusual for a set of this size) with all of the main cast members present.

Sheldon ImageSheldon

First up is Sheldon; the character the show tends to focus on. The best part of this Minifigure has to be the torso, which accurately features a long-sleeved blue shirt under one of his trademark t-shirts, this one with the highly recognisable flash logo. The head is double sided, as with all of the figures, showing Sheldon’s grin, which I would venture to say is based on his unsettling fake smile.

Amy Image


Amy is one of the most accurate representations in this set; her usual, quirky fashion sense captured nicely with the printed cardigan. She also has another face with a slight grin that reflects the character well.

Leonard Image



Next up is Leonard (wearing the same outfit he wore when he proposed), whose simple design is effective in pulling off the look of the character. Some nice touches are the hood printed on his back and his alternate face with a disgruntled expression, usually displayed to Sheldon.

Penny Image


Penny, next door neighbour to the boys, is also here. With long blonde hair and a pink shirt she closely resembles her on screen counterpart. And, although she smiles most of the time, this LEGO Penny is equipped with a sneer that suggests she doesn’t quite understand something, such as the card game: Mystic Warlords of Ka'ah.

Howard Image



Another great figure in the set is Howard. Not only does he sport a new hair piece, but the Minifigure also features printed sideburns. Best of all is the printed belt, another recurring feature of the show, which resembles a retro gaming controller. Overall this is a great Minifigure.



From the star necklace she always wears to the colourful floral clothes, Bernadette is, in my opinion, the best and most accurate of all of the Minifigures in this set. She even comes with a harsh angry face, which perfectly portrays her angry side.


Raj ImageRaj

Last, and by no means least, is Raj. With great printing, and even his dog Cinnamon (though not the right breed it’s still a nice touch), Raj is a fantastic Minifigure. The icing on the cake has to be his second face which shows him lost for words.

The Set

The build itself depicts a corner of Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment, with all the features found on the set meticulously recreated in LEGO form to be played and displayed with. The sofa and armchair are included, as well as an additional black chair, which can either represent the director’s chair or can be used to sit an extra figure in.

LEGO The Big Bang Theory Image

Shelves Image

Leonard and Sheldon’s bookshelves are also featured, complete with books and an interesting array of items: from various globes to the iconic green lantern power battery. Four mini-dolls are included to represent action figures, as well as printed Chinese takeaway boxes, a newspaper, a mug for hot beverages, a white board complete with lipstick pens, and a full set of cutlery (even saucepans and spatulas!).

DNA Image

The DNA spiral is striking, and the walls are covered with paintings and posters that are all screen accurate which, along with the brick built carpet, gives the set a pleasant techni-colour scheme. But, the highlight of the room has to be what’s printed on the white board: a reference to the episode “The Bozeman Reaction,” in which Sheldon plays Pictionary with Penny and a sleeping Leonard.The board is a nice puzzle for fans to work out.

Also note that, as a LEGO Ideas set, the box and instructions are of a far better quality than normal, and the instruction book even has a little info on the show and the set’s creators!

Final Verdict

As a fan of both LEGO and The Big Bang Theory I was thrilled when this set was announced and snapped mine up quickly. As a LEGO Ideas set it is one of a kind, being the only Big Bang Theory set, making all of the Minifigures in this set exclusive.
Pick up yours in store or online today!

Also check out the other LEGO Ideas sets, such as LEGO Doctor Who!
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4th February 2016

Celebrate This Valentine's Day in Style

Celebrate This Valentine's Day in Style

Egg Ring ImageIf you've glanced at the calendar lately you will undoubtedly have noticed that it's once again time to start plotting the perfect Valentine's day celebration—just the thing to brighten up the tail end of winter! To get you started we've put together a few ideas to help you make the day a success. 

Why not start the things off with a Valentine’s breakfast? It’s a great opportunity to get creative and make heart shaped pancakes or eggs for someone special in your life, capped off of course with a sparkling glass of buck’s fizz. Valentine's day falls on a Sunday this year, so this could be the perfect excuse for a leisurely breakfast in bed.  

Champagne Flute ImageIf you’re in need of supplies, we have plenty of goodies in our Cookshop to help make your breakfast a heart-shaped success—try a Zeal Silicone Egg Ring in the shape of a heart, or a heart shaped cookie cutter should do the trick for the pancakes (or toast if you prefer). We also have a wide a selection of champagne flutes, which are great whether you're celebrating at breakfast or at dinner. We even have some heart shaped plates, if you really want to go all out!

Floating Petals ImageIf you're planning to set the mood for a romantic dinner for two, candles are a must. With plenty of options, from taper candles and church candles, to tea lights and scented candles, creating a little atmosphere shouldn’t be too tricky (although, as ever, take great care with anything that’s alight!) You could also try sprinkling a few rose petals around the home—we have some artificial petals that are great for the bath too, as they float in water.

Card Image

If it’s choosing the perfect gift that’s got you tied in knots, there are always the time honoured classics: chocolates and flowers. We have a wide range of delicious Guylian chocolates to choose from, not to mention the fantastic chocolate counter in our Gifts department, where you can pick out the tastiest looking chocolates to spoil your Valentine with. While you're at it, you could check out our selection of silk flowers, which won't wilt the second Valentine's Day is over. And, of course, whatever you do, don’t forget the ever important Valentine’s card—the perfect accompaniment to your gift!

