RÖMERTOPF®'s clay cooking pots and storage jars are made from the indigenous clay deposits in Germany where they are based. When pre-soaked before cooking the clay emits the water as steam providing a wonderful and ingenious cooking method which keeps in vitamins and minerals whilst allowing the ingredients to braise in its own juices. Romertopf is now over 50 years old but still following its traditional manufacturing processes for a quality result.


RÖMERTOPF Multifunctional Clay Round Family BakerRÖMERTOPF Multifunctional Clay Round Family Baker
RÖMERTOPF Multifunctional Clay Round Family Baker
The ROMERTOPF round family baker offers a compact design allowing extra oven room and fits perfectly on most microwave turntables. So versatile, make a perfectly round Artisan-style bread one day and a tender pot roast the next! If you are looking for one clay baker to do it all, then the Romertopf Round Clay Baker is it! This large family casserole is such a versatile clay baker from roasting meats and poultry or baking Artisan-style breads to perfection! The large 4 Litre capacity of this round clay baker is perfect for serving 6-8 people. The glazed interior and unglazed lid make this the perfect clay baker for making homemade bread and will simulate a brick oven, releasing moisture during the baking process for a crisp crust which eliminates the need to mist bread or oven while baking. The extra wide rim makes for easy handling and the knob on the lid ensures easy removal. This superb clay baker features a glazed interior bottom to avoid the clay baker from holding bacteria or odors...
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RÖMERTOPF® Multifunctional Clay Square BakerRÖMERTOPF® Multifunctional Clay Square Baker
RÖMERTOPF® Multifunctional Clay Square Baker
The Romertopf "Dutch Oven" series was created in to work better for small jobs and microwave ovens. Sized for cooking for 2-4 people with approx 2kg capacity. While all Römertopf series are microwave safe, this round series works particularly well with the microwave turntable. The Römertopf revives old cooking traditions while at the same time possessing a number of thoroughly modern advantages. This ideal roaster is unlike most cookware because of its natural high quality clay which helps retain vitamins and minerals in your dishes. Cooking in Römertopf® not only save nutrients but save time as well, as the baker will not need your attention while it cooks your meal to perfection. This German made Römertopf® comes with a all natural glazed bottom (not a non-stick coating) which will allow for easy and quick clean up. The unglazed top has very fine pores to absorb water and when put in the oven will create a gentle layer of steam to develop inside the Römertopf®...
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RÖMERTOPF® Clay Casserole or Soufflé Dish 4-6 PeopleRÖMERTOPF® Clay Casserole or Soufflé Dish 4-6 People
RÖMERTOPF® Clay Casserole or Soufflé Dish 4-6 People
This clay casserole or souffle dish is perfectly sized for serving around 4-6 people. It's dimensions are extra wide and deep making it perfect for casseroles, soufflés or gratins. The famous german Romertopf clay dishes are reknowned for ease of use and the quality of the cooking result. This is in part to the glazed in inner layer for easier serving and cleaning and also the clay material itself. In addition wide handles and a wide edge make the handling of the RÖMERTOPF-casserole dish easier and safer. Dishwasher & Microwave Safe. How To Use: The porous clay at the outside should be covered in water before every single usage for about 10 minutes. The stored water turns to steam while cooking in the oven and food remains juicy and tasteful. The thick wall of these natural clay dishes keeps the meal warm. Romertopf's Model number for this item is 16505 Postage Surcharge - due to the large size and weight of this item is does accrue a postage surcharge of £3 which...
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RÖMERTOPF Clay Garlic Storage PotRÖMERTOPF Clay Garlic Storage Pot
RÖMERTOPF Clay Garlic Storage Pot
RÖMERTOPF's signature clay material is put to great use in this garlic storage pot. Holding approximately 200g of garlic there are 3 holes at the bottom which allows moisture to escape and keeps your garlic fresh. The clay will keep an even temperature and the glazed inner lining makes sticking less likely and cleaning easy. Romertopf's Model number for this item is 41405
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