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Spice Kitchen Chilli Spice Tin with 7 SpicesSpice Kitchen Chilli Spice Tin with 7 Spices
Spice Kitchen Chilli Spice Tin with 7 Spices
Do you love it hot?! We are very pleased to bring you a set of 7 international chillies for spicing up your dishes and adding fire into your belly. Blends are made fresh in small batches and stored in releasable packets to reduce exposure to air, meaning more freshness and flavour when you come to use them. The tin also comes with a handmade silk wrap made from silk sari material. A must have for any foodie with a passion for cooking and who loves their chillies! Each order contains these 7 high quality chilli powders, blends as well as one whole chilli complete with a stainless steel storage tin: Indian Chilli Powder 20g. Dried Whole Chillies 20g. Spanish Paprika 20g. Syrian Aleppo Pepper 20g. Kashmiri Chilli Powder 20g. Turkish Urfa Biber 20g. Tunisian Harissa 20g. This set features: 19cm stainless steel storage tin with ribbed lid. 7 separate removable pots for convenience in your kitchen. Small metal spoon for dispensing accurate measures. Outer lid to seal the...
You can find me in the Gifts department on the ground floor.

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