Necklace Image

To leave your loved one feeling sufficiently pampered, see the Valentines section of our website for suggestions on other classic romantic gifts. However, if you know that jewellery will be well received, why not take a look at our full range of Espree jewellery? We also have an excellent selection of cosmetic and beauty products to choose from: from perfume and cologne, to make up and shaving soap, there's a little something for everyone. 

Wallet Image

And if your partner isn’t a fan of red roses and things covered with hearts, not to worry, there’s no reason why you can’t make a walleta bag or even the latest LEGO set a romantic gesture par excellence! We highly recommend having a look at our selection of designer watches from Ben Sherman, Police, Obaku and Oasis, which are all reduced at the moment. Our range of stylish cufflinks by Duncan Walton are also worth a gander, especially if you're shopping for a particularly dapper gent. 

Sparkling Afternoon TeaIf you think your other half is best suited to pick their present and they haven't been dropping hints, then why not treat yourselves to lunch or an Afternoon Tea for 2 in our 1738 Tea Room and then whisk them to our Gifts or other departments for a shopping trip. A Sparkling Afternoon Tea for 2 is a great gift in itself and the vouchers don't have to be used on the Sunday itself. 

Or, if you're feeling like being adventurous with your Valentine's shopping this year, why not have a browse for something less conventional that you know they’ll love? And for those of you celebrating solo this Valentine's day, we heartily recommend making a day of it—pamper yourself with an extra special breakfast, and treat yourself to something that you've had your eye on! However you spend this Valentine's Day though, and whoever you spend it with, we hope that you get thoroughly spoilt to your hearts content!

Banner photo copyright of Wilson Hui, cropped from original.

3rd February 2016

Get To Know LEGO®'s Newest Minifigure Arrivals

Get To Know LEGO®'s Newest Minifigure Arrivals

We're excited to say that the latest LEGO® Minifigures are here! To celebrate, and to kick-start your collection, James in our Toy department has put together all the must know information on the newest little LEGO folk.

The next series in LEGO®’s hugely popular Minifigure lineseries 15 is out and with it comes a plethora of inventive and exciting new characters to collect. This time the LEGO group has gone with a more general theme, having previously done The Simpsons and Halloween themes. With Series 15 we are treated to a wide range of figures from Astronaut to Animal Control Officer. Each minifigure is sold separately in a blind bag, with a total of 16 to collect.

The Farmer Image


The first figure in the series is the Farmer: a great figure with boots, an overall, a hat and a pitchfork. But best of all is the brown spotted pig, who not only fits on studded baseplates, it also has a stud on top to allow a Minifigure to sit on him!


Resembling the classic Space Minifigures from the 1980’s, the Astronaut comes well equipped for space with his oxygen tanks, helmet and gold tinted visor. LEGO fans will recognise the classic space logo printed on his flag.

Frightening Knight Image


Frightening Knight

Printed from head to toe in green robes and wielding his morning star weapon, this knight is truly terrifying. From the thick helmet and spiked shoulder gear, to the red-eyed bear on his shield, you can tell he is a knight to be reckoned with.

Clumsy Guy ImageClumsy Guy

This is a great, unique figure that will fit into any LEGO theme, from City to Superhero. The poor guy has had a pretty large accident and now has a set of crutches, a head bandage and even a signed leg cast. Perhaps his t-shirt is indicating the cause of the accident? That’s for you to decide!

Tribal WomanTribal Woman Image

This highly detailed figure has very ornate clothing, with tassels printed on her legs, arms and torso, as well as a rare hairpiece with detachable feathers. But that is nothing compared to the first LEGO baby in history! Not only is a Minifigure able to hold the baby, but you can also attach the baby to the figure's back.

Flying Warrior Image

Flying Warrior

This Minifigure appears to be entirely gold coloured, and is going to be highly sought after as a result. Aside from the head and the arms the rest of the pieces are pearl gold: from the wings and the spear to the chest plate and the head gear.

FaunFaun Image

This figure resembles Mr Tumnus thanks to the new legs piece (or should that be hoofs piece) as well as the head piece, which features ears and horns sticking out of messy hair. The inclusion of a flute is a nice touch, as is the torso printing, which shows tufts of fur coming from the legs.

Animal Control Officer Image

Animal Control Officer

The Animal Control figure isn’t too special, although the skunk badge on her arm is cute and her trousers include side printing, but it's the skunk and net that are the main attractions. The skunk is a brand new piece with white printing and a fluffy tail that really sets it off.

The JanitorJanitor Image

This figure will look great in any LEGO City setting and is a representation of a stereotypical janitor, complete with blue suit and cap. The moustache is highly appropriate and the new mop head is a great mould that would look good in the hands of the 11th Doctor from the Doctor Who set.

Ballerina Image


Sure to be a hit with aspiring dancers, the ballerina comes with a new tutu and perfect detailing; from the criss-cross ribbons of the shoes to the silver flower hair pins in the tied up bun.

Laser Mech Image

Laser Mech

This is the evil counterpart to the orange and white Mech from Series 9, but there’s more than just a change in the colour scheme. This figure has a set of transparent blue and black wings, not to mention a cool dual moulded blue blade. Topped off with both a chest piece and a helmet, there are plenty of pieces to this figure. Not to mention the ‘Tron’ like printing hidden underneath.

Kendo Fighter

Kendo Fighter

Equipped with dual Katanas and blue protective armour, the Kendo fighter is an interesting character based on the Japanese martial art, Kendo, which uses bamboo swords. As well as providing fun perhaps this figure will be educational to those who did not previously know about this fighting style, such as myself.

