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Kilner Twist Top Jar 725ml
The original Kilner jar was first invented by John kilner and Co in the 1840's. Since thenm there has been dedicated developments with the Kilner brand to introduce a variety of jars and bottles to help with preserving. The Kilner twist top jars are perfect for james, preserves, marmalades and pickling. Preserving is bot an economic and environmentally friendly way to maximise your fruit and vegetable over stocks.
You can find me in the Cookshop department in the basement.
Small Radial 22Mm Vent
Small Radial 22Mm Vent
Rubber grips provide comfort and controlled styling and streamline radial handles ensures a successful blow drying technique. Vented brushes speed up drying time as hot air can circulate directly through the brush and into the hair layers. Ball tips help protect the scalp from any scratching or damage to the hair follicles. For use when straightening and styling.