Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary


We are delighted that after a staff vote the Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary is our charity for August 2017 to July 2018. The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary rescues & rehomes over 500 animals in the Oxfordshire area every year and this year is celebrating its 50th birthday. 

Cats what We Do imageThe Animal Sanctuary exists to provide a refuge for dogs, cats rabbits and guinea pigs that have been mistreated, neglected or abandoned and for those whose owners are no longer able to care for their pets. They have a ‘no destruction’ policy for all healthy animals which means that some animals that aren't adopted live the rest of their lives happily in the Sanctuary. However the aim is to re-home all the animals.

Although many of the animals in their care find homes within a few weeks, some have more specific requirements which make it harder to find them a home. This can be due to a number of reasons. Some do not like being in a kennel environment and so do not present themselves favourably but are fine outside. Others do have behavioural issues that can be successfully resolved away from the stressful environment of the Sanctuary with effort and commitment on the part of a new owner. Sadly, some are simply regarded as just not ‘pretty’ and are not chosen because of their looks.

OAS don't discriminate an animal just because of a difficult history. They work to rehabilitate each rescue, giving them the time and understanding to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Rehoming SuccessYou can read all about OAS on their website here but we thought we would tell you a bit more about them below.

How You Can Help OAS

We will be fund-raising for OAS throughout the year and collection tins are at all our till points, but you can also help OAS directly.

Adopt An Animal

Taking on a rescue pet is a big responsibility, but it is also extremely rewarding. If you are considering getting a pet, please talk with a member of OAS they care for a wide variety of rescues from family friendly pets to experienced owners only. It is therefore vital that before you take an animal home they are able to discuss living arrangements. The staff at OAS work with you to find the right recue pet. They always have lots pets seeking forever homes and we hope one day we will find the right new home for them all. You can see the current pets ready for re-homing here.

Please call 01865 890239 or email adopt@oascharity.org.uk expressing your interest. 

Sponsor An Animal

You may not be able to have a pet in your home but you can sponsor one!

Whilst many of the rescues arriving at the Sanctuary find new homes relatively quickly, the Sanctuary also cares for some residents for the rest of their lives. This could be for a number of reasons; they take life long medication, they are perceived as being too old or past experiences may mean they simply are not suited to a home environment. 

By Sponsoring any of our animals you will ensure that all our long stay residents have a roof over their heads, food in their belly and love in their hearts. Do something amazing for Oxfordshire's abandoned animals. 

Find our how to sponsor an animal here

OAS Shops

Donate or Give

Money will always be welcome as OAS receive no government funding and rely on donations. However other forms of giving such as blankets and towels are helpful too.  

You can donate almost anything for sale in the OAS charity shops too as a way for them to raise more money.

You can read all about different ways to give here.


VounteerVolunteering can be chance to spend time with animals even if you can't rehome them as Dog Walking is a popular and much needed volunteer activity. This is vital for dogs not just to get exercise and it helps stress levels and socialising with other people and animals too. We suspect the walkers get as much enjoyment from this as the walkees!

OAS has a few charity shops in Oxfordshire and is always looking for people to man the stores and sort the donations. It doesn't even have to be  whole days at a time. 

Read about volunteering here.



Heartwarming Stories

Rehoming Success StoriesRead all about OAS success in rehoming all sorts of animals in their stories from happy adopters and even happier animals.

Read the stories here



Other OAS activities