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Playmobil Pirate ShipPlaymobil Pirate Ship
Playmobil Pirate Ship
- The Pirate Ship floats and CANNOT be equipped with a submersible motor. - An integrated air chamber in the interior of the ship prevents the boat from sinking, even if it is completely filled up with water.In order to ensure that its position in the water is as stable as possible, it is recommended that all small parts are placed in a central position on the ship. - There is standing space for a 1.2.3 figure in the crow's nest on the mast (also suitable for a 1.2.3 child figure). - An additional 1.2.3 figure (1.2.3 child figure also possible) can be placed behind the turning wheel. This standing space also has a clamping function for the figure, meaning that it stays securely positioned even in stormy seas. - The cannon must be removed from the holder on the ship to spray water.Pulling the rod backwards with the spray opening submersed in water sucks the water in. If the rod is then pushed forward again, the water is pressed out of the spray opening.The cannon can be...
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Playmobil Pirate Island
– The puzzle pieces, turtle and mountain can be fitted into the latches provided on the base. - The puzzle pieces are printed on both sides with different pictures:Triangular shape: Sea urchin/crabKidney-shaped puzzle piece: Snail/starfishOval shape: Barrel/opened barrel with gold - The turtle floats.
You can find me in the Toys department on the 1st floor.
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