Shark Suit GuyShark Suit Guy

The next in the line of Minifigures in costume, the shark guy is sure to be a hit thanks to the large head piece, complete with fin and tail. The Minifigure may not seem too happy in the picture, but he comes with a double sided face that has a far happier expression.

Wrestling Champion Image

Wrestling Champion

Seemingly based on WWE wrestlers, with his large belt, the wrestling champion comes with shaggy hair and a gold cup to show he really is the champion.

Jewel ThiefJewel Thief Image

This figure brings to mind the DC Superheroes villainess Catwoman, and features a black mask with a suit to match. The accessories are fun, the harpoon gun being a favourite of mine, and the diamond is the quintessential jewel for the thief to steal.

The QueenQueen Image

Last, but certainly not least, is The Queen. A unique figure in many ways, but most unique of all is her new dress piece, which accurately portrays the medieval style. The large two piece cloth robe helps tie her in with the series 13 king.

So which Minifigure do you want most? Series 15 is now available in store and online! And if you need a place to play with your figures, how about the LEGO Creator 31050: Corner Deli? Or you could take a browse through our LEGO collections for ideas for fun sets to treat your latest Minifigures to! Enjoy!

27th January 2016

2015's Cooking and Dining Bestsellers

2015's Cooking and Dining Bestsellers

Once again we’ve had a good look at some of our top sellers from over the past year, but this time looking at the best-sellers from our cooking and dining ranges. We've broken things down in to two lists, one with the best-selling cooking items and the other with the top dining ranges. So whether you love to cook, dine, or both, why not take a look at what was in high demand in 2015?


Paring Knife Image5. Kicking off our list is the trusty paring knife—an essential for budding chefs and reluctant cooks alike. With its small, but useful, blade the paring knife is ideal for everyday tasks like peeling fruit and veg, chopping, or for more artistic jobs such as scoring patterns into pastry. The paring knife is one of those must have items for every kitchen, and so little wonder that the Sabichi stainless steel paring knife sold so successfully throughout 2015.

Royal Cuisine Image4. The 16cm Royal Cuisine Stainless Steel Induction Saucepan has proven to be something of a favourite over the past year. That’s probably because this ferric pan can be used just as easily on induction, electric, ceramic, halogen and gas hobs so, whatever your cooking preferences, this saucepan is always up for the task, and at a great price too. We’re also told that stainless steel is often the preferred cooking material of professional chef’s. But of course it’s not just the pan that matters, but also what you put in it! Let’s hope that all of those saucepans are now off living lives of culinary excitement throughout the area.

3. Sometimes the top selling products are the ones that provide crucial functions but that keep things nice and simple too. The plain spatula from Stow Green is next on our list, and given how useful it is it’s hard to argue with its success. Especially great for cooking in a wok or on a skillet, this non-conductive spatula is great for protecting your hands from the heat, unlike many metal ones. And, as a versatile tool, they aren’t half bad for stirring batter either. They really are very useful, so little surprise they remain a year-round favourite.

Skewer Image2. Clearly the Oxford area has seen its fair share of barbeques, fondu parties and other similar get-togethers in the past 12 months. Our second best-selling cooking item of 2015 was the Kitchen Craft pack of 100 bamboo skewers, a product that, despite its apparent simplicity, is adept at being the cause of much merriment at a wide range of events. As a great, easy way to make tasty treats, and a dining utensil at the same time (whether you prefer a kebab or chocolate dipped marshmallows) the skewer has it covered!

Pancake ImageSlotted Turner1. Although chances are you have at least one of these somewhere in your kitchen, our top selling cooking item of 2015 may still surprise you. The Nylon Slotted Turner sold in impressive quantities, and as a faithful cooking ally we agree that we’d feel a bit lost without one. Not to be confused with the spatula (and the key is in the name), the slotted turner is fantastic for serving and turning a whole range of tasty food items on grills and in pans, from pancakes to burgers...its enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it!

This slotted variety lets any oils and fats drip away and back into the pan—which is better for both the food and for you, not to mention, of course, that this nylon essential won’t scratch and scuff your pans. It’s not difficult, then, to see why the nylon slotted turner has proven so popular with our customers, and remains a firm favourite!

(Image Credit)


For those of you more interested in the dining side of things, we’ve taken a look at our bestselling ranges to wine and dine off over the past year.

Yong Ming Image

5. The Yong Ming bone china range has been fantastically popular. With its sleek, classic white design, and added strength (at a great price) it’s fairly easy to see why. In fact the Yong Ming 14cm bowl has been so popular that we’ve temporarily sold out. No to worry though, the rest of the range is in stock, and more are on their way!

Zawiercie Image

4. The next item on our best-selling list has been a notable favourite among both our in-store customers, and our online ones alike. The Zawiercie Majestic range of artfully designed and made glasses is undoubtedly deserving of its place on such a list. Designed and made in Poland, these glasses come in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes, including champagne saucers, tumblers, sherry and brandy glasses, as well as the ever popular red wine glass (the most successful item of this highly popular range). Each glass has been hand made in Zawiercie’s distinctive style, which refracts the light quite beautifully. These glasses are all made from crystal, which is that bit stronger than your average glass. Bravo!

Spectrum Image

3. Firmly holding its ground in third place is the fantastic and affordable range of Spectrum porcelain plates, bowls and mugs. With their distinctive splash of colour around the rim, but classic design, they really are rather lovely. We’re inclined to believe that it’s no coincidence that this range hit its peak in popularity around September and October 2015 (when the university year began), as they offer a fun, elegant and affordable means of dining, whether you’re on a student budget or not.

Ravenhead Essentials2. Rather fittingly, the second-to-top selling dining range was also a firm favourite around last September and October, and another fantastically priced selection of products, if we do say so ourselves. With a huge selection of different glasses for everyday use (pint glasses for example) to ones for special occasions (champagne flutes), the Ravenhead Essentials range has been understandably successful this past year.

Colourworks Cutlery Image1. So what have we sold in the greatest quantities to accompany you through your mealtimes? Its rather obvious actually, but we do enjoy creating an air of mystery…it turns out that people flocked to our Cookshop department in search of cutlery. See, quite logical really because, unless you've been putting the bamboo skewers to good use, chances are you’ll be needing some utensils to eat with. But we’re not talking about just any cutlery. This is the top selling range after all: the Colourworks cutlery range from Kitchen CraftTa-daa! Available in striking colours so that you can mix or match to your liking. We sold almost double the amount of Colourworks cutlery last year than we did the impressive Spectrum range! 

Other favourites throughout the year were the Bodum Cafetiere range (because what good is your Spectrum mug without something to go in it), and the Stow Green Laptray in assorted designs. But, while the right cooking equiptment or china and glassware can really make all the difference to your meal, we're not going to pretend that the food itself isn't the most important part. So why not cook yourself something special and sit down to lots of delicious meals over the coming year. Or, if you fancy treating yourself, come visit our fantastic new 1738 tearoom, where we'd be delighted to spoil you for a little while!

16th January 2016

Our Countdown of 2015's Top Toys

Our Countdown of 2015's Top Toys

It’s been a busy year in the toy world, with lots of great new releases, such as the incredibly popular Live Pets, TY’s Cecil the Lion Beanie Baby, and a whole host of fantastic new Star Wars toys. We’ve taken a look back over the past year to see which items most consistently captured your imaginations. In order to give you an idea of the sheer range of popular 2015 toys and games, we’ve divided our top-selling toys into two categories: pocket money toys and best-sellers over £10.

Pocket Money Favourites

Our top selling pocket money items are in many ways both surprising and perfectly logical. These are the toys that have been bought in the greatest quantites throughout the year, and we found that it's largely those classic games that, at some point or other, we've all played that live on the most.

Dice Image5.The dice has been a firm favourite for milennia, and here it still is, on our 2015 list of best-selling toys! Presumably that's because we all know, as did the Ancient Greeks, apparently, that at the heart of a good game is a good dice! Its fantastic to see that something so simple, but seemingly fundamental, can still hold its own for popularity. 

Playing Cards Image

4. In a similar vein, we found that good old fashioned playing cards have also managed to maintain their status and have proved as popular as ever, providing great entertainment value for a whole range of occasions and across all age ranges; little wonder that they were bought in great numbers all year round then! 

HOT Wheels image

3. Another favourite over the past year, and the perfect purchase on a pocket money budget, were the Hot Wheels Basics Cars. With a variety of different miniature die cast vehicles to choose from, Hot Wheels has something great to offer for any junior car enthusiast; something that hasn’t changed since the late 1960s.

2. Our second best-selling pocket money item has done impressively well, especially when you consider that it was only released four months ago! The LEGO® Minifigures Series 14 Monsters has proven to be extremely popular, and in high demand. And rightly so. This series of Minifigures includes a Zombie Pirate and a Monster Rocker—really, what’s not to love?! Overall 2015 has proven to be a good year for Minifigures, with four of the top ten best-selling toy items being the various series of these fantastic little LEGO people. And we’re very pleased to announce that the latest instalment, LEGO Minifigures Series 15, is now available in store and online!

Marbles Image 11. In terms of the sheer quantity of items sold from our Toy department in the past year, though, nothing comes even close to beating one particular toy… Care to hazard a guess? You may be pleased and surprised to learn that it’s the marble! In fact, we sold almost double the amount of our small 14-17m marbles than we did the series 14 Minifigures! And the medium, 22-25m, marble ranked impressively high on our list as well. 

Marbles Image 2

The marble has enjoyed over 150 years as a firm favourite, and a childhood ally for multiple generations, so we’re delighted to see that its popularity hasn’t diminished with time. Marbles are often best selected in person, as the right marble can just catch your eye, so why not pop in to store to see our full range, and choose yourself a winning marble!

Top Selling £10 and Up Toys

Oxford Monopoly Image5. No list of best-selling toys is really complete without at least one edition of Monopoly. And, we’re proud to say that on this occasion it’s the Oxford edition that has made it onto our top-sellers list! Great for a little Oxford tourism on a rainy day. You can buy up The Kassam Stadium or The Ashmolean Museum, or even the home of Boswells itself, Broad Street! No arguments here, this is a great game.

Bananagrams4. Our next toy favourite is a great travel game for all of the family, aaand it looks like a banana. No, seriously, it does. Bananagrams is a clever word game that stretches your vocabulary, is fun, educational, and comes in a banana pouch that makes it really portable and easy to spot in your bag. Having first been released only 10 years ago Bananagrams is possibly the least established best-seller mentioned here—pretty remarkable to have been one of 2015’s favourites then! We’re impressed!

Rubik's Cube3. Wowing and frustrating all who’ve tried their hand at it since 1980 (when it was released internationally), the Rubik’s cube has lost none of its prominence. But then, for some of us, 36 years doesn’t sound like anywhere near enough time to finish one of these incredible and complex puzzles (we’re told that its possible in 10 seconds!). As a perennial favourite, the Rubik’s cube has managed to hold its spot as a best-seller with relative ease. We should have more stock in soon, but if you can't wait that long, there are now new Rubik’s challenges to attempt and lose your patience with too, such as the Rubik’s Twist and the Rubik’s Void.

Star wars Image

2. Star Wars kind of had to make an apperance somewhere on this list, and it hasn't disappointed. In the number two spot on the list is a LEGO® Star Wars item: the LEGO Jedi Interceptor. While this set has vanished from our shelves at lightspeed, don’t worry, there are still plenty of other great LEGO Star Wars sets in stock for you to try your hand at in 2016.

1. Any guesses as to what the most successful toy over £10 was over the past year? If you guessed that it was something you build out of LEGO®, then you’re very warm indeed. In fact it was the LEGO Ideas, limited edition, LEGO Birds set, which flew off our shelves and sold out phenomenally quickly in the run up to Christmas. We can only imagine that there are some fantastic examples of these birds now all over Oxfordshire as a result. While we don’t have any more of this particular LEGO set, luckily LEGO Ideas has not been idle. We still have their LEGO Dr Who set in stock, as well as their latest release, LEGO The Big Bang Theory, which is now in store and online! Keep an eye out for more limited editions on our website throughout the year!

2016 looks set to be another great toy year, with lots more exciting things to come from LEGO®, a summer of superhero flicks that doubtless promise some great merchandise, not to mention The BFG, Angry Birds and Ghostbusters! And who knows what else lies ahead! Plus, of course, those classic items won’t be going anywhere fast, they’re classics for good reasons. And, beyond the best selling items of course there’s something to be said for those toys that speak more personally to individual tastes. Whatever lies on the horizon though, here’s to a fantastic, toy filled 2016!

6th January 2016

How to Banish Dandruff This New Year

How to Banish Dandruff This New Year

Managing Dry Scalp and Dandruff 

There may not be white snowflakes on the ground, but we may see the odd white flake on people’s shoulders this winter. Dry skin is a common problem and when it affects the scalp we see the evidence of dandruff very clearly. It affects both men and women, mostly in their twenties; it is the most common scalp problem to walk into a Pharmacy.

Winter Image

There are several factors that control the occurrence of dandruff and, like snow, cold windy weather is one of them. Wintry weather and moving between warm buildings and cold environments has a drying effect on our skin and almost everything you do to your hair can have a drying and damaging effect. Of course, the last thing you want is to spoil your crowning glory. Too many sugary and refined carbohydrates and not enough nutrients like Vitamin B and essential fatty acids can also dry the skin. Not such an easy fix at this time of the year.                                                                                                                                        Image copyright of                           

Hair Brush ImageThe elements you can control are making sure you eat well, brush your hair regularly, and generally treat your hair gently when shampooing and drying. The dandruff that you see is usually made up of piles of dead skin cells and regular brushing will encourage these skin cells to shed normally. Apart from unsightly clumps of dandruff, ready to fall whenever you move your head, the scalp can become itchy. Of course, do check that the white bits in your hair aren’t crawling nits, which is a whole other problem. Not scratching an itch can be almost impossible to do, but try rubbing or massaging the area rather than getting your nails out. You can also try to brush your hair gently to avoid getting an infection. 

Dandruff ImageAnother cause of dandruff is an overgrowth of a fungal yeast, previously known as pityrosporum ovale, but now called malassezia - try saying that after a few mulled wines! Seborrhoeic dermatitis can affect the whole body and might be caused by that same fungus: it can look more serious and might need a visit to the GP for a prescription of anti-fungal, or even antibiotic, treatment.

Never Fear, Anti-Dandruff is Here!

Those embarrassing dandruff flakes can be cleared up easily with a specialised shampoo. Which one to use can be a harder decision; generally speaking if you haven’t seen an improvement within a few weeks, try a different one. Once you do see an improvement stick with it, as it may come back. Anti-Fungal shampoos containing Zinc Pyrithione, Coal Tar, Arachis Oil, Extract of Coal Tar, Ketoconazole, Selenium Sulphide, Ciclopirox Olamine, Undecenoic Acid all help to reduce the overgrowth of yeast. Keratolytic, Salicylic Acid and Benzalkonium all help to remove the build up of dead skin cells and can be found in combination with some anti-fungals. Ask your GP, as these can be cheaper on prescription.

Here at Boswells we have a range of specialised shampoos including (in our cosmetics department):

In the Pharmacy we have:

  • Selsun ImageSebamed Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for an oily dandruff prone scalp. £5.10 200ml.
  • Selsun Shampoo 2.5% w/v (Selenium Sulphide) Medical treatment for Dandruff £5.53 150ml. Not recommended for children under 5 years old. 
  • Capasal Therapeutic Shampoo (Salicylic Acid 0.5% w/w, Coconut Oil 1.0% w/w, Distilled Coal Tar 1.0% w/w;) £9.38 250ml. For dry, scaly scalp conditions, and to remove previous scalp applications.
  • Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Coal Tar Extract. £5.90-£9.10 125ml-250ml.
  • Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Fragrance Free. £6.48 60ml.
  • Alphosyl 2 in 1 Shampoo Medicated Coal Tar. £6.99 250ml.
  • Oilatum Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo £9.18 100ml. For itchy, flaking scalps, including stubborn dandruff.
  • Neem Shampoo £5.99 200ml. Contains extracts of Neem leaves and has a soothing action, leaving the scalp and hair feeling fresh and healthy. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Not suitable for those with nut allergies and not for use during pregnancy.
  • Head & Shoulders: the classic choice of various shampoos, conditioners and 2 in 1's. £2.99-£3.10.

Head and ShouldersDon't forget that if you use harsh shampoos they can dry the scalp out, so don't overdo these products, as you could make things worse! Call in to Boswells and ask the advice of our pharmacists to prevent this from happening. There are many other products designed to moisturise your hair and scalp, including deep oil treatments that can be left on the hair. If you really want to give your dry itchy scalp a treat, Baby Oil and Baby Shampoo are the key. Gently massage a few drops of Baby Oil into your scalp, place a shower cap over your hair and leave for an hour while you relax. Later use the Baby Shampoo to gently rinse the Oil out, leaving your skin richly moisturised and flake free. This treatment does not increase the dryness of the scalp skin, which makes dandruff worse.

So why not start the New Year with a happy, flake free scalp? Enjoy!

Banner image credit, cropped from original.

14th December 2015

Star Wars Your Life With Boswells

Star Wars Your Life With Boswells

Cinema ImageWhen Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope first hit the screens in 1977 it was one of a handful of milestone films that redefined what a Hollywood blockbuster was, and what it could be. Its director, George Lucas, was little known with very limited success already under his directorial belt, but his fresh take on the Sci-Fi film shot to the top of the global box office and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1978. To date it is still the the 7th highest grossing film of all time in the American box office. And here we are, 38 years on, once again eagerly awaiting the release of the latest Star Wars instalment, J.J. Abrams’s Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. But your excitement needn’t be reserved exclusively for the film itself, there’s plenty of great memorabilia available to help you to fill your life as full of Star Wars as you like!

Image copyright of L'Odéon.

Everyday Ideas

Wookie Cookie Tin ImageFor those of you looking to filter Star Wars in to all corners of your life, we have lots of suggestions to help you along. What kitchen is complete, after all, without its very own Wookie Cookie Tin? And what fridge doesn’t need a Return of the Jedi magnet? Our cookshop department has everything from mini Star Wars character glasses and C3PO and R2-D2 egg cups to Star Wars themed tea towels, Death Star lunch trays and Darth Vader and Stormtrooper coasters. Or, if you want to go all out with the décor, we have several The Force Awakens posters to choose from too.

Darth Vader Light ImageIn fact you can now enjoy official Star Wars memorabilia even on the go, with a Darth Vader Thermos flask, one of a selection of Star Wars lunch tins, or a handy LEGO® Keychain Light shaped like one of a number of characters from the films (ideal for dark winter nights). We also have some fun Star Wars Legends suitcases from American Tourister with a Darth Vader design (available in three different sizes).

Toys and Models

Star Wars Lego Image

As far as toy releases for the new film goes though, we couldn’t be more excited about the new range of Star Wars LEGO®. From some of the smaller, simpler builds like Rey’s Speeder to the complex but very cool LEGO Millennium Falcon, or the newly released character builds, there’s a lot here to keep you busy over the holiday season—not to mention they’re pretty great as gift ideas.

If models are your thing though, don’t worry, Disney haven’t forgotten about you, and neither have we. Big or small, we have an array of models for you to choose from and build. Revell have produced model kits of some iconic Star Wars spaceships, such as the Millennium Falcon, which have sound and light parts. The models all snap together, so they’re suitable for children and adults alike. For those up for a different kind of modelling challenge, you might like to try one of the Metal Earth 3D models, like the AT-AT Walker.

LightsaberIf you happen to fancy a lightsaber fight with a friend (we don’t blame you, they’re really rather fun) we have a selection of character specific extendable lightsabers to choose from. And if you really want to get into character we also have some Darth Vader and Chewbacca masks with sound, as well as an array of kid’s character costumes: from Finn and Rey, to Kylo Ren and Stormtroopers

Luke Frywalker Image

And if that doesn’t whet your appetite for The Force Awakens, we also have plenty of character figures, die cast spaceships and Hot Wheels Character cars, not to mention some very special Mr Potato Head Star Wars Toys—Luke Frywalker anyone?

Games and Puzzles

For those of you that love puzzles, we have some great items for you too! Ravensburger have produced some stunning official jigsaws to keep you occupied. From 200 piece, 500 piece, and 1000 pieceThe Force Awakens jigsaw puzzles to the really rather cool Darth Vader Silhouette puzzle, there’s plenty to get stuck into. Or if you’re looking for the perfect board game to play with the family this Christmas, we have some fantastic Star Wars versions of some classic games

Star Wars Monopoly Image

It’s hard to go far wrong with any edition of Monopoly, it’s true, but we think the Star Wars edition is really quite special. Not only can you choose to play as one of a selection of characters, you can also play for the Rebel or the Empire side, the ultimate goal being to conquer and dominate the universe for either good or evil—no pressure! We also have Star Wars Risk, and a brand new Star Wars X-Wing game, amongst others, that you can find online and in store in our Toy and our Gift departments.

And if, after all of these suggestions, you still feel the need for more Star Wars in your life, you could always consider going to see Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which is released in cinemas for your viewing pleasure on the 17th of December 2015. We suggest booking in advance, its only, y'know, the biggest film release of the year! See you there!

(Banner image credit.)

9th December 2015

Lego® Ideas & Dr Who the perfect combination?

Lego® Ideas & Dr Who the perfect combination?

James from our Toys department writes about the latest in the Lego® Ideas range and it's new Entry Dr Who!

Being a passionate fan of both Lego and Doctor Who I have been following the progress of this Ideas set since its birth on the Lego Ideas website (Lego Cusoo at the time). Lego Ideas is a way for people to design their favourite set and have the chance for Lego to produce it, if it culminates 10,000 supporters. The few sets that reach this target are then reviewed and if Lego see’s it fit for mass production, it is finally made into a set. So far we have been treated to such sets as 21301 Birds and 21303 Wall-e which are both amazing to builds but Doctor who for me tops them both. So let’s allon-sy with the review!

Lego birdsWall E Lego


For starters the set includes many minifigures, all of which are exclusive. We are treated to not one, but two Doctors, the eleventh and current twelfth doctors, complete with sonic screwdriver and fez. Clara is indeed present, although she has just departed the series and features a double sided head with a perfect quizzical look.

12th Doctor 11th Doctor Clara

As for the Villains the set includes three. The weeping angel has large wings and a brilliant double sided head to represent both the calm weeping and the horrendous shrieking face that makes them so chilling. And what doctor who set is complete without the daleks, two of which are present, both the same gold design and brick built. You are also able to move the eye stalk which is an added bonus giving them crucial articulation.

Dalek Left  Dalek RightWeeping Angel

 The Console room

Tardis Console Room

The centrepiece of the set which will use up most of the bricks is the console room, a large room with railings and the striking console column. The column is outstanding thanks to the unusual use of transparent blue light-sabre bars which create the slanted effect of the column. Two monitors are attached near the bottom featuring Galiffreyan text and each sector of the hexagonal console is highly detailed with the dematerialisation/re-materialisation lever present and even a printed purple plate to represent… well the purple round bit on the console.

Blue Box

Last and certainly not least is the Tardis that we all recognise (thanks to a broken chameleon circuit). As you can see above the blue box is able to open and attach to the console room, revealing ‘those round things’ to be on the inside as represented by blue and orange pieces. The piece when finished is highly satisfying and with the ability to place a minifigure inside, you can fly the doctor wherever you want.

Tardis outsideTardis inside

Final word

11th Doctor with FezOverall I think this is a fantastic set. You’ll get a lot of build value (It took me close to four hours!), the minifigures are great and you can really see the dedication and fan service the designers at Lego have put into the set. From including a fez to something as simple as being able to open the Tardis up, this is a fun build and is sure to bring a smile to any whovians face. In the words of the ninth doctor: Fantastic.

13th November 2015

Get Inspired by Adult Education

Get Inspired by Adult Education

An academic life straight after school isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it can be a rewarding and enjoyable addition in later life. Rosie in our Pharmacy shares her experience at Oxford's own Ruskin College.

You're Never Too Old To Learn!

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, so be more cat. Academic life isn’t for everyone and many people miss that first step from school to college. It’s a doozy. They invented gap years and clearing to help with the transition from college to University, but, contrary to popular belief, the world won’t end if you don’t get the exam results you wanted. Reality can be tough and it often seems like your choices are limited, and life certainly fills up with chores, hobbies, friends, family, work and debtsand studying disappears from view. I certainly didn’t get the results I had expected and had to radically change my plans. After re-taking exams at the local college I thought that I had enough to get a job. My friends who had studied, moved away to University. I gave up on education and settled for a more domestic life.Exam Image

Still there was something missing. I tried the odd writing course at youth centres and theatres. I even went to Oxford Brookes to learn how to use computers! This wasn’t taught when I was at school but seemed to be essential in the 21st century. With help from the local library and the job centre I gained qualifications that enhanced my C.V. When I started work in a pharmacy I found that part of my employment contract was to study all the medicines that I was going to be selling. With a lot of help and hard work I gained a Medicine Counter Assistant Certificate—and a pay rise!

You’re never too old to learn, but it wasn’t until a leaflet came through my door in 2012, about the courses at Ruskin College, that I was persuaded to follow my dream. I applied to Ruskin College to study Writing for Performance and was amazed that they let me in. It was the start of two of the most challenging, exciting and happy years of my life. I graduated last year with a Foundation Degree and now write pieces for the company blog (like this one) which I really enjoy—I would never have considered doing anything like that before.

Ruskin College is well known around the world for the second chance it gives to people, no matter what their background. Some take incredible journeys to get here because they want to learn and gain the bits of paper that had eluded them at school, or to go on to study at other universities, or improve their skills in their chosen profession. 

Graduation ImageRuskin is aware of the obstacles that make it difficult to study at any age, and offer support for students both with their personal and their emotional difficulties. Several students discover at a mature age that they have dyslexia or other problems that were missed at school, and Ruskin offers specialist help to improve their learning experiences. Though Ruskin is a small college it welcomes students from all over the world with a wonderful sense of community. It was the staff and the other students that made it such a magical place to study for me. The college allows multicultural people of all shapes and sizes to learn together in a supportive environment in the leafy suburb of Old Headington. 

What to Look For in a Course

Wherever you are thinking of studying I recommend looking for these facilities to make a truly supportive experience:

  • Small class sizes and weekly tutorials to allow you to get time to work directly with a tutor and to develop your knowledgebase and skills.
  • An excellent acedemic reputation with highly qualified staff who are there to support your learning every step of the way.
  • A supportive and encouraging environment to boost your confidence.
  • Opportunities for professional and career development .
  • Funding opportunities to help you realistically balance your work, home and study life. 
Learning Image

My friend, the late poet Davey MacArnold, used creative writing to help him overcome the horrors he had seen as a military veteran. Ruskin for him was a lifeline and led to performing his Homeless Oratorio in London. Philip Stevens has collected stories from Adult learners at various colleges (including Ruskin) in his excellent book Rita and Gerald: Adult Learning In Britain Today, so if you think studying isn't for you read about how others discovered a better life through education.

Stay curious and discover more about the things you are interested in. Perhaps you’ll end up teaching or who knows, writing a book. Why not make an academic qualification the next chapter in your life?

For more information on adult education why not take a look at:

The Open University,281595982,17976108862,[part%20time%20study]&mkwid=ga187-857-7519&KWID=374912437&keywordid=ggluk_[part%20time%20study]&kwcampaign=bau%20england%20-%20generics%20-%20exact#

Oxford Brookes

Ruskin College

Library Image

Birkbeck College: University of London

Other Local Study Programmes

3rd November 2015

Celebrating Guy Fawkes Night In and Around Oxford

Celebrating Guy Fawkes Night In and Around Oxford

Gunpowder Plotters Image

Remember, remember the 5th of November, or so the saying traditionally goes. It was, of course, on this infamous date in 1605 that a group of 13 gunpowder plotters attempted to bring both King and parliament to an explosive end with 36 barrels of hidden gunpowder. Guy Fawkes, the most remembered of the plotters—not, in fact, the leader of the conspirators but rather the man caught holding the lantern in the cellars of the Houses of Parliament—will be burned in effigy up and down the country in the coming days to mark the anniversary of the thwarting of the plot, as has become the custom. And, as well as bonfires aplenty there will be fireworks, hot dogs, burgers, and even funfairs to accompany the burning of "the Guy." Yup, 410 years on from Guy Fawkes’ arrest the act of remembering gunpowder, treason and plot is far from being “forgot,” and has grown into a full scale annual tradition.

To mark this occasion, and to help you make the most of Guy Fawkes Night, we’ve gathered up a list of upcoming bonfire and firework events in and around Oxford.

Fireworks Image5th November

For traditionalists that like to celebrate on the day itself:

Bonfire Night at the Plough—OX2 8BD (Fireworks and BBQ, 6pm).

Fireworks Night & Bonfire, St Michael’s Primary School—Marston, OX3 0EJ (5:30pm).

Dorchester on Thames Village Firework Display—Recreation Ground, Dorchester on Thames (5:30pm).

Kidlington Fireworks Display—Stratfield Brake Recreation Ground, Kidlington (fireworks to music, 6pm).

Stadhampton Fireworks Display—Stadhampton Village Green (Bonfire at 5:30, Fireworks 7pm).

6th November

Botley School Fireworks—OX2 9JZ (Fireworks and refreshments, 6pm).

22nd Oxford Sea Scouts Firework Display—OX4 4BJ (Fundraising firework display, BBQ, 6:45pm).

7th November

Oxford Round Table Fireworks Display—South Park (48th annual charity fireworks display, live music, refreshments and funfair, gates open 4:30pm, fireworks 6:45 followed by bonfire).

Night Lights Event—Barracks Lane Community Garden, OX4 2AP (Music, bonfires, stories, fire whirling and fairy gardens, 3:30-6:30pm).

Hanborough Musical Fireworks—The Pavillion, OX29 8JQ (Fireworks to music, BBQ, refreshments and funfair, 6:00).

Marsh Baldon Green Fireworks Display—The Green, Marsh Baldon (Bonfire, fireworks, funfair, refreshments, 6:30pm).

Didcot Charity Fireworks, Bonfire and Funfair—Lloyd Recreation Ground, OX11 7BN (Fireworks, funfair, refreshments, proceeds go to charity, gates open 5:30pm).

Bonfire Image

Standlake Cokethorpe Sea Scouts Annual Firework Spectacular—Standlake Village Hall (Fireworks, BBQ, Tombola, 6pm).

Bicester Round Table Firework Display and Bonfire—Pingle Field (Fireworks, fairground, bonfire, refreshments and music, 6pm).

Old Swan and Minster Mill Bonfire and Fun Weekend—Witney, OX29 0RN (Bonfire, fireworks and refreshments, 6:00pm).

Image copyright of Leonora Enking.

8th November

Witney RFC Bonfire and Fireworks Spectacular—Witney Rugby Club (Fireworks and bonfire)

Lantern Image

We recommend taking a November trip to The Ashmolean Museum where, in the basement, you will find the lantern purported to be the very one Guy Fawkes had with him in the cellars of Parliament on November 5th 1605.

If you know of any other firework or bonfire events taking place nearby we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at or contact us via facebook or twitter.

Image copyright of Ben Sutherland.

We also sell a range of KimBolton fireworks in store—now available for the first time through the click and collect option on our website—so if you’re planning your own display, big or small, we can help you to make this bonfire night something a bit special. If you’re not sure what kind of fireworks you need you can always pop in to store to talk to one of the members of staff on our fireworks desk, near the Broad Street entrance, who will be happy to help.

So wrap up warm, get to a display nice and early for the perfect view, and remember, remember the 5th of November in sparkly, spectacular style!

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